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Fine Again.

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This story is No. 17 in the series "The Seattle Slayers.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow and Kennedy decide to get away from it all for a weekend...why do they even bother? Is it all over for Willow and Kennedy?

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Television > Tru Calling(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR15824,8770236,81229 Oct 075 Nov 07Yes

Chapter Seven.

Chapter Seven.

Tru dashed around the corner of one of the cabins and nearly tripped over the body that lay in the grass. It was the ‘Coughing Guy’ who had given Kevin a lift to the Motel. She knelt down to examine the body; it had had its throat cut from ear to ear, Tru stood up wiping blood from her hands. She looked around desperately; she must find Harrison and her friends.


“Damn!” Xander kicked the slashed tire on his Cherokee.

He heard footsteps on the gravel behind him, turning quickly he found himself face to face with the tall dark haired guy he had seen with the Faith-a-like at breakfast.

“They’re all like that.” Luc gestured at the slashed tires.

“Yeah I bet they are!” Xander took a step back from Luc as his hand searched under his jacket for a weapon. He found nothing, and that just left screaming like a girl!”


Kevin washed the blood from his hand and knife; it would not do for his hand to slip on the blood slick hilt! So far he had killed his sister, who had owned the motel, the chef, his assistant, the two waitresses, and Hank, the guy who had given him a lift. Kevin smirked when he thought how Hank would not have to worry about his asthma any more. He had just done Carl the old guy who had come to scatter his wife’s ashes up at the water fall, now they could be together for all eternity.

Letting out a low chuckle Kevin wiped his hands and his knife on a towel. The Dark Lord would be pleased with all his sacrifices today, but the best was to come. There was still the brunette bitch who had tried to turn him into the police, her perpetually pissed off looking boyfriend, the complaining blonde and her dick boyfriend, not forgetting the paedophile with the eye-patch and his jail bait squeeze. The Dark Lord was always extra pleased when Kevin sacrificed lovers to him. Most importantly of all there was still the gay couple, the red head and the dark haired pregnant whore that the Dark Lord wanted dead so badly he was willing to offer a great reward.

He laughed mirthlessly as he walked across the cabin, stepping over Carl’s body as he did so. By the end of the day the Dark Lord would have given him his reward and he would be able to continue sacrificing to his Lord and Master secure in the knowledge that the forces of law and order would never be able to catch him.


Tammy looked in her mirror again; her faithful followers were still there! She risked a look at her watch, it was five minutes since Ms Summers had jumped from the car, she needed to keep this chase going for maybe another twenty minutes to give Slayer Prime a good enough head start. A long stretch of straight road extended out in front of her. She swerved over to one side of the road to prevent one of her pursuers from trying to overtake. Wary of being forced off the road the police car fell back. They were nearly at the end of the straight now, the road bent round to the left, and Tammy caught sight of the roofs of some houses through the trees.

Looking behind her again it seemed that the police cars were right on top of her, she smiled; ‘Objects in the rear-view mirror may appear closer than they are’. The thought went through her mind as she brought her eyes back to the road ahead.

“SHIT!” She screamed.

There was a school bus on the road ahead of her, she saw the children milling around the bus and on the road. Tammy’s foot moved to the brake pedal in automatic reflex. The tires screamed as smoke billowed up from the road, Tammy threw the steering wheel to one side as she skidded away from the children and across the road. The front wheels hit the curb and the car bounced onto the grass at the side of the road.

She hurtled across a level area of flat grass trying to regain control of her vehicle, nothing happened when she moved the steering wheel, she stamped on the brakes again; nothing worked.

“DAMN YOU!” She started to fumble with the door catch, she had to get out of here no matter how fast she was going.

The driver’s door stayed firmly shut and she tried to reach across the front seat to get to the passengers door. As she stretched over to the door her eyes fell once more on the rear view mirror. Grinning at her from the back seat was the freckled face of her childhood friend Kenny who had died a few weeks before she had become a Slayer.

The car crashed through the wire fence that surrounded the disused quarry.

“Hi Kenny.” Tammy sighed softly as the car flew into the air as it shot over the edge, engine racing, and plunged into the murky depths below.


The two police cars that had been chasing Tammy came gently to a halt at the edge of the abyss. The deputies got out and looked over the sheer drop and into the water. Bubbles rose to the surface to mark were Tammy’s car had just sunk. The county sheriff looked down at the water and shook his head sadly.

“What a waste.” The sheriff removed his hat and stood in silence for a moment, there was no chance that the driver and her passenger had survived the crash.

He turned as one of his deputies who came running over after checking on the school children.

“They’re all fine, Sheriff!” He called as he came to a halt and looked down into the water, “Did they get out?”

“No,” Replied the sheriff simply. “Call County and get them to send out the divers and a crane, we’ll need to recover the bodies and the wreck.”

“Sure thing, Sheriff,” The deputy sheriff turned away to go back to his car, he hesitated and turned back to the sheriff; “She could have ploughed through the kids an' got away y’know?”

“I know, Steve,” The Sheriff turned away from the quarry and started to walk back to his car, “When I write my report I’ll say that she deliberately swerved to avoid the children. Maybe their folks won’t feel so bad knowing they weren’t just car thieves.”


There was a scream like a girl’s from outside.

“Xander!” Faith bounced to her feet and started towards the door, she hesitated and looked at Willow.

“Go on!” Exclaimed Willow, “I can look after Kennedy for a couple of minutes.

Faith ran out the door, long blonde hair trailing behind her.


Kevin crept up behind the cabin where the pregnant bitch was hiding with her friend. Pity about the redhead, he thought, if it had not been for her he would be lying in jail waiting to be put on trial for multiple murders. Kevin smiled to himself as he worked the bathroom window open and started to climb silently into the cabin. Her reward would be to serve The Dark Lords lusts for the rest of eternity. Kevin tried not to laugh.


Faith rushed out into the parking lot to see Xander struggling with the tall dark haired cute guy she had seen with the Faith-a-like earlier in the day. She sprinted full speed at the struggling pair and knocked them both to the ground. Leaping to her feet again Faith lifted Xander bodily out of the way and grappled with the cute guy. They rolled across the parking lot through puddles and over the wet gravel.

Faith cursed herself mentally, what the hell was she doing? Why the hell was she rolling around in the mud with this guy when the fight should have been over five seconds after it started. Faith started to break away from ‘cute guy’ so she could get in the blow that would bring the fight to a sudden and decisive end.

Just as she was getting to her feet Faith felt someone grab hold of her hair and pull, while at the same time kicking her in the back of the knee. Faith went down on her now injured knee and twisted to see who was attacking her. She stared straight into her own face, momentarily confused she paused for a split second and did not notice the small fist heading towards her jaw.

The blow, while not being particularly powerful, had the effect of putting her off her stroke for a moment and knocking her almost onto her back. A dark blur came in from the left and Faith saw Xander football tackle the ‘Faith-alike’ and watched as they rolled away across the parking lot.

‘Cute guy’ seeing his girlfriend wrestling with the one eyed maniac who had attacked him earlier, disentangled himself from Faith and launched an attack on Xander. Faith climbed to her feet, she was soaked to the skin and covered in mud and this useless Buffy body she was wearing did not seem to answer her orders as it should. Faith strode angrily over to the tangle of arms, legs and bodies that rolled about in the mud.

Bending down she grabbed ‘cute guy’ by his waist belt and collar and then hurled him across the parking lot. He landed with a crash half a dozen yards away. Next Faith grabbed the arm of the Faith-a-like and pulled her roughly to her feet. Ducking another wildly aimed punch, Faith twisted the woman’s arm painfully until she had her in a ‘Goose-neck’ arm lock. With her free hand she pulled Xander to his feet.


“What’s that?” Kennedy cocked her head and listened, her Slayer hearing had picked up faint sounds coming from the bathroom.

“What’s what, honey?” Willow stood at the window wincing as she watched the fight out on the parking lot.

“I thought I heard something move in the bathroom.” Kennedy got up from the bed where she had been sitting and started to move between the tied up bodies of Harrison and Lindsay, who still swore silently at Harrison.

“Not so fast, my girl!” Willow sprinted across the room to block Kennedy’s path, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Slayer here, I’m investigating.” Kennedy tried to push passed Willow.

“No way, pregnant Slayer!” Willow put her hand on Kennedy’s chest and tried to push her back towards the bed, it was like trying to move a mountain. “You don’t want me to use magic do you?”

Kennedy frowned and went to sit down again, “You wait ‘til I’m all slim again, Willow Rosenberg, then you’ll pay!”

“I’ll look forward to that day.” Willow walked over to the bathroom and put her hand on the door handle.

She was just about to open the door, when the handle was ripped out of her hand as the door opened inwards to reveal Kevin smiling in anticipation of what he was about to do. As if in slow motion Willow turned to see the grinning blood splattered face of the knife wielding killer as he pushed his way into the room.

Too slowly Willow gathered her magic around herself only to feel a pain in her chest like some one punching her, the pain seemed to go on and on, Willow tried to shout out a warning but no words came to her lips, she could feel something warm and wet make its way down the length of her body from her chest and she appeared to be dribbling. Self consciously she wiped at her mouth with her hand. Shocked she saw that it came away red.


Kevin let the red head fall to the floor, he could finish her later if she did not bleed to dearth first. He noticed the blonde girl and her boyfriend tied to the chairs in the middle of the room. The girl screamed soundlessly while her boyfriend yelled at the top of his lungs for help. Kevin backhanded the boyfriend into silence as he passed and headed for his primary target.

The dark haired pregnant slut got up from the bed a look of fear and rage on her face, she glanced down at the redhead before launching herself at Kevin. Too slow, thought Kevin as he stepped aside and tripped the woman. She went down onto her hands and knees, in an instant Kevin stood astride her back and grabbed hold of the woman’s long dark hair. He pulled her head back and presented the knife at her throat.

“If you don’t struggle and come with me,” He lied, “You’ll live.”

The bitch tried to pull away from him so Kevin pulled back once more on her hair and stabbed her in the arm, she screamed in pain as he dragged her towards the fire escape at the rear of the cabin.


Willow sat on the floor with her back resting against the bathroom doorframe. She looked down at all the blood that stained her hands and the front of her dress. ‘Darn it’ she thought, ‘this is one of Ken’s favourites she’ll be sad that it’s ruined’. The idea of her lover cleared her mind for a moment.

“Ken?” She gasped.

Willow looked up to see Kevin drag Kennedy across the floor towards the rear of the cabin. She raised her right hand slowly. The magic bolt that left her fingers was weak and ill aimed. However it struck Kevin in the back of his right thigh, he let out a cry of pain but still managed to drag Kennedy across the floor towards the fire exit.

Willow tried to summon the power to send another magical shock after the killer’s retreating back. The words of power died on her lips and her arm wavered and fell by her side.

“Please Goddess,” She moaned, “Take me not Ken…”

Willow’s eyelids fluttered and closed as the darkness closed in around her.


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