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Love and War

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Summary: Karolina/Kennedy, Set during Civil war (rating mostly for a marked paragraph at the end)

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Marvel Universe > RunawaysaxolotlFR2111,8910144329 Oct 0729 Oct 07Yes

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I don't own Runaways and any other Marvel characters they belong to Marvel and their respective creators etc.. I also don't own BTVS. There is Canon slash here both male and female. Nico/Karolina is brought up in Canon but not addressed. Karolina's Husband/Wife in the Civil war comics has his/her neck broken, and I am leaving him dead. Lastly, I'm not mentioning a character named Victor he is a robot and got mangled at the start of the Civil war series. I am also not covering two young avengers who in my opinion should be on the registrant side despite their alignment in the normal universe. I've just recently reread my Civil war comics to prep for this, because of the Runaways staying to fight I am changing the timeline of events.

All she had was time to reflect, sometimes you say things and you just don't get what they mean. She thought she understood what it meant to keep someone balanced and whole but she wasnt prepared for this. The sky was darkening outside and Willow and Amy were going n their secnd day of battling, she wished that she were back in the sunshine hunting new slayers with Willow. That-- made sense, it was fun and the girls they found often looked up to her. A survivor of the battle with the first evil, a pretty damn cool title. Thing is nobody had told her what a real battle between Willow and another high caliber witch would be like. Hell, she hadn't even known there was another witch of Will's power.

There was something else to their fight too, the higher Will got the more it seemed like something else. I mean was it necessary for Amy to send a shredding blast at her that only seemed to rip her clothes and make little surface cuts. Finally, the numbness of the situation and Kennedy could hear the people around her. Something, about how if Will lost or won at this point they were creating a power vaccuum that was going to have some serious repercussions.

This is not how she wanted it to go but sometimes you just don't have a choice in these things,

Shouting out to Willow “I love you, so I'm going to do the best thing I can do for either of you”

With that said she had distracted the girls long enough to be bound by the coven. Considering their wealth of power the binding was not necessarily as complete as it would have been on a normal witch but it did ground them, bringing them back to Earth. A charred battered earth at that, New York was in shambles and in the centre of central park where their fight began there was a swirling nasty looking vortex, it wasn't sending out demons or anythng yet but she was going to hold her breath hoping it'd just go away.

The coven were conversing amongst each other talking with the now depleted and panicking Willow and Amy. Apparently, their clash had led to a death spell and a transport spell colliding creating the big swirly doom thing over by the fountain. Neither were owning up and taking responsibility go figure, dammit she was a slayer she was expendable.... which always sucks to realize. It was time to take a plunge, and hey she had it on good authority heaven's pretty nice- maybe she'll get a harem or something. Well Anyways here's hoping.


Why'd she return to Earth, she had a perfectly good wife and now she's gone. Admittedly there was the whole war and space politics that were just so not her thing really. She's the daughter of actors, that sorta LA life doesn't prepare you for becoming some noble wife....wait? Okay, maybe it did but not for all the space stuff. Plus admittedly skrullified not quite so pretty, though the shapeshifting and ambiguous gender thing is very pleasurable.

That's not really so important anymore, when they escaped from that ugly creeps ship of alien/ non-human torture she decided to turn against Nico's orders. She was sick of doing what they did best, these registration bastards hurt her family. She'd seen the news talking about a 50 state initiative- where were they gonna run Britain? They weren't a costumed team. They were teens who were just doing what they thought was right while avoiding being brought into state care. This, it was like state care for everyone, even the adults. Line up- name- number-power now be our puppet or lay down on the table and get dissected yeah, really feeling it.

She was gonna join up with the avengers and fight.

“Are you Crazy Karolina, this isn't some fight against piledriver or the wrecking crew this, we'd be fighting people like IRON MAN.”
Karolina stood firm as Molly was the first to reply

“ Iron Man is just someone in a neat suit, one I could wreck without even needing a nap. I don't wanna run away from this. Look at where registration has put the other mutants. I wanna stay with Karolina.”

Chase nodded solemnly and stood with molly by Karolina's side.

Nico looked at her team, they were right, this wsn't a problem they could close their eyes and hope it would just fade away. Wishing wasn't going to get them anywhere, seems like they were joining the young avengers.

The trip to New York was tense. They were going back to the Cap, he was going to lead them, make everything better again. Karolina supposed it was like the wizard of oz, she wasn't sure the wizard could actually send her home again but it was a comforting thought.

When they arrived they were welcomed with open arms by the resistance and than received the longest lecture of their young lives. It was reassuring to see that in their absence Spiderman had joined their side though. It was like even those on the other side were getting that they were wrong.

Captain had a complete conniption when he heard about the conditions for non-human classified unregistered youths. His strongest point of contempt being in the fact that it didn't account for those who didn't know they had inhuman ancestry. Like herself or Teddy of the young avengers. They had only found out a short time before this mess about their alien heritage. From a story Spiderman relayed he'd once met a full grown man who'd been a skrull and never known. They had been able to tell from a blood sample and some minor scans what he was. They didn't deserve their civil liberties being taken away for something they had no control over. Cap cursed something about what he'd fought for-- oh yeah sometimes she forgot Captain America had been a soldier in WW2.

Molly and the Speedster seemed to be to peas in a pod and spent a good deal of time on in and out missions with some of the more experienced members of the resistance.

Teddy got some sort of really important placement. Elijah, Chase and Kate became their view on the streets the three being as human as you can get and individually knowing how to deal with various levels of society and still remain incognito. They stirred the pot, went into university lectures and the like and dropped the right questions or comments in the right places. They weren't exactly assigned this task but everyone approved of the results it was getting.

Finally, there was her Nico and Wiccan. Honestly, that kid is the only one of those young avenger people that just can't seem to drop the stupid nicknames. Anyhow, he is a nice enough guy, their strike force screamed distraction tactic. They were often sent out to take out minor criminal threats in as open a manner as possible. This is a relatively easy task considering she is a bright, shining, rainbow coloured alien and her cohorts are both magic users, one who has to recite their desire repeatedly, and the other who could only use one spell once. While they made a big show of things the cap's crew shifted hideouts or retrieved more fighters for the resistance or did any other number of covert ops. When the cape killers got too close and things start getting dicey they send back an alert and Wiccan transports them out.

Todays mission, sparkle around central park and lead the cape killers on a wild goose chase while Cap had a chat with Fisk. Who knows what that is about. They had their orders though and she was going through with them when near the fountain this freaky vortex opens up in the sky, all she can hear is a vague 'shit' and someone falling. Doing the hero thing Karolina was in the sky catching the girl, no woman within moments. She was beautiful.


Hot Damn! Buffy wasn't lying, heaven is sweet.

Looking into the eyes of the angel who'd caught her she said the first thing that came to mind;

“you single rainbow brite?”

The beautiful glowing angel seemed even brighter before and she could swear there was more pink swirling around her face as she adjusted Kennedy into her arms. Where before she had been holding her up by her forearms now she was cradled in what seemed to be an intimate position, this may have been for comfort, but Kennedy couldn't deny the pleasure of placing her head on that sweet chest.

As they reached the ground she saw some freaky dudes in stupid tech suits attacking these people, something about registers? Wait, is this heaven, are these kids bank robbers?
Before she could ask anything the creeps sent some sorta blast at /HER/ angel. Hmph, criminal or not this girl is hers. Knocking herself and her saviour out of the way of the blast Kennedy decided these guys needed to feel some girl power. Not to mention showing off in front of a pretty girl is never a bad thing.

**** A snippet for Joe****

There had been stolen kisses here and there but this is what she wanted. Karolina glowing beneath her begging her for more. Mm and that witch, what a treat figures she'd be inventive. Must be part of the can only cast a spell once clause, either way Kennedy pressed her lips closer to Karolina's thighs. Nico was using her staff in a way she was certain was not intended, then again she figured the staff was willing to do anything once. She felt better than she ever had here, so it wasn't heaven like she first thought but it'll do and with sex like this it is pretty damned close. Karolina screamed out her name and Kennedy finished soon after and smiled laying between the two girls. Nico had been a hard sell at first but between the two of them Nico found herself right in the thick of things. She may be running away from her old calling by not finding a way back home but this was worth it

Note: yeah, sorry about this.. I have a drawing but my scanner isn't working I figured I'd post it as is.
As for the brief endnote... I was trying I'm just no good at the illicit goings on. Constructive criticism would be helpful

The End

You have reached the end of "Love and War". This story is complete.

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