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Elements of Blood 1:Fires of Fear

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Summary: #abandoned. Rewrite in planning stages.# Xander and Faith set Diablo 1 aflame. Faith/Warrior, Xander/Diablo, Xander/Tyrael.

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Games > Fantasy > DiabloBHJediQueenFR1831,335153,23629 Oct 0713 Nov 07No

Chapter One: Initiation by Fire

Chapter 1: Initiation by Fire

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Blizzard own Diablo – here’s hoping we’ll see Diablo 3 soon – and Joss Whedon owns Buffy, probably along with a lot of other people in both cases. I might own my personal touches to this story, but who knows?

This story came about as a result of reading Tjin’s awesome story ‘Diablo’. This is my take on a plot I’ve seen used before, but this time with my little twist. Will eventually contain pairings (probably slash, but not for certs), but not Xander/Faith, or Xander/Rogue, Sorcerer or Warrior. Faith/game character is quite possible though. I don’t own Hellfire, so this is based on my experience of the original Diablo, without the expansion pack. I may draw on creatures from Diablo 2, simply because some of the newer enemies simply don’t have a decent analogue in the original, at least not until far later on, and I don’t think Xander would like getting sent up against a succubus quite yet… bwahahaahhahahaha

Xander set himself as the creepy little gibbering things drew closer, closing his eyes he drew in a deep breath. He could hear Faith loosening herself for the fight. “The sanctity of this place has been fouled!” exclaimed a voice in the distance. Quickly, Xander opened his eyes and breathed out forcefully. The blast of fire utterly consumed some of the nearest imp-like things, as Faith threw herself at those further back. A quick fireball struck down one that tried to get behind her, and then Xander uncoiled a whip of flames as quick as thought manifested it, laying into the remaining creatures vengefully.

Throughout, he was careful to avoid touching the pools of blood staining the floor. The last thing this place needed was to deal with the consequences of his accidentally contacting blood. Soon all of the creatures lay dead, and the two set off towards where the speaker from earlier had moved on to, going by the shouts and the squeals of dying demons. They came onto the scene as a man, clad in simple leather armour, traded blows with an animated skeleton, while a red-haired woman shot down more of the creepy demons from before.
Xander caught sight of lumbering movement from the corner of his eye, and lashed to one side with his flaming whip. A rotting zombie was illuminated in the light it shed, and Xander struck again, this time connecting, and igniting the rags that the thing was clad in. Another lash separated one arm from the thing, and then the flames dispelled whatever force had animated the thing, burning it away into ash.

Faith was totally dominating her own battle, he saw, easily out-classing the skeletons that had converged around her. Three blows later and she stood alone surrounded by piles of inanimate bone. The two pairs looked at one another. Xander stepped forward, dropping the whip, which vanished before it touched the floor. “Hello, I’m Xander, and this is Faith.” He offered the woman – the nearer of the two – his hand to shake. The archer looked at it quizzically, then shrugged “I am Jamay, a Sister of the Sightless Eye. A rogue in common parlance. This is an old ally Harle, a mercenary warrior. Have the two of you come to help cleanse this place of its evil, and perhaps find the young prince?”

Xander and Faith shared a look, “Actually, we have no idea how we came to be here, and by your introduction I’m guessing we’re rather further from home than we had thought.”
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