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Tempestuous as the Sea, Stronger than the Earth

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Summary: #currently on hiatus#Full title given inside. Xander has more or less come to terms with his powers, albeit rather reluctantly, but this might just be the final straw

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Multiple Pairings
Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > General
BHJediQueenFR181582173,40329 Oct 0729 Oct 07No
Disclaimer: It's not mine None of it, at all. anything. well, actually the exact abilities of the spider of sorrow and stone IS, but the idea comes from Spiderman,which is Marvels, whilst the characters come from (obviously) Buffy, child of Joss Whedon and Pirates of the Carribean, which is someone in the labyrinthine halls of Disneys.

Pairings: Tia Dalma/Xander (Calypso/Spider of Sorrow and Stone) although not just yet, Buffy/Jack Sparrow (again give it time) Willow/Oz and Will/Elizabeth.

Full Title: Tempestuous as the sea, Stronger than the foundations of the earth

This story starts off with Xander having some rather unusual abilities. An explanation of the origin thereof is available in "stone spiders" while the growth/ development of them will soon also be available there, but i'm posting this chapter now so that I have something present that I can point said story at, without inevitably losing it. For timelines, as the chapter title suggests, this is just before our first introduction to *Captain* Jack Sparrow for POTC, while it is almost immediately after Buffy's return in season 3, with Angel still being in hell. Exactly how the four got themselves into this state... well, you can't expect me to explain EVERYTHING right away, now can you.. and even if you can. Tough

They were by an ocean, this was good. unfortunately that was very nearly the only good thing about this situation, since not only was this the wrong sea, it was also on the wrong continent and in the wrong period of history. Xander very nearly felt glad that they'd somehow ended up here naked,(actually part of Xander was very very glad, but he stamped on that part, murdered it with an axe then tied it to acathla and threw it into the sea) since their clothing would have undoubtebly raised eyebrows. of course, so did wandering around naked, but Xander soon dealt with that, a couple of his minion spiders rapidly creating fine silk clothing - all black, red and silver of course, since that was the colours they span, but better than nothing, which was what they'd ahd before. now suitably attired for the region, the four of them set of into the crowd, Xander staying away from the water. He might not need contact with the earth anymore, but it certainly helped rather a lot.

Willow thought that it was a psychological dependency, rather than a metaphysical one. Xander just knew that he felt better when he was on solid ground, Oz didn't really have much to say - amazing, Xander knew, Buffy, well Buffy wasn't really quite ready to jump into a debate about whether Xander liked being on land because he was mystically predisposed to or because he was just used to needing contact with it. Not that he was normally in actual contact, but right now - well, making shoes out of silk was difficult, and quite beyond the simplistic minion spiders he was able to deploy without risking a mass panic at the appearence of a two foot spider that could make shoes.

The four of them made an odd picture, clad in red and black silks, but going barefoot and apparently quite without anything but the clothes on their backs. Xander would have beenworried about someone trying to relieve them of those burdens, but between his and Buffy's strength, Willows witchcraft and Oz's well...yeah, he rather pitied anyone that tried.

Xanders head snapped up as a spike of slighty mocking, but otherwise genuinely respectful mourning caught his attention. "Okay, now thats weird even by our standards." he said. The ship had very nearly totally sunk, only one mast poking up out of the water. The figure standing on it had removed his hat to show respect for ...

"A pirate. He's saluting hanged pirates." Willow murmured, keeping her voice down. "Let us see then what exactly Mr. pirate is planning to do. It's not like we have plans." Xander replied. This looked like fun.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Tempestuous as the Sea, Stronger than the Earth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Oct 07.

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