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A Case of Mistaken Identity

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Summary: If being hunted by The Company wasn't enough, these Heroes seemed to be plagued by something else - a mysterious set of dopplegangers

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Television > Heroes > Forest-Centered
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JezzibelFR131467021,14930 Oct 0730 Oct 07No

Author: Jezzibel
Crossover: Buffy (DL/Forrest)

Riley Finn was exhausted. He’d been running around after two small, dog-like demons that had separated from the pack he and his team had been chasing. The rest of the pack had been caught, but these two had escaped. He and Forrest had set off after them, but they’d quickly had to split up. Now Riley had lost the demons as well as his partner. He stopped and ran a hand through his sandy hair, sighing.

A rustle to his left caught his attention. “Ha, got you, you bastards.” Silently, he crept towards the bushes – only to watch as the tail of one of the demons disappeared into the undergrowth. Grumbling, he took after it. Emerging in the middle of an open industrial area, he stopped. Once again, there was no sign of the demon. He scanned the area again, and was startled to see Forrest standing in the shadow of a building. He seemed to be staring at the door, motionless. “Lieutenant Gates! Hey, Forrest!” Riley called as he jogged towards his partner. To his surprise, Forrest looked up with an expression of fear on his face before…

Riley rubbed at his eyes. He could have sworn Forrest had just walked through the door without opening it. Unfortunately, just at that moment, one of the demons ran past him, in the opposite direction of the building. Whatever Forrest was up to would have to wait.

All the demons would bagged and tagged now, and in the custody of the scientists. Riley and his team were relaxing with some beers, up in the frat house.

“Some backup you were, Finn.” Forrest joked. “I ended up catching both the escaped HSTs.”

“Hey, I chased them right into your trap.” Riley suddenly remembered the odd event in the industrial area. “Hey, Gates, what the hell was all the stuff with the industrial buildings? Are you hiding some weird new skill from us?”

“Industrial buildings? I wasn’t near no industrial buildings tonight. What’re you smoking?”

“C’mon, I saw you. I chased one of the HSTs in to the site, and there you were. I called your name and you disappeared into one of the buildings. Through the door, as I recall.”

“Cap, are you alright? I think the stress of the job is getting to you. Maybe you should ask Walsh for some time off?” Forrest looked genuinely concerned.

“Nah,” Riley waved it off. “You’re right, I was tired and the adrenaline was making me see things. Hey, hand me another beer, will ya?” Still, as he settled back in his chair, his brain was spinning. I know what I saw.

DL Hawkins breathed a sigh of relief. That weird army dude wasn’t going to follow him. That was close.

What'cha think? Worth doing more?

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Case of Mistaken Identity" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Oct 07.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking