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The Cronicles of Xander

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Summary: This is my YAHF for the holiday, What if Xander found a set of goggles and curved daggers on display at Ethan's?

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A/N:  This is the first fic I have posted on TTH, but I have one other incomplete fic that I posted on under the title White Knight Begins.  I need to finish that one but I have added to it in over a year and this wouldn’t leave me alone.  So Happy Halloween!

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from either of these series, I just own the story.  I won’t make any money from this, as it is just for fun. 

Don’t sue me cause my lawyer can beat up your lawyer…  Then we’ll have to share a jail cell.


The Chronicles of Xander

1: Welcome to the Underverse

Xander was annoyed.  He wandered the shelves and racks at Ethan’s looking for a costume idea that he could afford.  He was planning to go as a generic solider, but right after he came in he saw Larry at the checkout counter with some toy guns and camo pants and jacket.  There was no way he was going to go as the same thing as Larry after their little encounter earlier today.  ‘Damn Snyder and his twisted ideas of volunteering’. 

He had been planning to just hang out with his buds tonight over at Buffy’s watching bad horror movies, and relaxing on her only real night off all year, but the troll had ruined their plans for the night.  Now not only were those plans ruined, but now he couldn’t use his original costume idea because of Larry. 

Grumbling as he wandered the isles, he spotted a glass display case at the end of the isle.  Thinking maybe they had some small pieces in the case that he could use or that might give him some inspiration he wandered back to take a look. Just as he was about to give up, he noticed the last display in the case and almost yelled out in triumph. 

As he was bouncing in excitement on the tips of his toes a voice behind him startled him into actually yelling out.

“Excuse me, can I help you?”

“Yeahhhh!” He jumped a little as he spun around. “Uh, hi… Yea, sorry I was a bit distracted and didn’t hear you walk up.”  He looked around surreptitiously to see if anyone had noticed his slightly girly yelp and was embarrassed to see Buffy smirking and waving at him.  Fortunately it looked like she was the only one that noticed. 

‘Damn slayer hearing’.  He sheepishly waved back before he noticed the dress she was holding.  ‘Typical, she’s probably just trying to impress Angel.’  Honestly he was only mildly annoyed at that.  He was still infatuated with her, though he wasn’t sure if it was love anymore.  He knew it could become that again at the slightest sign from her, but he would only take so much rejection before giving up, and that point had come and gone.

Realizing that he had lost his customers attention Ethan Cleared his throat and asked his question again. “I’m sorry, but can I help you with something?”  He had noticed the little exchange and took a bit more interest in this customer.  ‘If this is a friend of the Slayer this boy needs to walk away with something extra special’  the thought of the chaos that this little trio of friends could cause almost made him shiver with anticipation.

“Oh, sorry about that.  I was just looking at this stuff here at the end.”  In the case was a display with two daggers curved around so the blade wrapped around the handle and continued downward rather than up from the handle, a set of silver contact lenses, and some very dark tinted goggles on top of everything.

‘This could be perfect, I’ve been waiting for the right customer for these and the friend of a helpless slayer is better than I could have ever planned.’  The enchantment on the items in the case were a bit stronger than most of the costumes, because they didn’t have full outfits to go with them.  And this character from what he understood was a fairly powerful though self serving man that was as unpredictable as any he had read about.

“That set is about $150.00”  When he saw the crestfallen look on the boys face he knew he had to do something quick.  “But seeing as I have already sold a very expensive costume to your friend over there I feel inclined to give you a deal.”  Tapping a finger on his chin he feigned deep thought as he tried to determine what the boy could afford. “I could part with it for $75.00.”

Xander was fighting with himself about whether he should do it.  That would take a bigger chunk out of his road trip money then he told himself he would ever touch, but he really wanted this costume, and it was a really good deal. “Well I only have $20.00 on me right now, but I can be back with the rest in about half an hour?”

Ethan smiled seeing he was hooked. “I’ll tell you what.  You look like a trustworthy person, why don’t you give me what you have now, I’ll give you the costume and you can bring the rest here tomorrow.  It’s getting a bit late and I want all my customers to leave here happy.”

Xander couldn’t help but smile at his luck.  He almost did a snoopy dance right there but was able to restrain himself… Barely.  “Thanks mister.  I will be sure to get here right after school tomorrow.” 

The owner opened up the case and began bagging the items before walking up to the register, where Xander gave him the money and Ethan gave him a receipt pointing out the balance due and telling him he would see him tomorrow.  After the boy left with his friends an mischievous oily smile grew on his face.  ‘This is going to be a Halloween these kids will never forget.’

Xander was in his bathroom getting ready for the night.  He had already put on his boots he was planning on wearing as a solider, but was also wearing some black cargo pants and a black tank top instead of the rest of his fatigues.  He found a couple of sheathes that were packed with the knives and had them sitting behind his back looped through is belt. The knives themselves were actual metal but unsharpened, which may piss off Snyder, but it’s not like they were sharpened blades.  The goggles were sitting on his forehead but he was still having trouble getting the contacts in.  He had never had to wear any before and these were the first cosmetic ones he had ever tried. 

Once he was done, he wiped the tears from his face and stood back looking in the mirror to see what the whole effect looked like. 

‘I look like a badass’ was the only conclusion he could come to.  His eyes were a bit bloodshot and he had his hair, but there was no way he was going to shave his head for a Halloween costume.  He dropped some Visine into his eyes and headed off to Buffy’s.

When Buffy opened the door she received the shock of her life.  Xander, her Xander shaped friend was standing there wearing some slightly baggy cargo pants and a tight tank top that showed a physique she had never known he was hiding.  He wasn’t football player big but he was definitely more toned and defined that she would ever have expected.

“Buffy! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, I am in awe! I completely renounce spandex!”  Xander said with a smile.  Buffy couldn’t help but ogle a bit as he walked past.  She didn’t really have any romantic feelings towards him, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t appreciate the fact that the Xander shape of her Xander shaped friend was a lot nummier than she would have guessed.  Not to say he was an Adonis or anything, but she always thought he was a bit pudgy since he was always wearing those baggy clothes. She shook off that thought as soon as it had appeared. ‘No lusting after Xander shaped friends, especially ones Willow is after.  Speaking of which...’  “Thank you kind sir,” she replied with a curtsy, “But wait till you see…” at that point Willow came down the stairs, “Casper”

To say she was disappointed would have been an understatement but she wouldn’t say anything in front of Xander.

“That’s a mighty fine Boo you got there Wills.” Xander said while disappointed that Buffy hadn’t been able to get her in anything more adventurous. Of course for Willow wrapped head to toe like a mummy would have qualified.  “We should probably go collect our sugar crazed rug-rats before Snyder decides to add detention to our Halloween punishment.”

Willow could only nod as she followed Buffy and Xander out the door.  She was very thankful of the sheet covering her face so they couldn’t see her blushing.

Storeroom Ethan’s Costume Emporium

Ethan is kneeling on the ground before an alter with a two headed bust of Janus resting on it. As he finishes lighting candles he cuts his palms and dips a finger from his left into the blood on his right.“The world that denies thee, thou inhabit.”He takes his bloody finger and draws a bloody line on his left eyelid and again on his right.“The peace that ignores thee,...”Now he used his right hand dipping a finger into the blood on his left.“...thou corrupt.”Using his right finger he draws an upside down cross on his forehead. “Chaos. I remain, as ever, thy faithful, degenerate son.    Xander Willow have all their kids and are finishing up their trick or treating.  Willow takes her kids up to one last house and the door is opened by a little old lady.  “Oh my!  Look at all the little monsters.”    Storeroom Ethan’s Costume Emporium  Ethan looks as if he has been chanting for a while now. “Janus, I invoke your spirit. Hear my plea. Seize the night for your own reason. Come, appear and show to us that which is infinite power.  The mask transforms itself into flesh and blood. Your holy presence curdles the heart. Janus! Take the night!”  

As he finished that last line he looks up exhausted, “Showtime!”

The old lady is still handing out candy to the kids with Willow when one suddenly jumps at her.  “Now young man, you already got a piece, everyone else needs to get some candy too?” Now all the kids have been transformed into the little monsters they dressed as and start to attack the old woman. 

She is barely able to pull herself free as Willow is trying to pull them back when the door slams shut as Willow feints onto the porch.  All the monsters scatter as Willow gets back to her feet without the sheet.

Xander is walking all his kids back towards the school to get them back to their parents.  He is wearing his goggles because some of the kids were starting to get freaked out by his contact lenses.  They are heading toward the school and passing the house Willow is at when suddenly he begins to feel dizzy and falls to his knees.

Riddick came too slowly.  Trying to get his bearings, he realized he was on his knees on some concrete surface when he starts to feel a breeze blowing.  His eyes shoot open and he begins looking around as he realizes that he’s planet side on some weird backwater world.

Trying to remember how he got here, he thinks back to his last coherent thought. ‘The Underverse… Wait this can’t be the Underverse.’  He was on his Necromonga capital ship when they finally made it to the portal that was supposed to take him to the Underverse.  It looked like a giant black hole, but the gravity well was off.  There were some readings that looked right for a black hole, but there also looked to be a path through the gravity which should have been impossible.  He led his ships through and just as they passed the event horizon he felt a pain shoot through him unlike anything he had ever experienced.  Then he blacked out and woke up here. 

“Kyraaa!!!!!” It had been almost 10 years since he had taken over the Necromonga fleet, and he was determined to find the Underverse and bring Kyra back if he could.  But there was no way this was the right place.  He read all of the former Lord High Marshal’s records and diary’s and the Underverse was supposed to be like a smoky shadow realm that only vaguely resembled reality.

“Vacco!”  He called for his General, but no one was near by.  He could see that there were little beings running around and he could also hear screaming in the background but he was more interested in where he could go to find some answers.

As he slowly climbed to his feet he realized he felt either heavier or weaker than he could ever remember.  He was just about to check himself out when he heard a voice yelling out as it came closer to him.

“Xander!!  Xander are you o…”  Willow stopped yelling abruptly as Xander spun faster than she ever remembered him moving and swung a knife to her throat.  Even though that was surprising enough that wasn’t what really caught her attention.  The most surprising thing was that she couldn’t stop in time and walked through the knife and halfway down his arm.

“Uh,… Um… What the heck is going on Xander?”  She hesitatingly asked. 

Riddick jumped back and pulled his other knife just in case and started walking around the thing that passed through him.

“Listen I’m not sure what you are or where I am but I don’t know any Xander, but I’d appreciate it if you could point me toward somewhere I could get some answers.”  Riddick wasn’t sure what was going on but if he was running into ghosts maybe this was the Underverse and for some reason it looked different to everyone that showed up here.  He was also fairly concerned since he was definitely moving slower than he should and still felt a lot weaker. 

“Oh god, not you too… Look I can try and explain things on the way but we need to find Buffy.  She’ll be able to tell us what to do.” 

As the ghost girl started walking away, she obviously wanted him to follow and being that he couldn’t touch her at all he decided to follow, just to see if she might have some answers.  Just as he started moving they heard a scream coming from just up the street and the ghost girl broke into a run screaming out for Buffy.

He took off after her and as he was running his hair fell into his face which brought him up short yet again.  The computer woke him from cryo sleep a few hours ago.  He had already shaved the small amount of hair that grew from his long sleep and his hair was now showing at least 2 months of growth out of cryo.  Looking himself over he suddenly realized that he was also about 40 pounds lighter and looked almost scrawny.  Hearing a scream he looked up and saw ghost girl trying to keep some of those mini monsters he saw running around off a woman in some kind of gown.  Gown lady was screaming her ass off and swatting at things like a kid.

Riddick pulled his goggles up and stalked towards the monsters growling low in his throat.  As he approached them it was as if they sensed a bigger predator coming and froze for a second looking over and seeing the almost glowing silver eyes.  Then they almost immediately bolted in every which way. 

Gown girl was still standing there shaking as she looked at him.  Apparently he caught her attention along with the demons, and she was too scared to move.

When he stopped and spoke to Willow, his voice had dropped lower and picked up a gravely quality that did nothing to make him seem any less intimidating.  “Now Listen here ghost girl,  you need to start telling me what’s going on here or I swear this sweet little thing is gonna pay for it.”  He said pointing a Lady Buffy.

This announcement had the effect of almost making Willow cry and caused Lady Buffy to faint.  Willow did her best to reply while trying to choke back tears.  “Please I’ll tell you everything I know, but can you please carry Buffy back to her house as we’re going.  I promise I won’t make any trouble if you please just help me.

Calming down a little Riddick nodded and picked the girl up and started following the ghost back to a house.

Willow was terrified.  She knew that Riddick was the hero of those movies, but he was also a criminal and a murderer.  The movies kinda made you forget that, but seeing him in her friend’s body, she had no doubt that he would carry out that threat. So as the walked back to Buffy’s she proceeded to tell him everything she knew about that night and the Riddick movies.

Riddick haphazardly threw gown girl on the couch of the house the ghost led him to.  Apparently she was named Willow and he was in the body of her best friend.  She was telling him the story about the movies he was the hero in, and apparently here he was like the main character in a holo-vid, or whatever they call them here.  It was a lot to take in, but he definitely had enough proof here in this house and in this body.  The idea of everyone turning into their costumes was pretty out there even after all he had seen, but he couldn’t figure out anything else after seeing his reflection and the pictures on the walls and shelves here. 

“Well Shit.”  With that Riddick moved into the kitchen and started rummaging through the shelves.  This may not be his body, but he was going to start making himself at home.  At least this Xander kid wasn’t a complete waste of skin.  He may not be in great shape, but after lugging that girl back here on his shoulder, it was obvious that even if he wasn’t the strongest guy around, he was at least in decent shape.  Riddick could work with that.

“W-Wh-What are you doing?” Apparently the girl Willow had followed him into the kitchen.

“Looking for something to make myself more comfortable.”  Finally finding a can of lard which is close enough to what he was looking for, he started cutting of the annoying hair on his head and began the process of shaving it with his knife.

“Uh... Umm, could you not do that?... Please, that’s my friend’s body, and I don’t think he would appreciate his… uh… hair being… you know… um… gone.”

Riddick had just gotten all the long stuff cut, and was just starting to put the lard on to shave it when he replied. “Listen here girly.  Your friend will still be alive and kicking if this thing ever ends, but for all we know this could be permanent, and I’m gonna be comfortable in this body for as long as I am stuck in it.”

Willow sensing the tone in his voice just accepted it.  Riddick was right about one thing.  Xander would be fine as long as Riddick was in control.  So if he had to go without hair for a while it was better than nothing.  “O-Ok, I’m just going to go for help then.  If you could just wait here till I get back… Um, Please.”

Riddick just ignored her and continued shaving his head.  It was almost done, when she left walking right through the wall.  Riddick chuckled a bit “Yep, the verse is out to fuck up my life.  That’s the only explanation.”  Just as he was toweling his head dry from the grease, some weird guy in all black that smelled like he had more grease in his hair than Riddick himself just did, walked in the back door. 

Xander, thank god I found you!  Have you seen Buffy… What happened to your hair?”  Angel stopped in the middle of the kitchen looking at Xander and his freshly shaven head.

Riddick walked slowly towards the back door as he replied.  “Not sure who you are but if your asking about lady useless, she’s passed out on the couch.” As he reached the door, he took a quick glance out back and it seemed to be clear.  “Just so you know the red head Willow said everyone turned into their costumes, so I’m not who you think I am, and now I think I’ll let you look after the girly on the couch while I try and find a way off this backward planet.”

As he started to go out the door grease head grabbed him by the arm.  “What are you talking about Xander, and why did you shave your head?”

Riddick just got a cold look in his eyes, “You got one second to let go of me before I make you regret it.”

Angel finally noticed the silver eyes now that he was looking directly at him and his comment was just starting to sink in when suddenly Riddick moved.

Riddick spun pulling his arm loose from Angel’s grip sweeping a leg out as he did dropping Angel on his back.  Then he followed up with an open handed strike to Angel’s chest compressing it and cracking a few ribs in the process of knocking the wind out of him.  He was back on his feet and walking away before Angel even had a chance to respond closing the door behind him.  Being undead Angel recovered quickly seeing as he didn’t need to breathe, but the suddenness and speed of the attack still surprised him.  Slowly he got to his feet, his vampiric healing already working on the damage, he decided to make sure Buffy was on the couch and would worry about Xander, or who ever he was at the moment, later.

Riddick was wandering the streets of this weird town with his goggles on.  All the lights in the area creating plenty of shadows for him to stick to, but were also messing with his eyes as he kept catching odd glares from them.  The more he looked around, the more he worried that the tech level, at least in this town, seemed too low to have anything that could get him back into space.  The idea of being stuck on a single planet bothered him more than he would like.  That plus this underdeveloped body were starting to get on his nerves.

His frustrations were beginning to get the best of him until he heard some screaming coming from up ahead.  Maybe kicking the crap out of something would make him feel a little better and let him let out some stress so he could concentrate on what he would do next.

Cordelia had no idea what was going on.  She was walking home from a decent party at the bronze with Devon when Jojo the dog faced boy jumped out at them and Devon ran away screaming leaving her with some hairy freak chasing her halfway across town.  She was about to turn towards Buffy’s house when she heard the thing behind her cry out in something resembling pain. 

Hesitantly she turned around and saw someone fighting it bare handed.  Actually fighting would be a bad description.  He was actually kicking the crap out of it.  The man, who she could just make out as a bald guy in black, was punching and kicking it three or four times for every swing the monster made.  Fortunately those swings never hit close to their mark as the guy dodged and weaved faster than anything she had ever seen except Buffy.  Finally it seemed he got tired of beating on the beast and pulled a knife from behind his back and took out the things throat.  The thing gurgled a bit but rather than going down, just turned and ran away as fast as it could.  The guy however, just watched it leave then started walking the other way.

“HEY!  Wait a second!  You can’t just leave me here!”  She cried as she chased after him.

Riddick sighed as he just kept going. “Why don’t they ever just leave after those rare occasions I do something nice.”  He turned his head and yelled over his shoulder, “Go find someplace safe to hide, I’ve got my own problems lady!”

A few seconds later she finally caught up and got a good look at his face, “What the hell?!  How did you learn to fight like that Dweeb Boy?”

Riddick stopped and looked at her. ‘Is there anyone in this town this kid didn’t know?’  “Listen lady, I’m not this Xander person.  The name’s Riddick.  Go find a nice hole to crawl under before you start to piss me off.”  Riddick abruptly turned and began walking again.

Cordelia had had some serious shouting matches with Xander before, but they had never been that outright angry to each other.  Sometimes they were mean or malicious but there was something in that tone that didn’t ring right with her.  “Hey loser what’s your damage?  I thought you and your freak friends were into the whole save the innocent thing, I am in serious need of saving!”

Something about this girls tone just grated on Riddick, and he quickly turned and grabbed the annoying girl by the throat and bent her backwards almost double.  “Listen you stuck up little bitch.  I’m not Xander, I don’t get my jollies saving the innocent, and I’m no hero.  You want a hero go find a cop and hope he’s not on the take.”

Cordelia had never been this scared in her life.  The look in the silver eyes that were drilling into her own were unlike anything she had experienced before.  There was a darkness there that not even vampires could match.  Suddenly her throat was drying out, and it was getting harder and harder to breath as this monster in Xander’s body was tightening his grip. Then suddenly he lifted her back up, let go and continued to stare at her as a look of realization came over his face.

“Wait, your in costume but your remember who you are.  Why?”  He looked at her expectantly but it took her a while to realize he just asked her a question.

“I,.. I… Don’t know.  Who are you and what happened to Xander.”  Riddick had to give her one thing.  She had guts.  She was obviously scared out of her mind, but was still able to ask questions with only the slightest tremor in her voice. 

“Fine listen, the red head told me everyone turned into their costumes, and I’m in this Xander guy’s body.  Now tell me why you didn’t turn into a cat and maybe I can get the hell out of here.”  Hoping that gave her enough time to calm down a bit so she could answer coherently he patiently waited for her response.

“That was probably Willow.  I don’t know why I didn’t turn into my costume but it might have to do with where I got it.  I went to Party Town when you guys went to that new place Ethan’s.”  She calmly answered, hoping to get out of this in one piece.  She finally remembered who the costume was that Xander was wearing.  He was some movie hero that was like the lesser of two evils.  He was supposed to be a bad guy they got to go after other bad guys.  She just hoped he wasn’t the kind that was into killing pretty girls.

Riddick was surprised she had more backbone that he would have first thought. “Show me.”  was his only response.

Cordelia was leading Riddick through town towards Ethan’s and she was torn, on the one hand it seemed like all the other monsters and demons could tell that Riddick was not to be messed with, but on the other hand, her protection was a murderer and criminal himself.  She knew as long as she didn’t piss him off she was probably safe.  At least she hoped so.

They were just about to get to Ethan’s when Riddick asked one last question.  “So just to be clear, this planet doesn’t have interstellar travel right?”

Cordelia just shook her head no as He walked into the store with her on his heels.

He took a sniff of the air and smelled some odd burning smell coming from the back room.  “Wait here.”  Was all he said before he ghosted through the curtain and stepped into the shadows.  He saw a middle aged guy packing some stuff up in a back corner, and an alter with a glowing statue on it.  The guy must not have heard the door as he just continued about his business. 

“So imagine my surprise when I cross into the Underverse and find myself in this rat infested hell hole.”  Riddick said startling the store owner into stillness not 5 feet away with his back to him.  The owner slowly turned around and only saw the telltale silver orbs and the vague outline of a man.  “I had plans and things to do before I showed up here, and I hear you’re the one that can give me the answers I’ve been looking for.”

Ethan swallowed before he replied.  He never would have thought any of his costumes would find their way back here.  He made sure none of them would have the magic sense to follow the trail back to the source, and he didn’t think anyone would know enough lead anyone back here at all.

“So sorry for the inconvenience Mr. Riddick.”  Ethan slowly put the box down between them and held his hands up as he slowly backed away.  “You see the spell will only last the night, and I didn’t think any of the borrowed souls would mind since they will just go back to where ever they came from after it ended.  You won’t even remember what happened tonight.”

Ethan hoped he sounded placating and sincere enough, as he hoped to make it to the hidden door in the wall behind him.  Riddick however could tell he was up to something and would try to get away so he beat him to the punch.

Riddick rushed forward drawing one of his knives as he did and grabbed one of Ethan’s arms quickly raising it high and nailing it to the wall with the dagger.  He made sure that the dagger went in at an extreme downward angle at a height that Ethan wouldn’t have the leverage to pull it up and out.

Ethan’s screams brought Cordelia running into the back to see what happened, and when she did she almost regretted it.

“Go on back in the front room little girl, the grownups are talking here.”  Riddick said to Cordelia who immediately turned and left.  “Now back to you, you piece of shit.  Normally I don’t do the hero stops the villain thing.  Hell half the time I’m the villain.  But you go in and out of slam as often as I do, and you get to pick up a few of their rules.”  At this point he accentuates each word alternating with a punch to the kidneys and liver. “You… Never… Fuck… With… Someone’s… Kids!”

At this point Ethan was groaning and whimpering, just desperately trying to stay upright leaning against the wall to keep the weight off his hand.

“Now,” Riddick Continued, “Is there a safe way to put everything back to normal?”

Ethan tried to compose himself as he nodded an affirmative, “Just break the statue.”

Riddick looked over at the glowing statue, punched Ethan in the face for good measure, but left him awake and alive in case it didn’t work, then promptly kicked the statue shattering it in the process.  What came next no one expected, not even Ethan.

Riddick fell to his knees and screamed, but the sound of two voices was echoing from his mouth.  The Screaming again brought Cordelia back in the room to see if Xander was ok but the sight before her was not what she expected.

Two ghostly images were popping in and out of Xander’s upper body, one belonging to him the other not recognizable by either Ethan or Cordy.  The faces slowly stopped popping out and settled back into Xander’s body as he slumped to the ground.

Cordelia concerned for her sorta friend, knelt down next to him, and tried to see if he was alright.  She could see him breathing and lifted his head off the ground to rest in her lap.  When he groaned and opened his eyes though her blood ran cold.  His eyes were still that freaky silver color with no pupils, and they didn’t look like they were contacts.

Xander came back to himself and looked up to see Cordy with a silvery and pink hue to her.  Plus the candle light was doing odd things to his vision as well.  Cordy was looking scared, but she still had his head in her lap so he tried to calm her down, “Don’t worry Cordy, it’s me.”  He said as he slowly lifted himself to an upright sitting position and examined Ethan.

“But Xander, what about your eye’s?  Why didn’t they go back to normal?” she asked.

Xander could see the confusion on Ethan’s face as well as well as apprehension as to what the boy would do next.  “I assume neither of you saw the movie.”  At Cordy’s affirmative nod he continued, “The actual bad guy had this ability to tear a beings soul out of their body, and there was no way to defend themselves.  The reason they needed a Furian to fight him was because a Furian’s soul can’t be removed.  Furian’s are to strong and stubborn, mind body and soul to separate.  Now Ethan has just made me the last Furian in the verse.  How do you think I should thank him?” 

Ethan looked fairly panicked.  Xander’s voice had become colder and colder as he talked, and no one was sure just what he would do next. 

Then without warning his boot lashed out and kicked Ethan across his jaw putting him out and also causing him to fall to the floor cutting a groove from the middle of his hand out the gap between his pinky and ring finger on his right hand.  As Cordy let out a little yelp in surprise at the suddenness of the attack and the cutting of Ethan’s hand, Xander went and found a piece of thin metal cable to tie Ethan’s hands together behind his back and then to a door with a missing knob.  He made sure to tie the cable tight enough to cut off circulation a bit and dig into the skin.

As he was working the told Cordelia to call Giles and explain to him what was going on.  After she left the room he went back and pulled his knife out of the wall and cleaned the blood off it.  The knife had reverted back to a dull blade but it was still metal and felt heavy enough to be a good quality steel.  He couldn’t tell for sure of course, but he planned to sharpen it and see how they worked.  He put them back in their sheathes and waited for Cordelia to come back.

“I called the library and Giles was there with Willow when she disappeared.  He was kinda worried about her until I mentioned we were at Ethan’s.  He said he would be right over.”  Cordelia told him as she came back into the back.

Xander looked at her with his new silver eyes, and just nodded looking more exhausted than she ever remembered seeing him.  He put his goggles back on and asked, “Did you tell him about me?” 

She chewed at her bottom lip before answering, “I told him that the spell didn’t leave you the same, but I didn’t really know how to tell him what happened.” 

Xander just nodded, “That’s cool, I think I’ll tell everyone at the same time tomorrow morning, I have a lot of thinking to do tonight and I need some sleep once I process everything.”

Cordelia just nodded and they sat and waited for Giles to get there while staring at the unconscious body of Ethan Rayne.

Xander heard Giles coming before he even got near the door and asked Cordy, “Well Giles is here, you want me to walk you home?” 

Cordy just nodded to Xander as she heard the door open and Giles come in.  “We’re back here Giles.” she yelled out as she and Xander went out to the main floor of the store.

“Xander Cordelia, are you two alright?  And what did you mean by the spell didn’t leave Xander quite right?”  Giles said in a rush as he approached the two teens.

“It’s ok Giles.  I’ll be fine.  I can explain everything in the morning.  I would tell you more but after all we’ve been through tonight I need to get home and get some rest.  I swear you’ll have the story tomorrow.”  Xander said as he shook off Giles who was checking for injuries.

Giles looked at the two of them closely, and they appeared unhurt but also quite exhausted.  “Alright, you two do look exhausted, if you’re sure your ok to walk home.”  They both nodded the affirmative, “Very well but be careful and get some rest.”

“We will, thanks Giles.  We left Ethan tied up in the back for you.  We didn’t know what else to do, with him.”  Xander replied.

“That’s good, you’ve done the right thing.  Now go on home and I will see you before class in the library tomorrow morning.”  Giles patted them both on the shoulders and watched as they left.  Then like someone had flipped a switch he looked to the back room and his eyes grew cold while a dangerous smirk appeared on his face.  “Now to deal with you old friend.” And Ripper Giles disappeared into the dimly lit back room with an unconscious Ethan.

Xander and Cordy walked to her house in silence where he left her with a nod and went back to his own house.  He had a lot to consider at the moment.  Luckily his parents were already passed out, his father on the couch and his mother in their room.  The smell of alcohol, billowing through the house from those areas.  Xander just sniffed in distain from the smell and got to his room.  The smell here wasn’t that great either.  He was going to have to clean his room thoroughly so that it would be livable.  Not that Riddick hadn’t spent time in worse places, but when he could do something about it he generally would.  Trying to ignore all that for now, Xander just fell on the bed to get a few hours of sleep before he had to figure out what to tell the others and how he was going to live his life now.

Sleep wasn’t that easy to come by.  The slightest noises brought him distinctly aware of every thing around him.  After about 3 hours he just gave up and decided to try and figure out what he was going to do with himself now. 

He was easily able to navigate the house without turning on a single light, and even without trying he was quiet enough to not wake his parents.  In fact he was barely making any noticeable noise at all.

When he finally sat down after being nearly blinded by the light in the refrigerator, he started trying to go through his memories as Riddick.  While he ate the sandwiches he made for himself.  The first and foremost conclusion he came to was that he really didn’t have it that bad at all.  I mean yea, his parents were drunken bastards, and his dad often liked to use him as a punching bag when he was drunk and pissed off about his own life.  He still had basically 3 squares a day, and was able to honestly squirrel away almost a thousand dollars over the past two years for his graduation senior road trip.  And as much as his dad sometimes hit him, he was secure in the knowledge that his life was never in serious danger from his dad.  Probably more because he was afraid of jail more than anything, but it was still a line.

He clearly remembered the sad excuses for orphanages that Riddick grew up in.  By the time he was 10 or 11 years old, it was obvious that no one would have cared if one of the kids got killed in an “accident” or never came back from the yard.  As much as there were fights before that, once that realization was made all the kids really started to worry for their lives.  Well, not so much Riddick.  The almost always slept with one eye open and his back to a wall.  In a straight up fight Riddick always came out on top.  He was even able to run with some of the older kids, which landed him in juvenile detention on more that one occasion.  It was after one of these stints that he ended up bailing and making his way on the streets.  He was a decent thief and was able to take care of himself well enough after all. 

Xander tried not to remember the rest of Riddick’s life too much.  Though admittedly a lot of the people he killed were pretty much the scum of the earth, some were just rich people that he was hired to kill or that got in his way.  Honestly he didn’t feel as bad for the victims as he thought he should.  That alone pointed out how drastic the changes he had undergone were.  Of course he never held Buffy’s regard for anyone with a soul.  People with souls did plenty of horrible things all on their own.  It was just those few that he didn’t think deserve it that upset him a bit, but not nearly as much as he expected it to.  He thought he should have felt disgusted, or hateful of Riddick on their behalf, but he just couldn’t bring up the will to care that much.

Shaking his head to clear it, he got up and cleaned up his mess.  The only thing he definitely agreed with Riddick about was that he was way too soft.  He may have decent stamina for a normal person, he was a Furian now and they lived by a higher standard.  He had on hour to go before he had to get ready for school to meet everyone in the library so he decided to go for a run and see how long he could go in that time.

When Giles walked into the Sunnydale High school library, he almost missed the almost glowing silver orbs on the stairs to the upper stacks.  Trying to play it safe, he wandered over to the book cage as normally as he could to try and get a weapon to use against whatever had invaded what he felt was his inner sanctum…  Hopefully without hurting any of his precious books. 

“It’s ok G-man.  It’s just me.” Said a voice coming from the person perched on the steps.

Giles hesitated at that, “Is that really you Xander?”  was all he replied as he surreptitiously grabbed a dagger with the hand behind his back as he walked towards the figure.

“You seem a little jumpy Giles.  Yea it’s me, so you can put the knife down.  I’m pretty sure we’re safe?”  Xander replied with a soft chuckle as he stood from the shadows and moved into the dim pre morning light coming in through the windows.  He noted that Giles looked rumpled as if he had been up researching all night.  The odd thing was He himself felt fairly alert, even with only 3 hours of interrupted sleep.  As much as Riddick only needed about 4 hours a night, he wasn’t in nearly the shape that Riddick was in.  Then again, he could still use an hour or two himself. 

“My Word!  Xander what happened to your eyes?  Is this a side affect of the spell?”  Giles exclaimed rushing up to check on him. 

Xander replied with a sardonic smirk, “Yes and no Giles.  To really get this I need to give you a little back story on the character I went as last night.”  Xander sat at their usual research table and pulled his goggles on, as the dawn light started to shine through a bit more.

“Richard B. Riddick was from a future when humanity had colonized a decent chunk of space.  As people Settled on different planets, they started to evolve a bit differently than the rest.  The people from Riddick’s planet were called Furians.”  Xander paused to make sure Giles was still following. 

At Giles nod he continued, “The Furians were a mostly warrior like people.  I’m sure they had their scientists and such too, but they were all considered fairly violent by all the rest of the people in the verse.  The downfall of the Furian people came in the form of a prophesy.  A young warlord was told by some kind of seer that a Furian would be his undoing, as they possess a power above his own.  Because of that this warlord went out and destroyed the Furian world killing or converting all their people into his army known as the Necromonga’s.  The conversion process changed them genetically from their original race to his own.  I’m still not sure how that worked but he saw it in action.  He thought he got all the Furians but apparently he missed one.  Now as the destruction of their people was almost certain, the Furian mothers unwilling to allow their children to be turned into Necromonga foot soldiers for the man that killed their race they began taking any children strong enough to carry a weapon into battle with them, and the rest were killed if they knew there was no other way out.  Riddick’s own mother was wounded just before she escaped alone, and gave birth to Riddick huddled in a trash filled alleyway on another planet.  After his birth, she could tell that she was going to die, and fearing that her child would be discovered by the Necromonga, she used the last of her strength to try and strangle her only living child to death with his own umbilical chord.”  Xander, seeing the shocked look on Giles face, waited for this to sink in for a bit before he continued.

“Unfortunately for her, she was too weak to finish the job and died before her son.  He was later raised in various orphanages and child detention centers.  Luckily for everyone, he was never discovered by the Necromongas but grew up to be a warrior, thief, and murderer.  This kid grew up to be Richard B. Riddick, and fulfilled the prophesy of destroying the Warlord.  The power that the Furians had over him was actually more a resistance to his greatest power.  This warlord crossed into what he called the Underverse, where souls go when they die. When he came back he was stronger than any man could be, faster than the eye could follow, and had the ability to grab a person and pull their soul from their body to wander aimlessly forever, never to find their way to the afterlife leaving the corpse where it lay.  This attack had no defense known to anyone, not even the most powerful beings in the verse.  But the Furian’s fierce tenacity and strength gave them and only them the ability to resist this power.  Their strength was the fact that their souls couldn’t be removed from their bodies.  They were completely interconnected mind, body, and soul.”  As Xander stopped his story, he waited patiently for Giles to connect the dots.

Giles mind was working at a furious pace all the while Xander was telling his story and even after he fell silent.  It only took a few moments after the story was complete before it all clicked into place. “So your saying that once the spell put the soul of a Furian into your body even though it was meant to be temporary, once the spell ended it was not strong enough to overcome the Furian ability to resist anything trying to remove that soul from it’s physical form?”

“Give the man a cookie.” Xander replied with a smirk. “I’m thinking that the personality it put in was just like a copy of the real Riddick’s memories since the spell couldn’t have pulled his soul from anywhere, but it still fabricated a Furian soul to go with it, so here I am.  I’m just glad that I remembered who I was after it all ended.”

“I can certainly understand that.”  Giles replied before he stopped again in thought as he cleaned his glasses.  For once Xander waited patiently for the questions he knew were coming.  “So do you know how your physiology relates to we humans here on earth?”

Xander thought a bit about that.  Riddick was required the be taught basic subjects as a kid so he did know a few basics about biology.  Of course by Riddick’s time completing elementary school was like finishing high school here.  Well minus things like electives, foreign languages, and history.  Those were never required teachings.  “From what I recall about basic biology, all humans, no matter what planet they are from, have the same basic biology.  It’s the environmental things that change.  Things like what they do and can eat are affected, things like that.  Riddick himself doesn’t know why his eyes are the way they are, but things I’ve read online, which are mostly speculation so you know, are that everything on his planet had eyes like this to collect more light, because there it was somehow in a perpetual state of twilight.  Not sure how that works, but there you go.  All the basics should otherwise be the same.”

“Well that is one good thing at least.” Giles stopped to think about it some more.  “Are their any other changes or side effects you are experiencing?”

Xander took a deep breath before answering, “There is one thing.  Riddick’s memories aren’t fading.  Actually it feels to me kinda like their integrating or something.  I’m starting to feel more blasé about things.  Like some things I feel are more morally ambiguous now when before I know I felt strongly that they were right or wrong.  I remember all the things he did, and as much as I understand they were wrong morally, I can’t bring myself feel too badly for his victims.  To be honest, many of our feelings about things were fairly similar, but he had a much more harsh perspective on things, and those things that we wouldn’t have agreed on, have evolved into a take or leave it kind of feeling though some more or less than others depending on how strongly we felt about them…  Am I even making any sense?  Just thinking about this is kinda confusing, upsetting, and makes my head hurt.”  Xander said as he dropped his head into his hands.

Giles understanding how this situation could be very complicated and confusing dropped a supportive hand on Xander’s shoulder, “That’s quite alright my boy.  It actually sounds to me as if you are handling this rather better than most would in your situation.”  Giles stepped back as Xander lifted his head and walked around opposite Xander and had a seat himself.  “Just the fact that your concerned about your lack of strong feelings about these morally ambiguous issues proves to me that you may feel more blasé, but you haven’t fallen as far as you think you have.”

Xander looked up with the first genuine smile approaching something of what he was before which comforted Giles more than he let on.  “There, no do you have any idea of how you would like to proceed?  Myself, with some help from the others may be able to find a way to reverse this condition given enough research.”  He tried to make that statement sound as confident as possible though inside he didn’t think it would succeed being the nature of Xander’s new person, and the inherent idiosyncrasies with chaos magic in particular.

“Thanks for the offer Giles, but I doubt it could be done without killing me now that I am what I am.  Besides, except for the eyes, I’m pretty much a normal human with anger management issues, a tweaked out sense of morality, and impulse control issues.  According to you that just makes me an American with weird eyes.”  Xander responded with a smirk. 

Giles was much relieved to hear him finally crack a joke.  They had been talking for a good while now, and this was only the second small sign of the boy he had been before Ethan’s spell.

“Oh, and a 180 year lifespan give or take, go figure it looks like health care in the future works.  People tend to live longer to 150 give or take.”  Xander concluded with a smile.

Giles was shocked for a moment, “Oh… Yes well… it seems people are living longer an longer… I can only assume that in the far future… Though 180 years, my word!  Are you sure about this?”

“Pretty sure.  The average human life expectancy in Riddick’s verse is about 150 years plus time spent in cryo sleep.  It still takes months or years to travel form planet to planet, so they have a cryogenic like system that slows ageing to almost nothing while it keeps you asleep.  So yea not counting that time people live for a good while.  I figure if I can keep in as good shape as Riddick I could make 180 easy.”

Giles began cleaning his glasses before he replied, “Yes, well… now see we’ve found at least one benefit to your situation.”  Giles put his glasses back on and then decided to get to more immediate concerns.  “Well, lets face the rest as it comes.  Do you have any idea how you would like to proceed from here?”

The look on Xander’s face dropped back to the slightly brooding look he had when he first arrived.  “Actually Giles, the only thing I’ve come up with for now is that I need to take a week or two off and figure things out for and about myself.  I’m still going to be in town so if you really need the backup Willow can call my house.  After that all I know for sure is that I have to stay in school at least until I turn 18.  I think I’ll get my GED after that since there is no way my parents will emancipate me.  Besides everything but the history type stuff, Riddick knew better than I would even if I stayed.” Xander looked away and began fidgeting a bit before he continued.  “I was hoping you could do me a favor though, Giles.”

“Of course, just let me know how I can help.”  Giles replied.

“Could you tell the girls for me?  With everything so crazy and muddled in my head, I don’t think I could take the third degree from them without taking a swing at someone.”  He stood as he finished asking and just waited for a reply.

“I’m sure they would rather hear it from you, but if you insist I can do that.” Giles responded.

“Thanks Giles.  Just let them know I’ll check my machine at the house for messages, but I’ll be mostly out of touch for a couple of weeks.”  Xander said as he started walking toward the stacks. 

“You’re more than welcome Xander.  I hope you can come to some sense of harmony with who you were and who you have become.”

Xander turned back for a moment just before he reached the stacks leading to the rear exit, “Me too Giles.”  He replied softly just before he disappeared.

Giles sat staring at the spot where Xander disappeared, and for the second time in less than 24 hours his eyes went cold as he thought about what he was going to do to Ethan before the Coven representative got there to take him away for punishment.  ‘That Bloody Pillock will suffer even more for this and it still won’t be enough for what he’s done.’

His train of thought was derailed as Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia came into the library asking questions about What happened last night and Xander.

Giles took a deep breath, and prepared himself to tell them what happened, and the fallout that would come later. ‘At least I’ll get the pleasure of beating Ethan a bit more after this’

The End


A/N: This is the first chapter of this story.  I will probably add at least one more chapter and I will make sure each chapter completes an “episode” or continuous story line, but I will not say how long this will be and may at some point just close it off. But there will be no Plot left uncompleted.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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