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A Divine Twist of Fate

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Summary: (formerly 'Precious Little Miracle') After battling Adam, Buffy and the Scoobies head to New York on a vacation. While there, Buffy meets someone who eventually changes her life in an unexpected way. *Revised and Slightly Improved*

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Premise and Prologue


A Divine Twist of Fate:

A Boondock Saints-Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover


BtVS is the property of Joss W. and Mutant Enemy. The Boondock Saints belong to Troy Duffy. I'm only borrowing the characters. No copyright infringement intended. Please, no suing me. I got nothing.


The prologue: "Murphy is in Love" wasn't written by me. The lovely and wonderful Queen of Snape (from allowed me to adopt it and expand on her idea.

Set two and a half years after the movie. Approximately two and a half weeks after “Restless” (Season 4, Episode 22), the only caveat is that Buffy and Riley haven't made up yet. Story will continue throughout Seasons 5-7 (and beyond).

This story will be AU for obvious reasons. However certain events will follow canon to a limited degree.

Also, a *huge* thank you goes out to Fluffymuskateer for the wonderfully amazing banner art. I love and deeply appreciate it! Also, a major shout-out to my wonderful beta: mmooch. You're the best, woman!!


After the battle with Adam and the events afterwards; Buffy still isn't quite over Riley’s unknowing infidelity (nor his inability to realize the differences in their personalities) during the body swap with Faith. So, with Giles' blessing, Buffy and the gang head to the Big Apple for vacation away from the Hellmouth.

While enjoying the break from her Slayer duties (and relationship with Riley), she must come to terms with the whole Riley-Faith sex debacle.

Staying at one of the homes of Buffy’s (very rich) cousins in New York, everyone looks forward to two weeks of fun and relaxation. Thoughts of sight-seeing, partying and shopping the only priority on their minds.

Early into their vacation, Buffy and the gang encounter two men. One of which will have a profound impact on Buffy’s life, in a way no one could have ever anticipated.

Story Timeline:

Late June 2000: Buffy meets Murphy. Sparks fly; and a brief summer romance ensues.

March 3, 2001:

Rowan Nyla Colleen Summers is born at 1:13am at Sunnydale General to Buffy Summers (and an unknowing Murphy MacManus).

April 8, 2001:

Realizing the severity of the danger Glory poses; Buffy makes a difficult decision.

April 16, 2001:

Secretly weary of her Slayerness and suffering from postpartum depression- though in a moment of absolute clarity- Buffy decides to sacrifice herself in Dawn's place in order to close the portal. Thereby saving the world and giving Dawn the chance to live.

April 19, 2001:

Acting on Buffy’s last wishes Giles, Faith, and Willow take Rowan to New York City, to live with her father: Murphy MacManus.

September 17, 2001:

Without his Slayer, Giles decides to move back to England permanently. Unaware that Willow, Xander, Tara, and Anya plan on resurrecting Buffy from Hell. In reality, they will have unknowingly yanked her out of Heaven.

Certificate of Birth:

Name: Summers, Rowan Nyla Colleen

Date of Birth: 3- March-2001

Time of Birth: 1:13am

Length: 18.5 inches

Weight: 7lbs and 4oz

Mother’s Name: Summers, Buffy Anne

Father’s Name: MacManus, Murphy

Prologue: Murphy Is In Love

June 17, 2001:

Murphy was in love. Head over heels in love. He never thought it possible to love someone as much as he did now. He had never felt such a strong connection with another person... Well, that was a lie, he had that connection with his twin; but this one was something different. Connor rolled his eyes playfully as he leaned in the door-frame.

“Are ye gonna spend all day doing that?” he asked his twin brother.

Murphy looked up at him with slight annoyance etched on his face. Connor had interrupted a perfect moment, and he was ready to slug him.

“Connor, she’s sleepin’, ye need ta be quiet,” Murphy told him in a harsh whisper.

“I won’t wake her, she sleeps like the dead when she’s out,” Connor replied, a smile tugging on his lips as he watched just how protective Murphy could be.

“Aye, but she needs ta be ta sleep first... right now, she’s still wide awake,” Murphy replied, looking down at the little bundle in his arms.

Rowan’s green eyes were wide and alert as they darted over to her Uncle Connor. She smiled when she saw him and let out a little happy coo, as one tiny hand reached out for him.

“She wants her Uncle Connor,” Murphy smiled as the little pink bundle began to squirm and wiggle loose from her blanket.

Rowan let out a little annoyed cry when her father wouldn’t let her go, and then she began to fuss loudly. Murphy rolled his eyes a bit and looked at Connor.

“She gets that from ye,” Murphy smirked, standing up and passing her over to his brother.

“Aye, Ma said that too,” Connor smiled, taking her tenderly into his arms, and she quickly began to settle down.

Though she was only three months old, Rowan could tell the differences between her father and her uncle. Both of them held so much love for her. But her father was a little more quiet and intense, while her uncle was a little louder and much less subtle. Uncle Connor was a little more open, a little warmer; while Murphy could be withdrawn, though he wasn’t cold.

Uncle Connor was her playmate, her entertainer, always making funny faces for her to laugh at or funny noises to brighten up her face.

Whereas her father was more of a comfort for her to latch onto when she was upset or fussy. Her little fingers would wrap tightly around his shirt as he helped calm her down, or to chase whatever fears she had away.

As Rowan calmed down, Connor passed her back to Murphy so he could finish lulling the little girl to sleep. He was a pro at that. He felt his daughter grow heavy in his arms, gently placing her into her crib, as the two men stood over it, watching the infant sleep.

“She’s perfect,” Murphy sighed.

“Aye,” Connor agreed.

So Murphy was in love, but so was Connor.
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