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Call of the Haunted

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Summary: In attempting to bring Buffy back from the dead, things go FUBAR, and travel via portal and hellmouth ensues...

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Anita Blake > GeneralRebelgirlFR18915,049714038,1923 Nov 071 Jan 08No

Hell and Consequences

Call Of The Haunted

Chapter 9 Hell and Consequences

I'm not a problem 'til you make one out of spite
I'll give you Hell and Consequences for trying
If you don't want an enemy , DON'T FUCK WITH MY LIFE!

-Stone Sour

Three days later, an official apology came through the mail to Xander from RPIT for Xander. Dawn was all for telling them to stuff it up their arse, but cooler tempers prevailed. Which in retrospect was just as well, for less than a week later, Willow came home looking shaky and feeling queasy.

“You ok, Will's? You smell of fresh death,” Xander asked as she walked into the apartment.

“Remember that crime scene that you got dragged up to the police station for?” Willow asked after she collapsed on the sofa.

“Sorta, no one would actually tell me what went down,” Xander said sourly.

“Well, there's been another one. Same MO, same runes present. Same mixture of vic's, humans and vamp's,” Willow said tiredly. “Pieces missing, splintered bones, both sexes, with both vamps and humans. Evidence is mounting towards the demonic. Sergeant Zebrowski is making noises about having me there as a consultant due to my knowledge of the demonic.”

“What are you gonna do sweetie?” Tara asked.

“I don't want, but I can't not do it, how can I live with myself if I don't, and more people die,” Willow said, looking upset.

“Go where your heart leads, it's rarely wrong,” Tara said softly. “You know we'll help you if we can.”

“What Tara said,” Xander added with a smile. “Research party tomorrow?” he asked.

Willow smiled wanly, “yeah, Dawn'll like that. Where is Dawn anyway?” she asked, looking around and not seeing the hyperactive teenage hyena.

“She's staying at Kit's, but they both had to promise to keep the giggling to a bare minimum,” said Xander with a snort of laughter.

“I bet they did, after the last time,” said Willow, as she burst out laughing.

*** *** ***

The next day, as school ended, Dawn's phone beeped as she received a text message. “Kit, you wanna have dinner at mine tonight, and play a coupla rounds of name that demon? Scooby research party for the next big bad,” Dawn elaborated at Kit's blank look.

“Yeah, why not? Be interesting at least,” shrugged Kit.

“Trust me, you'll never look at Freddie Kruger the same again,” grinned Dawn ferally.

“Not so sure I like the sound of that,” Kit said faintly. “Oh well, you only live live once. I'm in, let me call Remus first, thanks,” she added as Dawn passed her phone over.

After a quick phone call, and a quick visit to Blockbuster's for some cheesy horror movies, for heckling purpose's as Dawn put it, both girls headed back to the Scoobies flat.

When they walked in, Kit got a bit of a shock. There were two laptops up and running, and books everywhere. “Did you rob a bookstore or a library?” Kit asked, looking round in amazement.

“It does look that way doesn't it?” said Tara, laughing. “C'mon, you, me and Xan, we get the books. Willow's hacking the morgue -”

“Again,” muttered Dawn.

“And Dawn's got general demon search on the net,” Tara said, ignoring the peanut gallery that was otherwise known as Dawn Summers.

“And no smutty websites this time, Dawnie,” Xander said, smirking at her.

“What, unless your surfing them with me?” Dawn shot back.

“I guess I resemble that remark,” Xander grinned sheepishly. “Change of subject, did you get that most important of supplies for a Scooby research party?”

“Yes,” said Dawn, rolling her eyes. “Two dozen doughnuts, and two boxes of Twinkies for you Xander. He needs the sugar rush,” she explained to Kit, who giggled at Dawn's explanation.

“Excellent!” crowed Xander, rubbing his hands together in glee, just before he dived for the box for doughnuts. “Wow, nice selection you got, Dawn,” he said as he pursued the box before picking one and stuffing it in his mouth, as Kit giggled helplessly at his antics.

“He likes the sugar,” Dawn repeated, giggling herself now.

Tara and Willow smiled as they walked over to help themselves to the doughnuts as well, knowing full well what Xander's appetite was like. If they didn't get in now, there wouldn't be any left for anyone else. “We're a help yourself house here, Kit. Don't be afraid to fight for your food. Especially around these two,” Willow said, pointing to Xander and Dawn in turn. Both of whom put on a wounded expression at her words.

“Guess we resemble that remark,” Xander mumbled through a mouthful of doughnut, as he reached over for the Twinkies.

*** *** ***

5 hours later, after far too much sugar, more musty books than Kit could have ever imagined looking at – ever, several pizza's, and jeering at some of the silliest horror movies ever made, she was nearly ready to drop.

This plan was put on hold though, when the doorbell rang. It was Anita with Sergeant Zebrowski.

“Doors open,” Xander said, stepping back, after he opened the door. Zebrowski gave him an odd look at the lack of invitation, but never said anything, mainly because Anita didn't.

“Christ on a Crutch, what have you been up to in here?” Anita asked, as she took in the research materials strewn across the flat.

Willow just looked around, not quite following what Anita was going on about. Tara looked at her, then Anita, then it dawned on her. “Anita, this is a full-blown Scooby research night,” she shrugged. “You got a big bad out the somewhere, demonic in origin. We're demon hunters.”

Zebrowski looked at Tara. “Even you?”

“Even me,” she smiled gently. “I'm tougher than I look, and so's Dawn.”

“Ok, look Harris,” Zebrowski said, dealing with what he's just learnt by ignoring it. “I know you've got no reason to help us after what the Lt. did, but something hinkey's going on, and you offered to help. Will you?”

Xander slumped onto the sofa, “if I can do things my way, sure. We don't do humans, but demons, we kill, and the girls don't use guns. But I got thing for axes,” he grinned ferally. “And why all of a sudden now?”

Zebrowski nodded to Anita, who came forward with a file, that both Dawn and Kit had noticed, but had kept quite about. “There's been another murder, this time just across the other side of the Illinois border, but the FBI also sent us some files. Turns out that this isn't the first time that this has happened.”

Dawn sat up then, and got involved for the first time. “Does this happen every 15-20 years, with a pattern of 3 human, 3 vamp vic's, with about 20 crime scenes, and then goes to ground?” she asked seriously.

“Yeah, How do you know? We've only just started going over the FBI files,” Anita answered her, startled.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Dawn said, as she scrambled over the furniture towards the laptop that she's abandoned earlier that evening.

“What? What does she know?” cries Anita in alarm.

“Dunno,” replied Xander unconcerned, “but she'll share with the rest of the class soon,” he added with a grin, as Kit burst out laughing.

“Ah, fuck! Willow, it's definitely demonic, and the police can't do a damn thing about it,” she added, looking towards Anita and Zebrowski.

“And why not?” bristled Anita.

“Because, quite frankly, this is way outta your league,” Xander added, backing Dawn up. “Have you had much experience with demons?” he asked mildly.

“Twice,” Anita answered, swallowing heavily. “I've encountered them twice.”

“Our hometown was like a magnet to them,” Willow said quietly. “Even Tara, who's not from our town, has more experience than you. You need our help. And we do it our way. With or without your approval.”

“We can charge you -” began Zebrowski.

“With what?” asked Tara. “you came to us, you came here, asking Xander, and by extension, us, for help. We offered it, but, the fact that we like archaic weapons is giving you the wiggins, and we don't play by anyone's rules but our own, you want to charge us with obstruction of justice?” The look of disbelief was mirrored on Willow and Dawn's faces as well, Xander's was unreadable. Because Kit was too new to the group, she was trying to keep out of it, but her latent empathy was dragging her in all the same.

“Fine, do as you need to,” Zebrowski said, capitulating, knowing that they had to stop these deaths as soon as possible. “But, please, try not to turn this into a remake of the Lord of the Rings with these weapons. And don't get caught by the press.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Plausible deniability,” Xander added, as he reached over for the Twinkie he'd been saving.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Call of the Haunted" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jan 08.

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