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Call of the Haunted

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Summary: In attempting to bring Buffy back from the dead, things go FUBAR, and travel via portal and hellmouth ensues...

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Anita Blake > GeneralRebelgirlFR18915,049714038,1923 Nov 071 Jan 08No

2 Minutes to Midnight

Call Of The Haunted

Chapter 1 - 2 Minutes To Midnight

The Killer's breed or the Demon's seed,
The glamour, the fortune, the pain,
Got to war again, blood is freedom's stain,
But don't you pray for my soul anymore.

2 minutes to midnight.
The hands that threaten doom.
2 minutes to midnight,
To kill the unborn in the womb.

- Iron Maiden.

Standard disclaimers apply. nothings mine, I own nothing, Buffy and Co belong to Joss, Anita and Co belong to Laurel. Deal with, I have. Spoilers are episode 1 season 6 for Buffy, and where ever I feel like putting it for Anita, I'll let ya know. Toodles.


Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya gathered around Buffy's grave, ready to start the Rite of Osiris.

“Does everyone have their candles?” Willow asked as they stood in a circle with Buffy's headstone opposite Willow.

Anya was having difficulties. “I'm trying, my lighter won't stay lit,” as she tried to light her candle.

“Well, hurry, it has to...”

“What time is it?” asked Tara over Willow.

Xander looked at his watch, “a minute till midnight.”

“Come on Anya. Do you have it?” pressed Willow, urgency colouring her voice.

Just then, Anya succeeded, “I got, I got, I got it.”

“Ok, start the circle. Now,” instructed Willow, and all four of them sank to their knees around Buffy's grave.

Willow poured the fawn's blood that she had procured earlier into the Urn of Osiris as she said, “Osiris, Keeper of the Gate, master of all fate, hear us.” She then dipped her fingers into the blood and painted three lines on her forehead and cheeks, and continued. “Before time, and after. Before knowing, and nothing.”

Anya stared at her, perhaps knowing that this was dark magic that Willow was attempting, as Willow poured the fawn's blood onto Buffy's grave in front of her.

“Accept our offering, know our prayer.” Willow continued, and placed the Urn in front of her, just before her arms were pinned out in front of her and slashed open, causing Xander to cry out her name.

“No!, she told me she'd be tested. This is what's supposed to happen,” Tara said, before Xander could break the circle.

“Osiris, here lies the warrior of the people. Let her cross over,” Willow carried on through the pain as Osiris continued to test her.

“Osiris, let her cross over!” insisted Willow, before she was wracked with pain. She grabbed her throat, and bent forward, retching, and vomited forth a snake. All the while this was happening, the roar of motorcycles could be heard coming closer and closer to the cemetery that Buffy was buried in.

It was Spike and Dawn. They were being pursued by a gang of demonic bikers that had descended on Sunnydale, hellbent on fun and destruction.

“Willow! Xander! Where are you?” screamed Dawn as they rode closer. Xander stood up, trying to see past one of the 'tests' that Osiris was putting Willow through, but the bikers by this had seen the light show that was Willow's 'test', and were aiming for Buffy's grave.

One of the biker's who had separated from pursuing Spike and Dawn, and had seen the ritual, managed to break the Urn of Osiris. “No!” screamed Willow, as the ritual abruptly stopped, the power backlashing violently, and mixing with the power of the Hellmouth in the form of a powerful vortex.

The vortex spiraled out of control, and started to burn its way through the cemetery and out into the town beyond. With a malevolent life of its own, it started to remorselessly kill the bikers that it came across. Spike, seeing this, made the decision to honour the promise that he'd made to Buffy three months ago, and he gunned the engine on his stolen motorbike. He shot forward and threw Dawn towards Xander. “Keep her safe, Whelp!” Then he turned the bike towards the inferno, and rode straight into it, ignoring Dawn's screams as he did so.

Xander threw Dawn over his shoulder as Anya and Tara struggled to get Willow to her feet. “We have to go. Now!” screamed Anya in fear, she didn't recognise exactly what was going on, but she'd go out on a limb and say it wasn't good. Dark magic and the Hellmouth were always bad news.

Then things started to get worse. Behind Xander and Dawn, a dimensional portal started to form unnoticed by anyone, because Dawn was crying too hard, Anya was freaking too much, and Tara was too worried about Willow. Xander's excuse was he was trying to find a way for his girls, and Willow was just wiped out.

Just as they noticed this new danger, it was too late for them to escape, and Murphy's Law proved that even in the worst of circumstances, it still ran true. The Hellmouth then claimed it's last casualty of the night. Anya was caught in the blast that the Hellmouth let loose, even as it blew the others into the portal and knocked them out, Anya was incinerated, much as Spike had been before her.

The portal opened in another cemetery, and spat out the remnants of the Scooby Gang, battered and bruised. The trauma of their arrival would keep them unconscious for a while longer yet, and they would wake to a whole different world.
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