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Family: You have a brother?

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Summary: My answer to the November Site Wide Challenge

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CSI > Multiple SeriesVippyFR1529420198,5953 Nov 079 Nov 07No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters belong to their creators. Too bad the things I could do for/to them

Warning: I am a lurker normally. This is only the 2nd story I have tried to write and the first one is not complete. New parts will be very slow and only when the mood hit me. Also the rating may change.

Ya shore, go to Miami and pick up the book. That what they tell me as if I did not just step off a plane and spent 2 hours in Customs. Now I’m here and have no clothes cause no time to stop at baggage claim.

“I’m in town at the airport can you pick me up? I need clothes, a shower, and a bed not necessarily in that order.”

The person at the other end looked at his phone. “Sure I’ll pick you up you know that and you will tell me why I have not heard from you in over a year.”

“Bro don’t be mad. I was in Africa in the bush, not like they have good phone lines out there.”

“Don’t tell me you let those girls run you off.”

“More like an escape to get away from them.”

“Hold on a minute my other line is beeping. “Speedle, I’m not exactly in town I’ll have to stop at my place and get my gun and badge. It will take me at least an hour. Should I go to the station or straight to the bridge? OK I’ll meet you at the boat.” Xan be ready for a fast pickup I just lied to my boss so I could come get you.”

“Tim I could have caught a cab if you give me the address.”

“I’m not too far from there less then 10 minutes from seeing you soon.”

Xander was out front when Speed pulled in. He got on the bike and started heading to his place. Speed opened the door to his place and went to get his badge and gun. “Is it clean?”

“I think so. I got to go.”

“Tim let me look if I need to I can clean it ten minutes and you’ll still be on there before your boss is expecting you.” He took the gun from his hand and did a quick cleaning of it while speed changed clothes. “Call me if anything happens and be careful.”

Tim took the Gun back and did not hear from Speed again that night.


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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking