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A Real Sunnydale Hero

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Summary: So, Xander got his gun from Ethan’s bargain bin. What was it originally a part of?

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Television > Surprise CrossoversmatthewFR71353022,6593 Nov 073 Nov 07Yes
Disclaimers at bottom to maintain surprise

Summary: So, Xander got his gun from Ethan’s bargain bin. What was it originally a part of?

Digging through the bargain bin at the town’s new costume shop, Xander scowled and muttered to himself.

“Stupid Snyder, making me do this. Stupid parents, not lending me any money. Stupid costume shop, where everything good’s too expensive.”

So engrossed was he in blaming the world for his misery, Xander almost didn’t spot the gun. A black plastic toy submachine gun, with a very familiar logo on the side. He grinned. Maybe he could finally put those hand me down fatigues of Uncle Rory’s to good use.


Duke stumbled for a moment, disoriented by the wave of dizziness which had overcome him, and gasped as he looked up. The last thing he remembered was being pinned down in a firefight in Guam, crouching behind a pile of crates to shield himself from the incoming Trouble Bubbles and hoping that Snakeyes had made it into the lab to take out the teleporter. Now he found himself in an obviously American town, at night, with his team nowhere in sight. Had he had a blackout and lost time? He was still armed and in uniform, so it couldn’t be post-mission leave, but a quick radio check revealed no friendlies in transmission range. Something was very wrong here.

As he scouted the area, Duke realized that “very wrong” was an understatement. There were monsters of dozens of descriptions running rampant, attacking each other and the fleeing citizenry. Possible scenarios flashed through his head, from robots to mutants to having been hit by some kind of hallucinogen. In the end though, there was only one thing he could do when he saw civilians being attacked. Duke hefted his rifle and charged into the fight, shouting a battle cry fit to strike fear into the hearts of villains the world round.

“YO JOE!!”


Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, Hasbro owns the Joes. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

I’ve also left this open for anyone who want to add a Sunnydale-appropriate “Knowing is half the battle” PSA. I’m curious to see what people will come up with.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Real Sunnydale Hero". This story is complete.

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