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Young Enough

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Summary: Companion piece to Old Enough. She's young enough to be his daughter.

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Television > West Wing > Cordelia-Centered(Moderator)MalanaFR151965011,47921 Jul 0321 Jul 03Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The West Wing and all associated characters are the property of their creators/corporate owners. I make no claim of ownership to that, or to any other, copyrighted material.

I'm young enough to be his daughter. Well, actually, his daughter is older than I am. Mallory hates me. Not that I can't understand that. I mean, I'm the reason that her father's name is being dragged through the mud. She probably thought she wouldn't have to deal with all the tabloids now that President Bartlet was out of office. Leo had dealt with so much scandal while he was the Chief of Staff. He shouldn't have to deal with anymore. But he does, and the people who love him have to stand by and watch it. All because he's in love with me.

When I first met him at a party, I didn't even know who he was. It was a party fundraiser. I was there with a guy I had met through Angel Investigations. I was getting a drink when I saw him. Despite the fact that I could tell he was older than my father, I couldn't help but think he was handsome. I sipped my gin and tonic, and flirted shamelessly with him. I'm not even really sure why. He was just attractive, and friendly, and well, quite honestly, I was bored. It wasn't until later that my friend told me who I had been flirting with all night. I mean, just a year and a half ago this guy was the President's Chief of Staff.

A couple weeks later I found out that he was giving a lecture at UCLA. I just had to go. I know, I know. Cordelia Chase at a lecture for fun? But I just had this feeling. I wanted to see Leo again. When we had been flirting together, I had felt something. I wanted to explore it further. So, I went to the lecture. Afterwards, at the reception, I cornered him. We talked for a while, and I knew that I had made the right decision by coming. I was about to ask him to join me for drinks, when a memory sparked. Leo was an alcoholic. I had read all about it years ago. It had been all the media had talked about for weeks. So, for once in my life, my foot didn't go directly into my mouth. Contrary to what people like Buffy Summers thought, I do have tact. I just don't always chose to exercise it.

So, I asked him to dinner instead. I felt my heart stop in the few seconds he was silent, pondering my proposal. I thought for a moment that he would laugh at me. I was sure that he would say no. But he didn't. We went to dinner, and we talked late into the night. It was wonderful. I hadn't had such a good time with a man for a very long time. He was divorced, and he had a daughter who was older than me. But despite what common sense was telling me, I knew that I had to see Leo again.

At the end of the night, he told me he wanted to see me again. I was thrilled. My friends weren't. Wesley, Angel, Gunn, Fred. None of them understood. They all told me I was crazy. They thought Leo must be some sort of pervert. It was Angel who pissed me off the most. I mean come on. Angel was old enough to have been Buffy's great-great-great-great-great grandfather. Of course, that's not exactly a relationship I'd want to emulate.

I know that Leo's friends aren't pleased with our relationship either. They think that I'm some sort of power-hungry gold digger. Even if the one's who believe Leo and I have genuine feelings for each other, don't approve. I can understand it, actually. They just want to protect their friend.

A few months into our relationship he told me that I could be completely honest about my past. At first I didn't know what he was talking about. But then he mentioned the Hellmouth. I told him everything. It's nice being with someone whom I don't have to hide such a large part of my life from.

Leo isn't perfect. I'm not blind to his faults. The man chose his job over his marriage, and I'm really not sure how that makes me feel. On one hand, he was working for the President of the United States, on the other hand, it was his wife. Part of me feels he should have done anything he could to have kept her. Of course, if he had, we wouldn't be together now.

Leo can be stubborn as hell. He can be judgmental. He has a temper, and he's not the type of man you want to cross. He scares me sometimes when he gets really angry. Not that he'd ever do anything to intentionally hurt me. It's not that I worry about. It's just that he's so intense. He's so involved about the things he believes in, even though he's no longer working. Sometimes I just worry that the same thing that happened to him and Jenny will happen to me. He'd have a hard time really getting involved in politics after the scandal of him dating me. But he's still on the phone all the time, talking to Josh, talking to Sam. I worry about losing him.

Despite all his flaws, he truly is one of the kindest men I know. He's intelligent, he's charming, he's loyal. I'm completely in love with him. Xander, Angel, the things I felt for them just can't compare. When Leo is holding me in his arms, everything else just melts away. I honestly don't know what I'd do if I lost him.

I love him, and I know that he loves me.

Even if I am young enough to be his daughter.

The End

You have reached the end of "Young Enough". This story is complete.

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