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Willow Seeds

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Summary: This is for one-shots, short crossovers, FFAs, and other bits that could sprout into full stories but haven't yet germinated. Story 2 - Silly half-dabble from the wish-verse.

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Which Mountain?

Title: Willow Seeds
Author: Sam James
Summary: This is for one-shots, short crossovers, FFAs, and other bits that could sprout into full stories but haven't yet germinated.
Rating: FR-13
Disclaimer: Buffy, Willow, and all other characters from the Buffyverse are owned by 20th Century Fox. Crossover characters are owned by their copyright holders which are not me.

FFA: Tony or Tia (Escape to Witch Mountain)
Disclaimer: Tony and Tia created by and owned by Alexander Key. Disney did a movie version (ignore the made for TV remake)

Which Mountain?
By Sam James

Xander and Dawn looked up from the television as the door to the Summers' home opened.

"So the world travelers return," he said, while looking at the two young women who entered. Tara looked radiant as always and both of them looked the better for the week's vacation. But, did Willow look a little disappointed?

"What did you bring me?" Dawn shot off the couch and gave Tara a big hug and Willow a smaller, although still heartfelt, one.

"The witches on the mountain didn't offer to give you any new spells?" Xander probed. Willow flushed red. "Were they evil witches?" Willow grew even redder. Xander ignored Tara's slight head shake. "Didn't practice your version of witchcraft?"

"No!" Willow growled.

Tara tried to change the subject. "Here, Dawn," she handed the younger girl a wrapped package. "We got you a new harmonica."

Xander looked at Willow while Dawn opened the package and thanked Tara. "Let me guess," he said. "No actual witches on Witch Mountain?"

Willow sputtered.

"There are bears on Bear Mountain," Dawn put in. "And Indians on Indian Mountain, or at least used to be."

"We met a nice brother and sister about around your age," Tara said to Dawn, still trying to change the topic. "They gave me some nice ideas about combining music and magic."

"Stupid lying map!" Willow complained.

Tara went over and stroked Willow's hair. "You liked it when Tony and Tia took us out on their uncle's lifeboat."

"Still should be a law against fake naming like that," Willow was still fuming. "They should have to say what it is."

That was too much for Xander and Dawn. They both began laughing. Willow just put her hands on her hips and looked at the two.

Finally, Willow picked up her bags and stomped off to her room, Tara following in her wake. As the two went upstairs, Xander strained to hear Willow’s last words. Did she really say, "Should've named it Alien Mountain"?
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