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This story is No. 5 in the series "The Places She'll Go". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: She had sat on her hands like a good girl for too long. It was time to go hunting...

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Stargate > Faith-CenteredStrangerFR181784165,4255 Nov 075 Nov 07Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Boo-bloody-hoo.

When Lieutenant Aiden Ford went AWOL, Faith Lehane was not a happy camper. After all, she’d just lost her favourite punching bag and fellow McKay baiter. She was all for bunking in with Sheppard’s plan and hunting down the silly son of bitch the moment the Wraith left them alone.

As it turned out, intel on Aiden’s whereabouts came about three weeks after their return to Atlantis. Faith went with Sheppard and Lorne’s teams to try and get him back. It looked like a sure thing, until they all got separated and the Runner threw his spanner in the works.

Faith didn’t blame Ronon – he’d had the end of a really shitty stick handed to him – but she still came away from the mission in a massive mood, and refused to be consoled except to beat the crap out of the expedition’s newest alien with Teyla.

Far from putting him off, he came back for more with a lusty single-mindedness that was admirable, but not as distracting a Faith would have liked. Aiden was still out there, high on Wraith-juice, morally deluded and a danger to people he cared about. It echoed too close to her own history, and that was a repeat she would not stand.

After two months of nothing, then the hive mission going belly up, and Aiden getting away, again, she’d had it. She had sat on her hands like a good girl for too long.

It was time to go hunting.


She was gone for three months, taking only the sword she’d arrived with, a berretta and spare clip, a Wraith hand-stunner, and a small supply pack. Teyla saw her off at the gatetrium steps, giving Faith a hug and her second-best travel duster.

“Be safe,” she told the Slayer, “and come back.”

“I’ll try, and I’ll try to bring him with me.”

No one could have predicted the event of her return.


“Ma’am,” Chuck said over his shoulder to her, “we’re receiving Ms. Lehane’s IDC.”

Her outdated IDC, but that went without saying.

Elizabeth sighed in both frustration and relief. “Bring down the shield, Chuck, but have Security standing by.”

But it was not Faith who came through the gate.

There was the squeal of leather on tiles and something man-shaped and snarling came sliding through the wormhole. The security teams let out a few yells of surprise and there was a rippling wave of clicks as the safety came off a great many P-90s.

“Good God!” Elizabeth gasped.

The man-shaped something resolved itself into one very demented, practically foaming-at-the-mouth Lieutenant Aiden Ford (hog-tied). He was also one very…whiffy, Lieutenant Aiden Ford. The skins he was wearing were half-cured at best, crusted in dirt and various unmentionable substances at worst. There was one heck of a skid mark on the gatetrium floor where he’d come through. His hair was a thick, knotted tangle and hung in hanks over half his face and neck. If Elizabeth was not mistaken, there were twigs in it, and bits of leaves. Lots of them.

And then, icing on the cake, there was their Slayer, strolling through the gate cool as a cucumber, pulling a cigarette from behind one ear and lighting it on the shield as it went up behind her. She stood with one hip cocked, looking up at Elizabeth (who stood gaping on the command balcony), calmly smoking and giving the Security teams thoroughly amused looks.

“Yo, Liz, good t’ see ya. Happy birthday, by the way.” She nudged Ford’s knee with one combat boot. “Gotcha present.”

“My birthday was in December,” Elizabeth managed faintly.

“Meh,” said Faith, waving her cigarette round. “Early Christmas present then.”

“Grr,” Ford snarled, wriggling furiously. “Argh!”

There was a strangled gasp from the gatetrium steps. Rodney was clutching his data pad to his chest, eyes the size of saucers. John was beside him, sidearm drawn, frowning very slightly.

“Faith,” he said cautiously. “Is that really…?”

“Yup,” Faith said easily. “He’s pretty fucked up, but that’s our boy.”

“How did you track him?”

An unholy shit-eating grin consumed her face. “Sniffed the sneaky bastard out.”

“…You what? How?”

Faith shrugged, still grinning. “Could say I borrowed a friend’s dog.” She looked down at Ford. “Still gave us a run for our money though. Savage son of bitch.”

Looking up at Elizabeth again, she called, “So, does this mean I get the rest of the week off?”

AN: Barely managed to upload this. I hate studying. My eyeballs feel like they're gonna melt and leak out of my face. Wish me luck for my first exam - to my execution do I go...

The End

You have reached the end of "Retrieval". This story is complete.

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