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Blood and Fire

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Summary: Mephistopheles wants the one person that could make him unstoppable. Can the Scoobies fight Mephistopheles, and will Johnny be able to finally break his hold on him? And will Willow be able to fight the call of the dark?

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Chapter Three: Discoveries

Author's Note:Right, sorry for the delay. It's been insane around here! But the holidays are over, no more freak ice storms (hopefully) so everything should be back to normal (maybe). I'm currently working on two other stories (my friends are making me write one for them and I'm working on a book) so I'm not sure how regular my updates will be:(
Oh, please review!!!!!! I really do write faster when I know what people are thinking. Yeah, I have the hits, but that doesn't really mean anything:( So please? *makes puppy-dog eyes*

Chapter Three: Discoveries

Willow led Johnny into, what appeared to be, an empty classroom. She carefully closed the door, taking a deep breath as she did so. Johnny crossed the room to sit on the teachers’ large, sturdy desk, watching Willow carefully. Willow turned to face him, her face a mask of determination and nervousness. Johnny wasn’t sure why she was nervous, when he was the one who went, as she so charmingly put it, ‘flame-y’. Johnny glanced down to study the floor, unsure how to go into the explanations. Willow moved into his line of sight, playing with her hands, but Johnny did not look up until she clared her throat expectantly. He glanced up, wary, but she merely gave him a small smile before pushing herself up onto the desk next to him.

“Um, I know I have a lot of questions, and I’m sure you do to. You can ask first, though, if you want.”

Johnny nodded, taking a deep breath to steady his thumping heart.

“So… You’re a witch? How long has that been going on?”

Willow screwed her face up in thought, trying to remember.

“Nine years? Eight? I don’t remember exactly, but it’s been a while. It started after I met Buffy and learned about what goes bump in the night.” Her face clouded “I wanted to help, but I ended up doing worse damage then some of our big bads” She sighed, her face tired and strained. “ No, that’s not fair. I have done some good, but I’ve done a lot of bad to…” She trailed off, lost in memories. Johnny cleared his throat, gently bringing her back to the present.

“What happened?” He asked softly. Willow drew in a shuddering breath and began to speak.

Two hours later, they had both spilled their stories, shed some tears and promised each other never to keep secrets. Now they were seated in the library with two new Slayers, Mara and Andy, Giles and Rosie, trying to find information on Ghost Riders and Mephistopheles. Willow had dragged Johnny in here after he had confessed to not knowing mush about either topic, and had roped the other in as well, despite his protests. Now they all sat at a large oval table, large mugs of coffee sitting in front of each of them. And books. Lots and lots of very old, very large books. Willow had reasoned with Johnny that if they knew more about the Ghost Rider and his master, they might get closer to finding out why Mephistopheles wants her. They sort of figured he wanted her for her power, which was tainted with evil, but they did not know why, in specific, he wanted her. The idea of a return of Darth Willow seemed to scare the hell out of everyone except Johnny, but then again, Johnny had never had to face her before.

Next to him, Andy, a short, red-haired girl, shifted in her chair, flipping another page absently, her delicate features creased in a frown. Johnny didn’t know how she was able to sit so damn still for so long. He was ready to start pulling out his short hair any minute now. Johnny studied her for a few minutes. She was a nerd, he knew, and if anyone could find anything in this hellhole, it was her, who seemed to practically live in it. Or so Willow had assured him when she invited her to their little research group. She still seemed to small and delicate to be involved in his world. Because it was his world now. Johnny knew he had to get used to the idea of not being, what some people would classify, ‘fully human’. He still felt a little thrill of unease at the thought, but he had to start playing by the Slayers’ rules. And to be honest, he felt about as nervous at that thought than when he had found out what he had become.

Johnny glanced back at Andy, marveling again at her small stature. Although Willow had informed him cheerfully that Andy was not always so small and quiet. In fact, once a month she tried to rip out everybody’s throats. One of the side affects of being a werewolf, he supposed.

Andy seemed to sense his gaze, and looked up at him sharply. She smiled at him, which instantly seemed to calm his frazzled nerves.

“Don’t worry, Johnny, we’ll figure it out.” She said, referring to their mission. Johnny nodded, not really reassured.

“I know. I just wish we knew what Mephistopheles wants with her, before something happens.”

“He wants her to open all the Hellmouths” Came a new voice from the doorway. Everybody looked up at Buffy, who was covered in blood and, what appeared to be, dust. Johnny had never seen so much blood in one place before, despite his occupations, and had to fight to breathe. The tiny blonde sent him a look filled with fire, ice and steel, and Johnny instantly knew that she was more Slayer and less Buffy at the moment. That look was not human.

“If you’re going to throw up, to it outside” She pointed towards the fire exit. One of the Slayers, Mara he thought, snickered and Johnny felt a flush rising to his cheeks.

“I’ll survive. Why do you think he wants her to open the, uh…” He looked to Willow.

“Hellmouths” She supplied helpfully, before looking at Buffy, who had moved to stand at the head of the table. “He’s got a good point, you know. How do you know?”

Buffy shrugged and Johnny suddenly noticed the numerous cuts and bruises covering her face and arms. And he felt an odd thrill of anger and hate for those responsible. But before he could sort through the strange feelings, Buffy spoke again.

“I had a little chat with some local vamp buddies who were in league with him. They didn’t give many details, but they did tell me he wants her to open the Hellmouths.” She looked around the table slowly. “All the Hellmouths.”

Giles took off his glasses, cleaning them furiously.

“Good lord” He said. Johnny looked around the table, confused.

“Um, for those of us who aren’t that knowledgeable yet, what would that do?”

“Release Hell on Earth” Willow spoke matter-of-factly, though her face was pale and her eyes wide.

“Oh. I’ve had that happen. Not much fun.” Johnny said, trying to lighten the suddenly dense atmosphere. They all laughed lightly, except for Giles. Then Buffy turned to him.

“So he sent you here to take Willow to him, which means he already has a plan to turn her evil again, which is, for the record, not of the good.”

Johnny opened his mouth to speak, but Buffy just waved her hand, cutting him off.

“I know you’d never betray her, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. You’d be dead. But we do need to know everything he told you, so we might be able to figure it out.” Johnny looked around at all the expectant faces and nodded slowly.

“Ok, but he didn’t say much.”

Looking around again, Johnny started speaking.

E/N: Ha! A cliffhanger since you won't write reviews:(

The End?

You have reached the end of "Blood and Fire" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jan 08.

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