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Blood Is Thicker

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Summary: Rodney goes to comfort his niece after learning of some tragic news. *On hiatus until January*

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real FamilyshellcFR131040,607210757,5208 Nov 0728 Aug 13No

Chapter One - Reconnecting

STORY: Blood Is Thicker
TITLE:Chapter One - Reconnecting
PAIRING: Buffy/Rodney McKay
DISCLAIMER: Buffy belongs to Mutant Enemy and Stargate Atlantis is property of Robert C. Cooper
Brad Wright
NOTES: Thanks to Ouida for the Beta
SPOILERS: Up to The Body for Buffy and General for SGA
SUMMARY: Rodney goes to comfort his niece, when he learns of some bad news

"Come on Rodney, you can do this." McKay paced the patio. He had been outside the house for what seemed like forever trying to pluck up some courage.

Inside was one of only two people who knew the real man. Not the McKay that the others knew, but the real man who didn't have to hide behind his genius and sarcasm.

It had been a week since he had heard of Joyce's passing. Joyce, his older sister, the woman who raised him. He still couldn't believe it. It hurt too much knowing that when he walked through the door she wouldn't be waiting for him like she used to. All proud at what he had become.

Cursing, he knocked. After what seemed like forever, he finally heard some movement as as the door opened, he couldn't believe his eyes.

He wasn't even sure it was her.


Her head whipped up at the sound of his voice. "Uncle Rodney?" she sobbed, crumbling into his arms.

It had taken a while but he had finally got her onto the sofa and calmed down. She was huddled into him like when she was a little girl and he would tell her stories of all his trips and missions. But now he didn't recognize her. She wasn't his Buf-Buf anymore. This woman-child was a shell of the person she used to be.

"I've been so alone." she sniffed "The others tried but....and dad still hasn't got in touch either."

He snorted at the name of the man he hated. Hank Summers had never been his favorite person but at that moment he could quite happily kill him with no remorse.

"You have me honey, as long as i breathe you'll never be alone." he promised.

"I've missed you, we both did. Mom was waiting for a message when she..."

"Ah the tapes." he smiled. "Shepperd and Beckett always see the need to ridicule me over them."

"Doesn't stop them saying hi though does it?" she played with a loose thread on his top. "When do you have to go back?"

"A few weeks, so while I’m here, I’m all yours."

"Giles will go postal." she smiled. "Someone as brainy as you to talk to."

"Well it will be good to have an intelligent conversation, instead of Ronon and his grunts."

"Ah, sometimes a grunt is all you need, I tell you what. If I ever come to see you, I'll kick his ass for you."

He didn't answer her, so she looked at him "What's wrong?"

"Your mom was so proud of you." he stroked her hair. "All this to cope with and you still manage to think of others."

"Not sure about that just now." she sighed. "I just want to hide away and never come back but we both had a good role model."

"Yes we did!" he nodded.
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