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A Way With Words

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Road to Hell". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sam tells Dawn exactly what he’d do to her if they weren’t stuck in the mall food court.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester(Moderator)DemonaFR2112,9701113,5398 Nov 078 Nov 07Yes

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TITLE: A Way With Words
AUTHOR: Demona
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Supernatural
PAIRING: Dawn/Sam, hints of Dawn/Sam/Dean
WORD COUNT: ~2,900
WARNINGS: Het Sex, Lots of Graphis Sex *****Implied Wincest/Slash - only implied - not actual***** *wink*
SUMMARY: Sam tells Dawn exactly what he’d do to her if they weren’t stuck in the mall food court.
SPOILERS: Up through The Magnificent Seven of Season Three of Supernatural and Season Seven of Buffy.
DISCLAIMER: The characters of Supernatural belong to Eric Kripke, the CW, etc. The characters of Buffy belong to Joss Whedon, Fox, the WB, UPN, etc. The ideas and concepts in this story are mine entirely. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.
A/N: Written for the Mini_NaNoWriMo.

And as always, many thanks to Kayla Shay for her beta work and proclaiming: ”This was simply lovely… And did I mention HOT??”

Dawn pushed herself up onto the waist-high fake stone wall in the food court of the mall. It’s lunchtime on a Saturday afternoon and there aren’t any empty tables in sight. Dawn managed to find just enough room to sit on the outskirts of the dining area to accommodate the three of them. A few brave souls, including a woman with a stroller and a screaming toddler, were foolish enough to try to sit in the vacant spots, but they didn’t dare once they caught the look on Dawn’s face.

Sam’s alone with their tray of food when Dawn spotted him. He looked annoyed, but offered her a smile when he caught her staring. “Where’s Dean?” Dawn asked when Sam was within hearing distance.

“He felt it was absolutely necessary to ignore me to flirt with the pretty blonde over there,” Sam answered and tilted his head in the direction of where he had just come from. Dawn looked around Sam’s shoulder to see Dean flirting shamelessly with a beautiful blonde.

Dawn returned her attention back to Sam as he sat down next to her on the wall. She couldn’t help but snort as she reached for the smaller container of fries. “I don’t get it,” Dawn admitted as she popped a fry in her mouth and watched Dean and the chick grab a seat once a nearby table opened up.

“I guess he needs to prove himself, make his mark on the world before he’s drug down to the pits of Hell,” Sam sarcastically guessed and offered an angry shrug. He set the tray between them on the top of the wall and grabbed his own container of fries.

Dawn wasn’t sure what to say. The last few days had been tense to say the least. Dean had been standoffish, not bothered to interact with Dawn and Sam the way he had when he’d shown up broken and destroyed at her apartment a few nights prior. In fact, he’d even gone so far as to push Dawn and Sam together and standing out of the way.

Dawn watched Sam eat out of the corner of her eye. She understood where both the brothers were coming from, understood both sides of the argument, because she’d been there and done that with her sister. But it had taken her years to fully understand why things had happened as they did, to accept what Buffy had done and why she did it. And Sam didn’t have a year to understand and accept it. Dean’s days were counting down, the clock ticking loud and clear in Sam’s ear, before his soul was condemned to Hell. And even though she understood Dean’s choice and Sam’s anger, didn’t mean she had to like either.

“What’re you thinking about?” Sam’s voice broke her out of her thoughts.

“You,” Dawn replied immediately with a smile.

“Hopefully not. That huge frown you just had on your face does not bode well for my future,” Sam replied as he finished his sandwich, crumpling up the wrapper and tossing it down on the tray.

“I’ll admit, you’re future’s pretty unclear,” Dawn answered and nodded. She put down her fries and turned to stare at Sam. “I can tell you a positive thing though,” Dawn added, fighting to keep the smile off her face.

Sam turned his body to face hers as well. “Yeah, what’s that?”

“When we get back to Bobby’s I’ll let you bend me over one of those piece of shit cars and have your wicked way with me,” Dawn answered. “Maybe we can even talk Dean into at least watching,” Dawn added and couldn’t stop the pleased smile that came to her face.

“Hmmm,” Sam hummed and closed his eyes for a moment. “The things you make me want to do to you, Dawn,” Sam finally spoke. He opened his eyes and Dawn wasn’t surprised to see the lust there, she was pretty sure hers shone the same.

“Tell me Sam. Tell me what you’d rather be doing to me right now then sitting in this mall, waiting for Dean to get his head out of his ass,” Dawn taunted him, ignoring the people passing by in the food court.

Sam’s eyes darkened at the challenge. He rose to his feet and moved to stand in between her legs, crowding in until her thighs were spread obscenely wide to accommodate him. She felt herself start to flush at their situation.

“Eyes here,” he spoke, bringing her attention back to him. She met his gaze and smiled.

“We’d start by making out. I’d kiss you until we had to separate to breathe, and then I’d do it again.

“Normally I’d take my time, work my way down your body until you were begging for release, begging for me to stop teasing you and just get you off already. Today though, I’d go straight under your skirt, slide my hand up along your thigh and run my thumb over your panties.”

Dawn’s breath caught in her throat as his words were starting to have an effect on her.

“I love to touch and rub a girl though her panties. It’s so hot when she gets so wet that she soaks through her panties and you can feel it on your fingers. It’s a turn on for me to see just how much of an effect I’ve had on someone.

“Could I get you off just by stroking you through your panties? Would you come from that alone?”

“Wanna find out?” Dawn finally asked as she spread her legs a little further and Sam rested his hand on her bare knee, but didn’t move it.

“Do you really want to get thrown out of this shitty mall for indecent exposure?” Sam questioned and waited for Dawn’s answer.

She sighed heavily, put out over his question. “No, I guess not,” she honestly answered with a frown.

Sam chuckled and slid his hand up just a little further to worry the hem of her skirt with his fingertips. “Good, then sit tight and let me finish.

“I’d run my hand over your panties until they were soaking wet and you’re panting in my ear, begging me to stop teasing, to slide my fingers inside your panties and touch you. Finally I’d push your panties to the side and rub my thumb against your wet lips before I slide a finger in.

“You’re so wet that one finger slides in easily and I thrust it in and out a few times before adding a second. I take my time, stretching you out, rubbing my fingers along your walls, and then I focus on your g-spot. You’re the only girl I’ve ever been with that can get off from sex alone, Dawn. It’s so different and surprising every time it happens, but I love it. I love it that I can fuck you as hard as I want and you can come from my dick rubbing against you.

“And you’d come, for the first time, shuddering and riding my hand, one of your hands clenching around my arm, the other hand pulling at my hair as you gasp into my mouth.”

“Jesus,” Dawn whispered, her face starting to flush as Sam turned her on. Her panties were starting to get wet, and she could feel herself start to soak through them. “For the first time huh? You got more planned out, Sammy?” Dawn managed to get out and swallowed hard. She reached her hand out to touch him, fingers of one hand sliding into his front jeans pocket and her thumb reaching out to rub against his fly. His breath caught as his hips jerked forward at the light touch.

“You know I’d never let you get off just once,” Sam chastised her and she let an all-knowing smirk come to her face. Sam wasn’t lying; he always took very good care of her.

“Then don’t disappoint me this time either.”

“I’d keep slowly fucking you with my fingers through your orgasm, past the point where it’s painful. And you’d squirm, grab at my wrist and try to get me to stop, but ultimately you’d let me because you like your sex with a side of pain. I’d slide in another finger, filling you up, getting you loose and ready for my cock later, and then start fucking you back to pleasure, back to another orgasm.

“And when you’ve gotten so wet that your juices are dripping down my fingers, covering my hand and working their way down further, I’d rub my thumb over your clitoris. It’d slide around easily in the wet, slick, sweet mess between your trembling thighs. You’d come, thighs squeezing my arm and your silken walls contracting around my fingers. Sam’s not a hard name to call out, but you’d stutter over it, and then drawl it out for a few seconds while I finished working you through your climax.”

Dawn knew her face was flushed red and she was fairly certain the blush ran down her neck and spread out along her chest. Her heart was racing, her breath coming in short pants, as she stared into Sam’s eyes. Her underwear was drenched and she could feel the wetness starting to dampen her thighs. Jesus, she shouldn’t be so turned on by Sam talking. But it seemed that pretty much everything Sam did lately turned her on. Sam’s thumb rubbed back and forth under her skirt hem, along her thigh, and she was all too aware of just how close he was to her center. If she just opened her thighs up a little more, and shifted just so, his hand would connect with her, touch her. She ached, her pussy throbbing in time with her racing heart, and she had to pin her hands under her thighs so she wouldn’t slip her own hand under her skirt and get herself off. All it would take was a moment of pressure on her clit and she was sure she would come, screaming Sam’s name and letting everyone in the dining area know exactly what they were doing over here.

“I think we need to get out of here Sam,” Dawn whispered, her voice raw and husky. She swallowed hard, trying to calm herself down. She tried to squeeze her thighs together to rub her legs together, but Sam’s hand tightened around her thigh, his fingers digging into her flesh and putting pressure on the muscle.

“No, no you don’t get to relieve yourself. You are going to sit here and listen to it all. And if you are a very, very good girl I’ll eat you out in the backseat of the Impala on the way back to Bobby’s!” Sam explained to her.

Dawn shuddered and bit her lip as she moaned. “There’s more?” Dawn questioned, almost pitifully.

“I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet,” Sam informed her as he released his grip on her thigh.

Dawn whimpered and released her lip with a small, wet pop. She forced a brave smile to her face and nodded. “Give me your worst,” Dawn relented and Sam offered her his wickedest smirk.

“I’d sit down, bare-assed in one of those cheap plastic chairs, jeans pooled around my ankles, and my cock hard, red and angry, and leaking pre-come against my stomach. I’d wrap my fingers around it, let your wetness cover my cock, and then I’d start to jerk myself off. Only a few strokes because any more and I wouldn’t last, wouldn’t get to fuck myself up into you and feel your warmth surrounding me.

“You’d slide down to the floor and walk on legs that were shaky and unsteady from coming twice, but needing more. Carefully I’d help arrange you in my lap, help you straddle my legs and bring your wet center down toward my dick. Your hands reach out to grasp my shoulders, fingers bunching in my shirt and digging into my skin. I’d take my dick in hand again, and rub the head against your wet lips, smearing it around in the wetness there. And then it would slide inside, the head just barely breaching you, and you’d beg - beg - for more, for me to go ahead and fuck you. And you would beg, wouldn’t you Dawn?” Sam questioned as he rubbed his thumb back and forth along her thigh.

Dawn felt herself nodding, readily agreeing with Sam, before she could stop herself. She blushed; annoyed with herself for letting his words run away with her. “Yes, I’d beg. But right now, if you don’t get on with this little story of yours, I’m going to embarrass the hell out of both of us.” Dawn threatened as she reached up to grab Sam’s shirt and pull him down toward her. She tilted her head up and met his, lips crushing together, their tongues reaching out to slide against one another. It was messy, lacking finesse, but everything that Dawn needed.

Sam pulled away after a moment, licking his lips and taking a deep breath. “Let me finish?” Sam quietly asked, watching her closely for an answer. “Please,” Sam whispered out the plea. Dawn couldn’t get the words out, so she nodded, letting out her breath slowly.

The smile that appeared on Sam’s face was brilliant and blinding. “You’d slide down, taking in my dick, until you’re fully seated in my lap. God Dawn, you’d feel so good. So wet and warm and relaxed from your previous orgasms, and you’re able to take me. And then you’d move, because you’re a demanding, pushy bitch, pushing yourself up and back off my dick. And I’d help lift you up, my hands coming down to curl around your ass, and push you up until only the head remained and then we’d bring you back down. The position allows for such deep penetration and I can feel myself filling you up, stretching you out, and I’m embarrassingly close already.

“It doesn’t take long. Getting you off, watching as you’ve come twice before me, worked me up and it’s gotten me so worked up that a few more thrusts and I’m gone. I can feel your walls starting to tremble, your thighs straining to push yourself up and slam yourself back down on my dick. My balls start to tighten and I move one of my hands away from your hip and slide it between us. My thumb easily slides against your clitoris, dipping lower to feel where we connect, where your body’s parted to let me in, before returning to back up to get you off.

“A couple rough flicks across your clitoris and you’re coming, legs tightening and trembling around my hips, your walls clamping down and as the spasms surround my dick. And that’s what finishes me off. I thrust up once, twice, and then drive up deep the third time as I empty myself into you.” Sam finished and licked his lips.

Dawn was breathing hard, her clenched fingers wrinkling Sam’s shirt, as she tried to wrap her brain around what had just happened. So close, she was so close to coming. It would probably happen just by standing up, the inadvertent press of her thighs together, and she would come, further drenching her underwear, and embarrassing herself in the dining area of the mall.

“Jesus Sam,” she finally managed to gasp out. She ducked her head in an attempt to calm down and get the flush on her face to go away. She caught sight of Sam’s bulging erection; his jeans didn’t come close to disguising it. “I’m glad to see I’m not the only one affected by this,” Dawn added, a smirk appearing on her face now that she knew he was just as turned on as she was.

Sam shrugged and grinned sheepishly. “It’s your fault. I certainly wasn’t planning on getting x-rated in the food court when you suggested hitting up the mall.”

“So, you gonna eat me out on the way back to Bobby’s? How do you think Dean’s gonna like that? Do you think he’ll wreck the Impala trying to get the rearview at just the right angle so he can see your tongue sliding into my pussy?” Dawn whispered, watching Sam as he sucked in his breath.

“We’d never hear the end of it if we were somehow responsible for that, would we?” Sam chuckled as he bent down and kissed Dawn again.

A hand settled on top of Sam’s on Dawn’s thigh and then Dean’s voice broke through their personal bubble. “Well what exactly am I interrupting here?”

They broke apart, only jumping slightly, and both turned to look Dean. “Sammy’s just been telling me what he’d rather be doing to me then sitting here waiting for you to get done flirting with a dumb blonde,” Dawn answered and licked her lips. She could still taste Sam.

“She was hot!” Dean immediately defended himself and Dawn couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“So are Sam and I, but you keep forgetting that.” Dawn paused and waited another moment, waiting for Dean to start to comment - to object. “So, you’re going to drive us back to Bobby’s. And Sam’s going to eat me out and lick me clean in your backseat. Try not to wreck,” she added with a wink.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Way With Words". This story is complete.

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