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Soul Searching

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Summary: AU Crossover with Faith and Supergirl.

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by Fernando Rangel

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All belongs to Joss Whedon, UPN, all the crew who makes Buffy possible, and Peter David, and DC Comics for Supergirl.

Author’s Notes:

Summary: When heroes collide, the unlikeliest things happen. For Faith and Supergirl, they’ll learn that lesson the hard way...

Category: Action/Adventure, Angst, Romance, Horror, Drama

Spoilers: Season One through Five of Buffy the Vampire up to and including "The Gift". Barring Five by Five and Sanctuary of Angel, that’s where it goes AU. This also contains spoilers from Supergirl of DC Comics. Pretty much issues one through fifty right now.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: To Sadie, just cause you’re awesome. To Mandy -- for your birthday, sorry I wasn’t here for it, :)

Feedback: That’d be great! Thanks.

"What’re we doing," Tara said as she closed the door behind her, watching as Willow rummaged through the spell books.

"A summoning spell."

"A summoning spell?" Tara asked blankly, "Those only work on...demons, and to bring back itty bitty talismans, not...Slayers."

Willow stood up, "True, but if we modified it a little, change the words, and work together..."

Tara nodded slowly, "Well, if y-you’re sure about this."

"I am. Really." The redheaded girl hesitated for just a moment and Tara frowned lightly, "What’s wrong?"

"Nothing," she said sharply. She gathered the supplies until Tara placed a hand on her shoulder, stopping her. Willow sighed, "Its just that..."


"Its like we’ve all sort of just disappeared from Giles’ life."

"What do you mean?"

Willow sighed, "Its just...its not like how it was when..."

"Buffy was around?" Tara added lightly.

Willow nodded, "Shallow I know, but...its like he’s this...father to us." Her eyes dimmed, "I know my parents weren’t nearly me, but they were never there for me. Too busy doing the psychologist thing."

"And you’re jealous?"

Willow sighed, "No,," she said shaking her head adamantly.

Tara’s eyes widened, "Then why didn’t you mind when Buffy was alive?" Willow stopped working, stopped moving, and sat along the desk, "Because its Faith, I guess." She shook her head lightly, "Buffy was sister, family. I didn’t mind sharing Giles. Mostly because I knew he was Buffy’s dad, and our...y’know, step-father or something along those lines." Her eyebrow crinkled lightly, "But I guess with Faith...."

"Its because she was the bad guy."

Willow nodded lightly.

"And you’re still afraid that it’s not going to be past tense anymore. That she’ll turn again."

Willow stared down again with a bit of shame in her face, and she lightly grinned as she looked to Tara, "How do you know me so well?"

Tara smiled moving closer to her, "Magic." And within seconds their lips touched, and Willow was happy. She pulled away, "I promise, less jealous me, I’ll try harder."

Tara smiled, "Good." She grabbed her purse, "We ready/"

Willow nodded, spying the opened brown package by her desk and she scooted over to the desk, concealing it, "Yeah, I’ll meet you downstairs, we’ll have to use the long mirror in the magic box first, to pierce the veil of reality."

Tara nodded moving out with half the ingredients. Willow took a deep breath as she shoved the envelop in the desk drawer. I’ll look at these later, she thought and closed the drawer, biting her lip.

It had taken them all night, but they finally came up with a solution. The gang was tired, and most of the group had fallen asleep in the library save Willow and Tara. She descended down the stares as she watched Tara rise her index finger to her lips whispering a slow, "Shhh."

Willow tilted her head in confusion, and then it all became clear when she saw Riley and Dawn asleep in the living room with books. Dawn on the couch, with Dominesqui’s Demonologist’s Guide to the Nether Realm in her lap, and Riley asleep on the floor with a random book on witchcraft by his side.

The two witches smiled and gently headed out of the house. The morning was bright, and beautiful. "Remind me to get Giles to call in for Dawn," Willow told Tara who only nodded in response. With that, the two headed for the Magic Box.

"The neighbors are supposed to come by again, Grandpa," Mrs. Johnson announced as she looked at her husband. He smiled as she started at him with his rosy cheeks, his plump frame, and balding head. Mr. Johnson smiled, "Yes, I know. We’re going to be talking baseball," he turned to grandson and gave him a nudge, "do you want to join us Wally?"

Wally Johnson smiled, "Oh, I don’t think so Grandpa, I’m meeting a friend today. Do you mind if I go out and play before it gets dark?"

Mr. Johnson nodded, "Sure son, go on ahead. Be sure you’re back before nightfall," he said as he watched Wally exit the screen door as he stared out into the sun, "this town turns to hell come nightfall," he whispered to no one in particular.

"That’s nice dear, that Wally has some friends," said his wife from behind him and he smiled. "Its about time," he said quietly, "I was beginning to worry that he wasn’t going to have a normal childhood."

Mrs. Johnson hugged her husband as they moved into the front porch, hoping Wally had fun with his friends.

"...and you’re absolutely sure this will work," Giles asked as he stared at the two witches before him.

Willow nodded, "Yes, it will, do you trust me?"

Giles nodded slowly, "Do be careful Willow, you’ll be challenging the most dangerous of magicks..."

Willow shook her head, "Don’t worry, I promise -- everything will be fine." Tara nodded in agreement, "I’ll be there Giles; I’ll keep things safe."

Giles smiled lightly, "We’ll keep working on demons though, figure out what did this in the first place."

"Ok, we’ll use the mirror in the back, and then start the spell." Willow clasped Tara’s hand and led her to the backroom. She created a circle around the mirror with room big enough for Tara and herself to sit. She finger arcane signs in the air before the mirror, mumbling her chant and closed her eyes. She took Tara’s hand, and the blond witch closed her eyes as well. Together, in unison, they gently touched the mirror that was before them and its reflecting surface began to ripple. The room darkened except for the candles, and the girls opened their eyes.

There they saw Faith’s head, and the fiery pits of Chaos, "Oh God," Tara gasped.

Willow straightened her back; "We have to get her out of there." No matter how much I think its where she belongs, she thought quietly and ashamed.

The world around them lightened, and the mirror returned to its original state. The candles were now extinguished. She turned to Tara, "Well, that went well."

Tara nodded, "Nothing exploded, and our heads aren’t headachey, I say good all around."

Willow stood up, stepping out of the circle of candles and said, "Let’s go tell Giles."

Riley moved his rook and smiled as Dawn tried to formulate a plan, "See, if I move this’ll eat my pawn, and if I move this here..."

Riley smirked, she could make a great soldier one day -- though he’d never want her to be, too much ‘do this now’, and Dawn wasn’t the order-taking kind. Unless it was from Giles and Buffy.

Buffy, he thought. God, how much I missed her. His eyes dimmed lightly, Still do sometimes. Dawn had made her move and so he ate her pawn that just so happened to be guarding her king, "Check mate." Dawn’s brow crinkled and she stared at the board. Sometimes I wonder how things would’ve turned out if I hadn’t left, if I had just learned to deal with not being numero uno in the scheme of things, being the knight-and-shining. She was the Slayer, what was I supposed to expect? She could kick my ass before I could eve think about saving her, why did I need to feel like I was supposed to be the ‘hero’?

Would we even still be together? Married? Could I have stopped her from... He couldn’t bring himself to finish that sentence, the thought of Buffy jumping, and the image in his mind -- he couldn’t understand. "It’s not fair," he heard Dawn exclaim, "I’ve played with Willow a million times, and she’s way better than you, and yet you so just kicked my butt!" He smiled, now he knew. He stared at Dawn, and he saw the teenage girl that Buffy and Joyce loved more than life itself -- if it were to save Dawn, he was sure, it was worth it. "I’m a soldier, Dawn. My life is to strategize, and all that." He smirked, "You were doomed from the start," he chuckled and winked.

Dawn pouted as she watched his face dim and go back into deep thought, "Thinking about Buffy?"

Riley shrugged, messing with his king, "Maybe."

"What are you thinking about then?"

"How things would be if I hadn’t ever left."

Dawn nodded slowly, "She did love you, y’know."

He nodded slowly.

"She cried so much after you left."

Riley crouched into a ball inside himself.

"She wished she could’ve been better, maybe not pushed you away, not kept you at a distance." Her toned softened, "She did love you." He nodded slowly. Dawn traced the end of the table and she quietly said, "About Faith..."

"What about her?" he interjected quickly fidgeting.

She smiled lightly, "How much do you like her?"

He shrugged, feeling like an insecure teenage boy.

She laughed, "For what its worth, I think she likes you."

His face brightened just a little, "Really?"

Dawn shrugged, but her face dimmed, "How..."

"What?" he asked as his brow furrowing.

"How can you," she looked away and into her lap, "how can you like Faith, even though you love my sister?"

Riley blinked, "It" He sighed as he stood up, sitting on the couch looking out the window, "Part of me knows how much Buffy loved me, logically, all the math, the signs." He laid his head against the couch, "But I just...I didn’t feel it. And it totally sounds stupid, I know this," he took a deep breath, "but I don’t know, I just... I guess part of me needs to feel like I’m needed for something."

"Buffy did need you," she said a bit bitingly.

His eyes tightened shut, "Yeah, I guess she did." He turned to Dawn, "But I was stupid." He messed with the bottom of his shirt, "I know that. And I have to live with that." He shrugged, "But with Faith...I dunno, she’s different."

"Do you only like her because she’s the Slayer?"

"What?" Riley asked giving her a look of shock.

"Well, its just, do you think you’re only attracted to Faith because she is the Slayer? And so, she reminds you of Buffy."

Riley shook his head. "Dawn, I like Faith. Faith. She is, in no way, like Buffy. The two are different in every way, even down to the slaying. There is no way that I’d like Faith for being the Slayer, cause I don’t care about that now. I don’t care about having to be the ‘hero’ all the time, I don’t care about being the center of a girl’s world -- I know that there are priorities in peoples lives..." he chuckled, "I screwed up once because I didn’t know that."

He shrugged, "I learned."

Dawn stared at him curiously, "Ok, so that’s...a no, right?"

Riley nodded, "Yeah, guess I went a little introspective there for a sec."

"Just a bit," Dawn said quietly. After a beat she added, "If you hurt her..."

"Shovel?" he asked lightly.

Dawn nodded, "Willow gave you the speech?"

He nodded, "Yeah."

"Good, cause that goes for all friends," she smirked evilly, "though I may just hit you with a shovel anyway."

"Oh really?" Riley said playfully squinting his eyes, "Well, Dawnie, I think you should start running." Dawn’s eyes widened as Riley held up a water gun from behind the couch, "Where did you get that?! You wouldn’t!"

Riley grinned, "Run."

Dawn squealed, running away as Riley chased after her, Let her be a kid for a while, he thought, we can save the world, and be heroes later. Giles and the gang have it covered.

"Snap out of it girl" she shouted ducking away when the blade swished down only long enough to reach within a few centimeters of Faith’s forehead stopping suddenly. Faith’s hands had clapped together stopping the blade; Faith missed meeting her maker one more time.

Her back spasm was gone and everything was now calm in her once flaming back, but her brow furrowed in an extremely angry expression. Bertha could’ve sworn her eyes glowed with flames of anger.

Faith pulled the axe out of the demon’s hands and slammed it against its knee. The demon buckled down as it howled in pain. Quickly, Faith slammed the side of her foot into the demon’s head sending him flying onto his back. She grinned lightly as she raised the axe above her head and with blinding speed severed its head.

Faith huffed, her anger clearly spread across her face and she smiled lightly, "What? You didn’t think I’d let him take me, did you?"

Bertha chuckled as she kicked the head to the side when it rolled toward her feet, "No sugar, never had a doubt in my..."

There was a dark green ray of fire that blasted past Faith, ramming directly into Bertha and the building behind her.

When the blast was over, and the dust settled, and everything cleared, the smoke fog faded, everything was silent for that one moment. Faith watched as Bertha was nothing more than burnt flesh -- lifeless. The building behind her -- or at least was -- laid in ruins, as well as the other Gladiators with it.

Faith growled breaking the silence taking flight into the air changing into her blond form. "Buzz!" she shouted and all of a sudden, she could hear Buzz’s chuckling.

Buzz sneered, "Hello, luv."

"You swore that I could save them!"

"Oh, hardly, I said that I’d help you set them free," Buzz smiled sweetly, "didn’t I?"

Supergirl flew to Buzz with vengeance in her eyes, "You’re dead Buzz, I’m tired of playing nice, you’re time is up..."


Supergirl saw a flash of green and purple, as she the bricks from the column fell on her where she lay on the ground. Her head felt a bit woozy as she heard the man float above her near Buzz with two of Death’s Scythes in his hands crossed together, the blades emanating a black and green glow. The man with the hour glass on his chest shouted, "You’re quite right, time," he grinned -- his teeth yellow with age and decay, his eyes filled with black, with its edges glowing an eerie purple, "is most definitely up."

Supergirl stared at the purple being before her as she heard Buzz’s voice, "His name is Tempus Fugit, which translates to ‘Time Flies’..."

Tempus flew for Supergirl who watched his face and for a moment, she thought, "He looks familiar," but brushed it aside -- now was for bringing justice -- and sent a TK blast at Tempus, slamming Tempus out of her way, clearing Buzz’s view. She and charged for Buzz as she held out her hand, grabbing Buzz by the neck, "Now you die..."

From behind her, Tempus regrouped and darted after her, trailing behind them as a bright ring of light opened up behind them blinding him, but he did not relent the chase. There was a deep purple within the blast, and suddenly the blast surrounded him.

Willow took a deep breath, "It’s done," she looked at Tara who nodded. The two witches darted up and out the door, "We did it, we did it!"

Xander and Anya looked up giving them a curious stare, "Did what?"

"Faith, we got her. Or, well, kind of. We sent a summoning spell, its brought her back!"

Giles nodded, "Thank God," he muttered lightly.

"What would it do?"

"It would bring Faith to us. Portal will open up, and then she’s sucked well, as whatever it is that she has her hands on at the time."

"Meaning anything can get through as long as she’s near them," Anya replied matter-of-factly.

Willow blinked, "Well, yeah."

"And you didn’t think that meant maybe she’d bring a hell-demon with her?" Xander replied lightly -- though sarcasm was most definitely evident.

"What else were we going to do? Whatever comes through there we can handle."

" she coming back here?" Giles asked.

"No, I tried to manipulate the spell so that she’d come back where she was taken..."

"We should get to the park then," Giles said as he grabbed his coat and headed out the door with Xander, Anya, and the two witches in suit behind him. "I just hope we all don’t die because Faith is going at it with a hell-demon," Xander said to Anya who lightly agreed with him. And after a second delivered a quick, "Dear God, what if its the Easter bunny?!"

Xander raised an eyebrow and stared at her.

"We have a thing. He’s a Hell-God in many hell-dimensions; I’ll drop it now."

"You scare me sometimes," Xander said under his breath and grabbed Anya’s hand quickly kissing it, "but I love you anyway." Anya smiled lightly, wondering when they’d speak of their engagement -- but at the moment not really caring; Xander was hers, at least she had that to keep things going...for now.

Suddenly, there was a huge sucking sound. A purple blast radiated from the park, spreading along the town of Sunnydale, California, also known as the hellmouth. "I think she’s here," Tara whispered lightly.

Supergirl was suddenly rammed into from behind, and her hold on Buzz loosened causing Buzz to move to safety from a distance away, smiling as Tempus and Supergirl went at it, "I do love Dramatic Irony, its so...evil." He grinned, as he watched Supergirl receive the blast the killed her little Gladiator friends, "Well, one thing is for sure," he lit a cigarette and took a long drag, "this little wonder girl won’t ever be the same."

Supergirl managed to ram her fist into the ‘demon’ Tempest sending him out of the way hurtling through the town of Sunnydale. She was about to follow him and inflict some justice when she heard her name being called.

"Faith!" the man shouted, in a very British accent.

Giles, she thought hovering above the group behind him and her heart skipped a beat lightly. Giles looked up to see the girl in blue and shouted, "Have you seen her? Supergirl, I fear that she is in grave danger yet again, could you," he stuttered lightly as he said, "c-could you please help us look for her, again?"

Supergirl nodded slowly and flew off, but darted back behind a tree and morphed into Faith, losing her costume -- yet hiding it so she could come back for it later -- and stood behind a tree in the nude, shouting Giles’ name.

The elder man ran toward the girls’ voice with his other ‘pupils’ behind him, but she stayed behind the bush and smiled sheepishly, "Nice to see you all again."

Xander blushed as did Tara and Willow, but Anya nodded, "Quite welcome, need the Slayer, want the world to live." Faith nodded once as she gave Anya a confused stare, but felt a jacket hit her shoulder as it hang from the branch, "Thanks," she said to Xander who received a jealous glare from Anya who let it subside after a very rigorous and icy moment.

Faith draped the jacket around her shoulders, zipping it up as she quietly moved out of the bush, "Clothes would be nice."

Giles stared at her with relief, "Are you all right?"

"Oh, yeah, totally. Hell dimensions are a breeze," she said flatly, "can we go now?" I have to get them out of here before Tempus figures out who I am and comes after us, and before his flying power slows him down.

"We’ll stop at the Magic Box to get you something to put on," Giles said lightly.

"Great, cause I’m getting a little cold out here."

The group, reunited with their current Slayer, headed toward the Magic Box. Faith looked back and sighed, Dad I hope you’re ok, wherever you are...

Wally Johnson smiled as he skipped along the sidewalk passing the park staring as the raven-haired girl headed out with her friends, and he smiled, "Good, I’m right on time." He held a bat in one hand as it lay along his shoulder, "Its just a matter of time now." He skipped along a little until he came up to a light-post, staring at the blond man who stood on the top of it, talking to a man floating above the air with a black mist surrounding his purple body.

Wally smiled.

"You know what we have to do," Buzz growled.

Tempus glared, "The Dark Ones wish to conquer her, not destroy her. We are dillydallying with this girl, let us go straight to the point."

"The only way to get to her my boy is through her goddamned friends, they’re the only thing she’s got, haven’t you figured that out yet?"

"But she’s also the Slayer, she whom fate has decided to travel alone."

"Yes, well, the Slayers these days seem to not follow the rules. Now stop your soddin’ complaining and just do it!"

Tempus glared, "As you wish."

Buzz growled, "And I’m out of cigarettes, I need a pick me up." He turned slowly eyeing the coming boy with blue-black hair, a yellow long sleeve sweater, and blue jeans carrying a bat staring up at him and smiled.

Buzz glared, "What are you looking at?"

Buzz turned to Tempus, "That boy there, kill him, I don’t like the cut of his jib." Tempus nodded as he smiled, crossing the scythes together and shot a blast of energy to the boy as he cackled into the air.

Wally smiled as he grabbed his bat and swung, sending the energy back toward Buzz and Tempus. Buzz stared wide-eyed at the boy who tilted the hat up and winked, whistling as he strolled away.

Faith wrapped the blanket around herself as she drank some warm coffee in the Summers’ kitchen. Dawn walked in with some more food that Giles had bought for Faith and laid it out in front of the Dark Slayer who smiled, "Thanks."

Dawn shrugged lightly, "No problem."

Faith played with her food and said, "Its weird, I was in there forever, didn’t eat once and I’m still not hungry."

"I think you’re just kind of too disgusted with what you saw."

Faith nodded, "Maybe."

"What did you see?"

"Death, mayhem, horror." She shrugged, "You know, the usual." She sighed, "Something I never saw before though. Demons using humans fighting for their lives for simple pleasure."

Dawn raised an eyebrow.

"Ok, I have, but not like this. Not grabbing humans from earth, sending them to the portal state of Hell, and have them compete as Gladiators to the death so that roaring crowds from all levels of Hell to come and scream with joy."

Dawn blinked, "Oh."

"I’ve seen a lot of stuff Dawn, a lot," she shook her head, "but never anything like this." Her eyes dimmed, "I couldn’t even save them," she said at almost a whisper that could barely be heard, but Dawn did.

"You can’t save everyone, Faith, you’re human."

There was a crash and Faith jumped up, watching the roof having been caved in and Tempus staring down at her, "I’m looking for big blue," he grinned, bringing his scythes together and aimed it at Dawn, "Tell her Tempus is looking for her," giving Faith a cold glare. There was a blast, and Faith barely managed to grab Dawn who collapsed blacking out.

Tempus was gone, and as she looked around, Willow, Tara, Xander, Anya, and Giles were sprawled on the floor unconscious, and didn’t seem to be breathing. "No!" she shouted out trembling with rage as she lifted off into the ground, watching as the blood trickled from Giles’ mouth and his chest not heaving. She hovered in the air with her blond hair a burning in the sun and she shouted, "I’ve tried too hard to be the good guy; no more. I try to help, I try to save, and nothing. I wanted to stop evil with my powers, but I know evil, hell, I was evil, and all evil knows is pain. Pain and Death. So, that’s what I’ll be. Death." Her once beautiful smiling lips transformed into a devious glaring frown as she darted for the park, grabbing her suit and began her search for Tempus, with death in her heart.

She heard a crash that came from the hospital, and she watched as black smoke came from inside and darted toward it, coming just in time to save a doctor, Mattie Harcourt, from being slashed to death.

"Found you," she said sending another TK blast at him, moving Mattie Harcourt out of the way, swooping under the scythes.

Tempus grinned as he blocked the TK blast with his scythes, "Caught me off guard once, it’ll never happen again." He glared at her, bringing down his scythes as Supergirl gave him a daring stare, "Don’t you forget who I am?" She caught the scythes’ blades with her hands, until blinding pain pierced her mind as she felt the cold steel of the blades slice through her hands and she whaled out in pain.

She felt cold, and chilly, and as her eyes darted around, she could see the cloud begin to engulf her -- she couldn’t move, everything was still except for her eyes, staring into the darkened ones that looked so familiar. Tears trickled down her eyes and shook her head, now finally able to move, and she growled as she thought about the time she wasted on trying to save lives trying to help out people, about how hopeless it is to try and save the world if its only going spew out evil. There is no hope, she thought.

"You’re wrong," she heard a voice as it weakly tried to reach her, "you’re so wrong Supergirl. I’ve seen the world through your eyes." Faith’s voice permeated her mind and she listened as Faith continued to speak, "The world is full of wonderful things, of beauty, and love and because of you I see that now..."

"I was wrong," Supergirl shouted interrupting Faith. She growled, "I was so wrong. Humanity doesn’t need to be saved, I was wrong. The only way to truly save the world is to rid it of evil, of all shades of darkness," she pushed away from Tempus, letting her hands drip from blood at her sides, as she watched Tempus look at her in fear, "This...this isn’t supposed to..."

Supergirl slapped him, "I’ll start with you, and Buzz." Her eyes had a maniacally psychotic glint to them as fire began to show up at the rims of her eyelids, "Time to die."

She slammed her fists into Tempus, left and right, harder and faster, "Die..."

"Go on Supergirl, destroy him! Kill him!" shouted Buzz, who stared at her with an alarmed face from the sidelines. "Don’t let me stop you from doing this Supergirl, don’t let me stop you at all. Don’t let humanity take over you, don’t feel the guilt, or the pain, kill. Don’t stop Supergirl..."

From the corner of her eye she saw Buzz stare at her as his words began to drift into her mind, Don’t...

She held the nearly beaten to death Tempus in her hand and her other hand raised in the air trembling with anger, her eyes still reaming with fire -- literally. Don’t, she heard in her head once more and she dropped Tempus, standing over him, her hands at her side and her eyes closed and the fire extinguished, "Its over."

"Buzz! You fool! We had her. She needed only kill our vessel, and she would’ve been at our side!"

"What can I say chap? This Angel is unchangeable, let me talk to the elders, come up with a better plan, a solution, there must be another way!"

"No! This deal is over, we wanted the life of the Angel," black mist erupted from Tempus Fugit’s mouth and slammed into Buzz creating a whirlwind behind him, "but we’ll settle for yours," said the eerie voice.

Supergirl launched after Buzz in the whirlpool, "No, you can’t go! Why, why did you do that?"

Buzz shrugged, "It wasn’t you, luv. Trust me on this."

"But I would’ve turned if you hadn’t..."

"I don’t know..."

"Then why?"

"There are reasons for everything luv, even for why you’re here."

"How do I know that? How do I know you’re not cooking something up to try and..."

Buzz shrugged as the two headed down the whirlwind, "Sometimes," there was a blast, a flash of light, Supergirl and the body that was Tempus lay on the ground with Buzz nowhere in sight, "you have to take it on faith," he said at a whisper as it rang through Supergirl’s unconscious mind.

There was a shadow that crept over the two unconscious beings on the cement street who smiled, his silhouette slowly moving away from the scene, tipping his hat back up, and holding the bat on his shoulder once more. Soon, he was gone.

There was a loud knock on the door as Faith turned over in her bed. What’s going on? Did I die? Tempus! Buzz! She shot up, and looked around as she lay in bed, with her Supergirl suit on, and the door was knocked on again. Giles, she thought, the last time I saw him he was... She looked around, How did I end up here?

The knock on the door sounded for the third time and Faith grabbed a robe, put it around her shoulders, and the knob and opened the door and Giles stared at her, "Faith, are you all right?"

She smiled, "Giles!" She hugged him tightly, "Are you ok? No bumps, bruising, or death?"

"Not lately..."

"And Willow and the others? They’re ok too?"

He nodded, "Of course, they’re downstairs."

Downstairs? she thought, and ran down the stairs to see the roof still intact, and the room was fine, no sign of a collapsed roof at all. "Faith, we’re going to be late to school."

"Dawn?!" she hugged Dawn fiercely.

"Air becoming a problem now," Dawn whined as Faith pulled away.

"Sorry, I’ll - I’ll get ready."

"Ok, Faith, but if we’re late again, you’re so going to have to pay me ten bucks."

Faith’s brow furrowed, "Wait, school? On a Saturday?"

Giles and Dawn looked at her, "Saturday? Faith, its Thursday."

"Oh, wow, my bad," she said softly as she headed upstairs a bit confused. Thursday? But, I went to school on Thursday, saw Dad afterwards and then that thing with Buzz happened. She turned to her radio and flipped it on as she shut the door, "It’s a beautiful California Thursday morning, don’t worry kids, just two more days until the weekend starts and the ritual sleeping in begins. But for now, a word from our sponsors..."

"Time, it must of...I don’t know, turned back now that Tempus and Buzz are..." She turned around to see a man on a cot next to her bed, "Holy..."

She paled, "Dad?"

Her heart began to race, He was Tempus, that’s how he looked familiar, she shook her head slowly, God, if I had killed Tempus I would’ve... She shook her head, sitting on the bed, her head in her hands. She heard a groan and she moved to the man who began to come around, "D-dad?"

"Faith," he muttered groggily. His brown eyes opened to see his daughter’s beautiful tear-streaming face looking down on him, and his body hurt like hell, "What happened?"

Faith laughed lightly as she hugged him tightly, "Don’t worry about it." She whispered in his hear, "So, how about we give this father-daughter thing a try?"

Fred smiled, holding his daughter tighter and closed his eyes thanking God.

It slid into the bottle that lay disregarded on the ground, it reeked of alcohol, and it felt disgusted with itself for having to stoop this low. The pink spongy substance was now able to crawl, to slosh about to travel -- it was growing. It smiled to itself as a drunken man sat on the curb begging for more drinks, wishing he had just enough to buy one lousy drink. He looked to the left and watched as the bottle lay there with liquid, and its label of vodka on it and he grinned grabbing the bottle up and taking a big swig.

It tastes funny, he thought -- too drunk to even care about the pink substance that now made its way into his mouth. His eyes were wide open as he grabbed his throat, dropping the bottle as it crashed to the ground breaking to an infinite number of pieces. The bum stood up sway left and right pain coursing through his body as he slammed into the wall of a building in the alleyway.

He gasped, and gurgled, and his body began to burn, "No!" he managed to shout as he collapsed to his knees. From his ribcage, shot out a fluid pink spear as seared off the man’s skin, leaving the bones completely clean. The spongy substance took shape above the mutilated corpse of bones and stared at its figure. At least there was a human shape to it. It ripped off the clothes and slung the trench coat around its shoulders.

It was Matrix.

It would be hold.

Supergirl... It thought. ...Faith...

The End?

You have reached the end of "Soul Searching" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jul 03.

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