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Faith, Knife, Murder

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Miami Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Faith’s blade is found on a crime scene with her fingerprints all over it.

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CSI > CSI MiamiRavenMorbiskFR15612,07813713,3338 Nov 0714 Nov 07Yes



Faith walked out of the women’s penitentiary six months after her sentence had been given. Willow had immediately offered to change it, get her out again but Faith denied the offer. She did kill a man and the six months she was sentenced was the least she could do to subdue her conscience, even just a little.

“What’s this? Police escort?” Faith questioned seeing Calleigh Duquesne waiting at the gates. She grinned at the blonde CSI casually leaning against the fence.

“Yes, Ms. Rosenberg and Ms. Summers send their apologies; they couldn’t make it today.” She replied with a bright smile.

“What’s with the stiff attitude?” Faith asked with a little frown. “You only like me when I’m behind glass or somethin’?” She shot Calleigh her trademark grin then tilted her head to the sky, enjoying the sunlight on her face. When the blonde first visited her in jail she was pleasantly surprised. She found that she enjoyed talking to the blonde. Apparently Calleigh did too because she came back every week.

“It’s good to see you, Faith.” Calleigh smiled warmly. She had primarily begun visiting her to figure out what happened exactly that day but Faith would always change the subject without Calleigh noticing too much.

“I know I’m always a pleasure to see.” Faith grinned and shot the CSI a wink. “Feels good to be seen, too. Without my very flattering jumpsuit of course.” Faith cordially moved her hands over her casual clothes.

“I’ll give you a ride home.” Detective Duquesne said and motioned Faith to follow her as she walked to the parking lot.

“Sounds perfect to me.” Faith shrugged then sighed in awe at seeing the Hummer Calleigh was headed “Wicked ride, Louisiana.” She exclaimed grinning widely. They crawled into the large vehicle and were surrounded by a comfortable silence as they drove out of the parking lot and away from the women’s penitentiary.

“How are you feeling, Faith?” Calleigh asked after a few minutes noticing the absentminded brunette in the passenger seat.

“Five by-” Faith snorted softly, stopping herself, and tore her gaze away from the window “I’m good, glad I’m out, y’know.” She shrugged glancing over at Calleigh. Faith understood Calleigh was feeling grateful because the brunette saved her but she had never known anybody being so grateful that six months later they were still being friendly to her.

“Your friends are going to be happy to see you out as well.” The blonde CSI commented smiling softly but keeping her eyes on the road. She pretended to listen to Faith’s instructions for her apartment but the brunette had apparently forgotten that Calleigh already knew where she lived. She was a cop after all.

“I missed them; talking to them once a week behind glass isn’t exactly a social event.” Faith gave a small shrug. Calleigh was edging closer to being too personal but Faith knew she wouldn’t ask about Buffy until Faith brought it up. Calleigh had tried to bring it up one time during one of her visits but Faith had dismissed the subject, making it clear to Calleigh that she didn’t want to talk about Buffy.

“I can imagine that.” The blonde CSI replied nodding understanding. “I heard you had some other visitors as well.” Faith chuckled at the not so subtle prying tone that Calleigh tried, but failed, to hide in her voice.

“Besides you?” Faith asked grinning. Calleigh just rolled her eyes at that. “Yeah, Shades and Speedy visited me a couple of times, too.” Faith had an idea as to why Horatio visited her, he was just that kind of guy to look after people but why Tim visited her was just a guess and that guess told her it had to do with his hormones.

“Shades?” Calleigh questioned confused then laughed jovially “Because of the sunglasses, right.” They finally came to a halt across Faith’s apartment building.

“This is it,” Faith nodded suddenly feeling a little nervous about being back “you wanna come up for a drink or somethin’ or are you like on the clock?” She hoped Calleigh didn’t think any more of it, she just didn’t feel like being alone right now.

“I’ll keep you company.” The blonde replied and shut off her engine. She didn’t need an explanation why Faith wanted her to come up to her apartment; it was obvious enough the woman was feeling a little uneasy.

“There are still things all of us have trouble comprehending from that day.” Calleigh remarked subtly. Faith had asked her to come up with her so she wasn’t getting out of it this time. Or so the CSI hoped.

“I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.” Faith grinned ascending the last flight of stairs. She had too much excessive energy to take the elevator. “No, it’s like a magician never reveals his secrets. I won’t either.” The brunette shrugged.

“At least tell me how Willow had black hair and two minutes later she had red hair.” Calleigh questioned not liking the feeling she was being kept out of the loop. Faith turned to her and pretended to think about it then just gave the blonde a shrug before opening her apartment door.

“Welcome home, Faith.” Faith froze seeing her friends, some of the Slayers and CSI’s underneath a banner with ‘we missed you, Faith’ written on it.

“Son of a-” She muttered under her breath then turned to Calleigh standing behind her with a smug grin plastered on her face. “You knew, didn’t you?” Calleigh gave a slight shrug and passed the brunette “Bitch.” Faith laughed and playfully, and Slayer strength withholding, smacked the blonde’s CSI’s arm in passing.


A/N: So this was it. Short little epilogue with a pretty open ending. Maybe when the inspiration strikes me I’ll write a sequel but so far that’s not a plan. Thanks everyone for reading and a special thanks to all my reviewers.

The End

You have reached the end of "Faith, Knife, Murder". This story is complete.

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