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Faith, Knife, Murder

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Miami Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Faith’s blade is found on a crime scene with her fingerprints all over it.

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CSI > CSI MiamiRavenMorbiskFR15612,07813713,3328 Nov 0714 Nov 07Yes

Chapter One

Author: Raven Morbisk
Title: Faith, Knife, Murder
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters; I just own the words and idea.
Summary: Faith’s blade is found on a crime scene with her fingerprints all over it.

Chapter One

“A lot of blood.” Calleigh commented taking pictures of a female body in a hotel bedroom. The body seemed to be moved around or she had been crawling around to get away from her attacker.

“Whoever killed her didn’t want to be disturbed.” Alexx said looking over the body. She wondered what possessed people to be so cold towards others.

“What makes you say that?” Calleigh asked lowering her camera. She hunched over the body where Alexx pointed at a clean cut in her neck.

“He cut her vocal cords.” She replied with a small sigh “He made it last, didn’t he?” she asked the body. “Such a beautiful girl, gutted like an animal.”

“Alexx, what’s that?” The blonde CSI asked as she pointing at a small puncture in the body’s upper arm. There were no other punctures so she wasn’t a drug addict and there were also no syringes found in the room.

“It looks like a needle entrance.” She answered taking a closer look then showed the arm to Calleigh for a photo.

“I’ll have to run tests to see if she’s injected with something.” Calleigh said and looked up at the entrance of the hotel room.

Lt. Horatio Caine stared into the room where three of his CSI agents where processing the scene. Just outside the door, sitting against the wall a young woman was crying, she was the one who found the body.

“Miss? My name is Horatio Caine. Can you tell me what happened?” Horatio questioned cautiously. He hunched in front of the young woman and looked for her eyes. The girl in question looked up, seeing a friendly face waiting for her. She wiped her tears with the hem of her shirt.

“I was gone for two hours, just two little hours. She wanted me to go sightseeing.” She croaked out, she could feel unshed tears still brimming behind her eyes. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.” She ran a hand through her long brown hair, feeling fresh tears making their way down her cheeks.

“I know.” His voice was gentle, caring. Horatio waited patiently for her to continue. The brunette took a deep breath, trying to steady her emotions but it didn’t help.

“I found her when I came back, she was just lying there.” She hit her head against the wall and stared at the ceiling “I told her it was a bad idea to take a flight earlier, but no she desperately wanted to surprise her girlfriend. We don’t even know her new apartment yet.”

“Horatio.” They both looked up seeing a Latino standing in the doorway. He tried not to look at the brunette on the floor.

“Excuse me.” Horatio gave a small smile and stood up, facing the Latino.

“Eric, what is it?” He asked, placing his hands on his hips. Eric eyed the brunette and motioned for Horatio to follow him.

“There’s no signs of a robbery present, there doesn’t seem to be anything taken.” He said when they were out of earshot. “In her suitcase was over three thousand dollars. And we found this under the body.” He pulled out a fantasy-like knife in a plastic bag covered in blood.

“That is a very odd knife.” Horatio frowned slightly.


“Y’know, I try to stay away from cops and all but this place is actually kinda nice.” Faith spoke when a blonde agent entered the interrogation room holding a file.

“I like it, too.” She smiled looking outside then turned to the brunette at the table. “My name is Calleigh Duquesne.” She said sitting down across Faith.

“Where are you from?” Faith asked curiously. She found the drawl of the blonde CSI very attractive but that wasn’t the reason she asked, she just tried to make small talk so maybe they’d just let her go already.

“Louisiana, why?” Calleigh tried to keep her voice neutral but she couldn’t help but smiling at Faith’s appreciative smile directed at the blonde.

“I like your accent.” Faith replied and cocked her head a little to the side. “If I was single and, y’know, not here I’d definitely show you a good time.”

“Thanks, I guess.” Now Calleigh wasn’t hiding her smile. She wasn’t new to being flirted with but getting hit on by a female suspect was something she hadn’t came across yet.

“Is this because of those speeding tickets? ‘Cause if it is, my dog ate ‘em.” Faith grinned. She didn’t have a dog but just because the place was nice didn’t mean she liked this place.

“Miss Lehane,” Calleigh began but was interrupted by the brunette in front of her.

“Faith.” The brunette stated clearly. She didn’t like to be called by her surname, it reminded her too much of her parents.

“Faith,” Calleigh corrected “does this look familiar to you?” She slid a picture of a blade towards Faith who looked at it then casually slid it back.

“Yeah, that’s mine. I lost it a few nights ago.” She shrugged. She tried to be as cool as possible. She was scared that they were opening her old case again, maybe sending her back to jail.

“You lost it?” The blonde questioned surprised causing Faith to grin. That couldn’t be right, there were only one set of prints on the knife they found and they were all Faith’s.

“Yeah, I was out for a stroll and I saw a mugging goin’ on so I decided to help the girl.” She slumped in her chair and gave a slight shrug “When I got back to my apartment, the knife was gone.”

“You carry your knife around?” The blonde asked. Faith kicked herself in the head mentally; there were laws against carrying a knife like hers around. She never thought about the legal issues regarding her knife mainly because she only took it with her on patrol.

“Yeah but I don’t use it;” that simple white lie seemed to please Calleigh Duquesne but didn’t entirely convince her “it was a gift from someone, a reminder.”

“A reminder for what?” Calleigh got a little more comfortable in her chair. They were getting somewhere now it seemed.

“Bad times, really bad times.” Faith just said not looking away from Calleigh’s green eyes. She was still trying to redeem herself; she didn’t need this cop to tell her what she did.

“Like murder for example.” Calleigh smiled lightly at the anger that flared up in the brunette’s eyes. Her ghost of a smile faded though when Faith looked away from the blonde eyes cast downwards.

“Yeah, that.” Faith responded, her voice barely above a whisper. She turned back to Calleigh, mask back in place.

“See, I’m having trouble with something.” Calleigh spoke with a hint of confusion but it was hard to read her neutral expression.

“What?” Faith asked indifferently. She knew what was coming; she knew the moment this blonde asked the tiniest hint about her past.

“You confessed to two murders but after barely three years you’re a free woman.” Calleigh responded calmly. She noticed Faith sat up straighter in her chair after hearing the word ‘free’.

“Guess the judge liked me.” She simple said giving Calleigh her trademark grin. Calleigh smiled slightly and turned to her papers.

“Only the judge in question gave you twenty years.” She looked back at Faith but couldn’t read the brunette. Either she was an excellent actress or the girl learned the hard way how to hide what she’s feeling.

“So?” Faith merely shrugged at Calleigh. The judge actually very much disliked her but that didn’t matter anymore. Thanks to the wonderful hacking skills of a certain redhead she had been released for good behavior, even though the earliest she could’ve gotten out was after ten years.

“So Faith, I have reason to believe you broke out of jail and that you somehow changed your sentence.” The blonde CSI responded. Faith snorted at the idea of her changing her sentence herself. When she ever got behind a computer it was either for emailing purposes or for research. The latter wasn’t that often, she couldn’t sit down for too long so in stead of doing research she usually spent her time training the girls.

“Look at me; do I look like someone who’s got the money or the resources to change my sentence?” She questioned gesturing to her appearance. The dark Denim, heavy black boots and white tank top combined with her long brown hair down her shoulders, immensely made up eyelids and dark shades on top of her head didn’t exactly make her seem like your run-off-the-mill genius.

“Looks can be deceiving, Faith.” Detective Duquesne gave her a faint smile “When you see me, would you really think I’m an excellent CSI specialized in firearms and ballistics?” Faith laughed animatedly at the blonde.

“Really?” She asked receiving a nod from the CSI “Nice, maybe I need to rethink my relationship if there are women like you out there.” She winked at Calleigh then turned serious. “If this is about that particular part of my past I’m going to want my lawyer.”

“For a self-defense teacher from Cleveland you do go a long way for recruiting new people, don’t you?” Faith suppressed her smirk at Calleigh for changing the subject so suddenly. It confused her however that it didn’t seem to be about her past conviction.

“I pay my taxes; you don’t need to know anything else about my job.” Faith replied casually. She began tapping her feet up and down not liking to sit still for so long. Calleigh mistook her action as nervousness however and she smiled to herself.

“We know you work at a Private School in Cleveland,” Calleigh said before giving her full attention to the brunette “but I wonder what kind of school it is if they position one of their teachers here in Miami.”

“Like you said, it’s a Private School.” Faith all but snapped at the blonde CSI. She rolled her eyes, took a look outside and stood up. “Are we done?” When Calleigh shook her head she sat back down.

“Miss Lehane,” Faith growled silently but kept quiet “have you ever seen this woman?” Calleigh slid a picture of the body they had found this morning to the brunette. Faith laughed quietly looking at the picture of a blonde woman receiving a confused expression from Calleigh “What’s so funny?”

“This woman, she looks a lot like-” Her eyes fell on a faint scar in the woman on the picture’s neck. She subconsciously raised her hand to her mirror scar and looked up in awaiting green eyes.


“Such a shame.” Alexx said quietly looking over the body on her examination table. She was just adding the final touches on her official report when Tim Speedle entered the room carrying a folder.

“Hey Alexx, did you find the cause of death?” He asked looking over the blonde with a grim expression. As a CSI one could get used to murders like this one but he wasn’t used to it yet and he hoped on one hand he would never get used to it.

“Yes, but it’s strange.” Alexx motioned Tim to come closer “She was stabbed once in her left heart chamber that killed her almost instantly but you see these other wounds.” She pointed to five stabbing wounds in the abdomen “The sister said she was gone for two hours but some of these wound look a like a day old.”

“You wanna know something else that’s strange?” Speed pulled out a paper from the file he was holding and showed it to Alexx “Tox screen shows that she was injected with some kind of organic compound that should’ve killed her instantaneously.”

“What do you mean?” Alexx read the piece of paper, confusion readable on her features. She handed the piece of paper back to Tim.

“The amount of muscles relaxants and adrenaline suppressors that was injected is too much for a human body to handle.” Tim explained frowning. He had never come across a case like this. The compound could’ve knocked out an elephant but somehow this woman survived the injection.

“What happened to you, honey?”


A/N: I’m not quitting my other fics… I’m just not getting anywhere with them at the moment.
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