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Search And Rescue: Instinct

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Search And Rescue Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Lost Warrior

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Daniel Jackson(Past Donor)LaneyFR182035,1461278111,4156 Jan 0316 Mar 03Yes

Search And Rescue: Instinct

Series: Search and Rescue.

Title: Instinct.

Sequel to: Lost Warrior

Author: Laney


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Pairing: Willow/Daniel Jackson

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy and Angel people belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy. I'm just playing. Don't sue. The Stargate people belong to Gekko Productions, Double Secret Productions, MGM/UA, Showtime/Viacom.. a hell of a lot of people, if you ask me!

Rating: Rated 18

Warnings/Authors Note: Set seven months after lost warrior. Buffy spoilers up until end of season three, Faith didn't go bad. SG-1 up until Last Stand (Season 5 pre meridian). Major Kawalsky didn't die in Enemy within… that's it I think. Basically the same as the last one.

Summary: Willow's instincts are a little too good.

Part One.

Where the hell was she? Her plane should have landed ten minutes ago… ok, yes, he was obsessing but when one of his kids were missing, Colonel Jack O'Neill couldn't find it in himself to give a damn. The only, ONLY, thing that mattered to him was getting back their wayward

Everything else could go to hell for all he cared.

This was the last time he was EVER lending out one of his kids. How many times was this, that either Carter or Daniel, had gone missing or were hurt when they were with other Stargate teams? God, he had lost count.

This was the last time.

He was getting too old to have to chase after his kids every damn time they got a little carried away with a new discovery. Usually it was Daniel who found himself in hot water, but this time it was his 2IC, Major Samantha Carter.

All because of a Naquadria mine.

You'd think it was a gold mine the way Carter had gone on, and on, and on about it. Yeah, ok, the alien mineral was extremely powerful, but the planet had been meteorologically unstable. Trying to mine there was insane.

Was it a surprise that Carter and SG-37 had disappeared after one of the frequent storms?


Now they were god knows where, stuck, with only a limited amount of food and no communication. Two S&R teams had gone through to P3X-697 to find them but they got their ass kicked by a sand storm. They walked around for a day and a half before they realized they had gotten nowhere. The planet was like walking into a damn assortment of natural disasters.

Daniel and Teal'c were beside themselves with worry. Well, Daniel was beside himself with worry, Teal'c was just raising his eyebrows more frequently. They both wanted the missing member of SG-1 home.

So did Jack.

Which was why he had called Lieutenant Rosenberg back to base. When Carter and SG-37 were declared missing both Daniel and Teal'c requested Rosenberg to be called in for the Search and Rescue, but because she was in LA on leave, the request was denied. They had been pissed. Jack couldn't blame them. Rosenberg's record for Search and Rescue was almost impeccable. Like in training, the Lieutenant had a natural talent for finding things.

In Search and Rescue she excelled.

Jack hadn't seen her in action, since their off-world training, but according to a few people who had the pleasure – she had improved. A LOT. No one could quite explain why Rosenberg could find things when others couldn't, but then they didn't really care. She found them, and with SR-1, the unit Rosenberg belonged to, they would get them out and they would be safe.

Not always, sometimes there were casualties, but SR-1 were good at what they did.

The best.

Who cared why? Lives were saved. The rest didn't matter.

Rosenberg was making a hell of a name for herself. The kid didn't even realize it. The Lieutenant was in complete ignorance of the attention she was getting. Rosenberg was focused solely on her job, and her team. Anything else outside of that took second place. Jack admired that, so did the General…

Which was why Rosenberg had her own lab.

Search and Rescues either stayed around the base until they were needed, or sometimes went on missions with other teams. They didn't need their own offices. They could go weeks without an assignment, so usually they just trained recruits, flew, or anything they could do that kept them active.

Rosenberg didn't. She was S&R constantly, only ever taking a break to train new recruits. When she was on base, she was in her lab studying maps of planets, solar systems, anything that could give her an edge on a potential rescue. Hell, she was even working with Carter on a new UAV program that took a detailed map of a planet that would aide the S&R teams.

The kid was as bad as Carter and Daniel…

Which probably explained why she was in such high demand. Carter and Daniel were the best in their fields, Rosenberg was the best in hers. Jack had no idea why… and didn't care.

Jack wanted Carter back safe and sound… so he could kill her.

And so Teal'c and Daniel wouldn't kill him.

They were both pissed that he had backed the General's decision not to bring Rosenberg in. Rosenberg was like any new SGC personnel – eager to please. She would burn herself out if she didn't rest, plus, Jack had been privy to information Daniel and Teal'c weren't. The Lieutenant's last mission had been pretty bad, a full on battle was a squadron of Jaffa – Rosenberg's first major skirmish.

Major Kawalsky, her CO, said she handled herself well but the General wanted to give her a breather, so she was given two weeks down time.

At least she managed to get a full week's break before he called her back in.

Still, if anything happened to Carter, Daniel and Teal'c would never forgive him. They had wasted two days with the other teams.

Now they would have to wait for Rosenberg to prepare for the mission before they could go through the gate again. Right now maps of P3X-697 were being put into her lab and the General had given her a carte blanche on anything she needed for the mission.

The brass were eager for Carter to be found too.

Not because they thought highly of the astrophysicist, but because Sam knew the location of the Naquadria mine… they didn't give a damn if Carter lived or died, they cared about the damn Naquadria. For them, Rosenberg wasn't finding Carter, but a bounty of the powerful mineral.

Sweet, huh?

There were going to be a lot of eyes on the Lieutenant during this mission.

The Lieutenant had no idea just how far the brass were willing to go for the mine, or how far Jack, himself, was willing to go to get Carter back. Daniel and Teal'c were the same. They were desperate to get Sam back.

Jack kind of felt sorry for the kid, if she fucked this up, there would be hell to pay. A lot of pressure to put on someone who had only been in the project for seven months. Even more pressure when her team, SR-1, was on another mission with the Tok'ra.

Rosenberg was on her own with this one.

SR-1 were going to be pissed when they found out. They were protective of the Lieutenant. Major Kawalsky, Captain Hayes, and Lieutenant Grogan all watched out for Rosenberg when she was on base. Not because Rosenberg couldn't take care of herself, but because she was kind… oblivious.

She had no idea about the rumors circling the base about her.

The latest was that she was psychic. Someone had joked about it in the infirmary after she found them, and it had spread like wildfire. SR-1 were fuming when it came out, Hayes especially, which only inflamed the rumors. Jack didn't give a damn if she was a psychic,
a clairvoyant, or a damn witch.

She could be anything she wanted as long they got Carter back.
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