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Trading Places

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Summary: YAHF meets Angelus and Clark Kent...

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Television > Lois and Clark(Past Donor)JamesFR1333,391094,4339 Nov 0730 Oct 08No

Chapter 1 - Cosmic Connections

I own none of these characters. If I did, I’d be suing the studios for damages. But I don’t so this is just for fun. I have absolutely no interest in making money off of this. Zilch, Zip, NADA.

Heads Up Note: I promise, nothing but nasty scares happen(and they are pretty few). No on-screen or off-screen deaths of any beloved characters. There is one ‘death’ but I don’t think anyone will mind. If you do mind, you are sicker than you know, eww!

This is not in response to Challenge 3958 since I started writting this before it was posted. It does, however, fit nicely into the idea of it.

Trading Places
By Mr. D8a or James
BRed by gr8shadesofElvis

Chapter 1
Cosmic Connections

The Powers That Be manifested themselves outside of a diner. It was a rather nondescript place reminiscent of those Route 66 diners back in the fifties and sixties. The fact that it too was an expression of another higher being’s imagination didn’t matter. They had know Oma DeSala for little more ten thousand years. They remembered when she first ascended to her current state. She had been a rather rebellious human being, and hadn’t changed much since ascending. She had made mistakes, and she has been trying to make up for it ever since. She also still had a tendency to stick her metaphysical nose where it didn’t belong.

And that’s what they needed now.

The two beings walked in and looked about the place and nodded in unison. They approved of the new look. The female of the pair was pale with blonde hair, blue eyes and a mildly European look about her. The male was dark with thick black hair and black eyes and a mix of African and Asian. The both walked as one and sat at the counter.

The waitress, Oma, was sort of motherly looking with dark hair and a gentle manner. She smiled and greeted them. “Hello. Haven’t seen you around since you celebrated the five hundred forty second Age of finally bounding Illyria in the Deeper Well. That was some celebration you two threw! I think you smiled and had the blueberry cobbler.”

The two nodded together but said nothing. The barest hint of a smile turned the corners of their mouths. They thought is was a laugh riot to have had blueberry cobbler as an homage to defeating the last of the blue colored pure-breed demons Their countenances revealed nothing else.

“So, what brings you in today?”

The two turned and looked into each other’s eyes pointedly for about a second. They turned back to Oma and spoke simultaneously. “We have a problem in one of our universes. Our Champion will die without a successor.”

“Champion? What is it with you and ‘Champions’? What is so different about this universe?”

The dual voices continued. “In the aforementioned universe, the mother of the successor has been killed. Normally, this would not be a setback, but her ‘natural’ death makes resurrection not possible. Her mate would die without choosing another.”

Oma nodded her head and smiled. “I think your solution is about to walk through that door.” She turned to look at the front door and about three metaphysical heartbeats later, Mike walked in.

Mike was cheerful being. Guardian Angel of Parallel Universe Kryptonian-7264. Dark hair framed his face, which held an almost permanent smile. Many of his clients may have had a passing thought that he looked like John Bosley from the old Charlie’s Angels TV show, but they would never have said it out loud.

Oma’s smile looked genuine this time as she took in the Guardian Angel. “Cup of black Joe with moo juice, two crying cows, paint 'em red, with some nervous puddin' in the mud on the side, right?”

Mike’s smile got broader. “You remembered! One regular coffee with cream, two hamburgers with onion and ketchup and an order of Jell-O with chocolate sauce on the side.“

“Of course, Mike, everybody remembers you. Besides, I never forget the order of a good tipper. Say, you remember these two, right? They have a problem that someone like you could really sink his teeth into.”

Mike reached out both of his hands and shook the dual proffered hands of The Powers That Be. His order was served and the three began to talk. By the time he finished his meal, they all smiled.


If their respective universes had any idea of what was about to transpire they would have shuddered.


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