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Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

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Summary: Young Xander lights a candle. Slash, child abuse/neglect mentioned, some torture

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Movies > Hocus PocusSioFR182737,57937361112,5619 Nov 0731 Oct 08Yes

One little Book

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire or Hocus Pocus. I am not making any money, don’t sue me.

Author: Sio

Rating: FR15

Warnings: Not Beta’d, may eventually be slash , Mentions of Child abuse/neglect.

A/N: Wow! Twenty reviews! Thanks so much guys, I decided the twenty reviews definitely deserved another chapter.


Chapter 2: One little Book

Xander woke bleary eyed, then for a few seconds he we was in a panic. He couldn’t remember where he was. The surface under him was a soft if a little dusty smelling. He could hear movement in the room. Someone was singing nonsense words but not to him, just to the general air. Dust wormed its way into his noise, and he sneezed. The singing stopped and he heard someone moving closer to him. Xander didn’t bother to fake sleep, that never worked and it only made things worse. He blinked several times when a blonde head came into his view. “How art thou?” asked the blonde.

Xander had absolutely no idea what the lady had said so he just looked at her before saying “huh?”. Ah, the wonders of the English language and it’s ever changing rules and slang. The blonde quickly lost interest in the little boy, what fun was he if he couldn’t understand her? She waltzed away; her dress swirling after her. Xander pulled the blankets back and got out of the bed, he gave a little start when his feet hit the cold hard wood floor. Winnie who was stirring a large caldron over the fire in the middle of the room noticed he was awake.

“Well now, young man, awake are thou?” asked Winnie, Xander nodded. He could kind of understand her. “Come here child.” Winnie beckoned him over as she pulled a stool over to the caldron. She help Xander climb up, and handed him a long woodened spoon, soon he was happily stirring away at her command. Little did he know he was sealing his fate and that of hundreds of other little children.


Xander happily stirred the caldron until his stomach gave an unhappy gurgle. Winnie was at his side seconds later with a bowl of stew. Xander’s eyes widen in awe, at that moment Xander knew that this was where he wanted to stay. With that in mind Xander decided to find out the lady’s name. “My names Xander, what’s yours.” asked Xander politely in between bites of stew.

“My name is Winifred” she answered.

“Are you going to take care of me now?” asked Xander hopefully. Winnie seemed to think about his question for a moment and Xander held his breath. The longer it took for her answer the more dread filled his stomach. He could see that Winnie was thinking it over, colours swirled around her body. He knew when she had reached her decision because the strands of colours reached out to him. He smiled at her knowing the answer without her having to voice her decision. Winnie was slightly taken aback. Then there was a loud thud, Book landed on the table causing them both to jump. Book opened, pages flipped then finally stopped. Winnie and Xander both leaned in to get a better view. There was writing on the page that Xander couldn’t make out because the letters where shaped funny. But there was a picture as well. It looked like him! The picture was in red ink and had no other colour but it was like looking at a picture of himself. Xander felt a shiver go down his spine.

Winnie read silently to herself her long nailed finger tracing the words. So it would appear that Xander was a gift from her master. A gifted child as a gift. Apparently he saw the truth of things. His previous smile was proof of that. Out of the corner of her eye Winnie saw little fingers touched the edge of the book timidly then pulled back. Xander studied his fingers his mouth making a little O shape in shock. The book was warm and it pulsed kind of like it had a heart beat. With more confidence he reached out a again. The book's pages flipped again, but this time they settled on words he could read. The words read ‘Welcome to the family Alexander.’


A/N: Well that’s that chapter done, I hope you guys like it as much as the first! Review! On another note I am going to have the Sanderson sisters speaking modern English from now on, lets just say that they learn it from Xander. : ) Also there’s one more darker chapter before things start to lighten up…I think…ask the muse.
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