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Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

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Summary: Young Xander lights a candle. Slash, child abuse/neglect mentioned, some torture

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Movies > Hocus PocusSioFR182737,57936361112,1429 Nov 0731 Oct 08Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

One little Invitation

Disclaimer: see part one

Rating: FR13

Author: Sio

Warnings: same

A/N: Sorry this has taken so long, my computer crashed and I lost all my work, stories and homework both. I was very discouraged to start writing again but my roomie kicked my butt back into action. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, HAVE A GHASTLY TIME! Lol


One little Invitation

You are Cordially Invited

To the Bonding Ceremony


Winifred Sanders

Ethan Rayne


Rupert Giles

Taking place on Halloween night

In the lovely ambiance of the Hellmouth

11:00pm to Midnight

Followed by refreshments

(blood and body parts open bar)

And entertainment

Please RSVP by Scrying Mirror or Owl

Xander finished reading the invitation a large smile on his face. Finally after six years they were going to tie the noose…er knot. Xander was happy for his mother she’d finally found men that made her giddy, a youthful attitude that matched her equally youthful appearance.

It had been difficult in the beginning Giles hadn’t responded to the reeducation as quickly or as well as they had hoped, they had in fact at one point thought that they would have to put him down, out of his misery. Fortunately a few months after Xander had left with Spike to tour the world, Giles had made a complete turn around. Totally embracing both Winnie and Ethan.

There was no way that Xander would be missing the ceremony, luckily the invite had arrived early enough for Xander to acquire transportation from England to Sunnydale for himself and Spike.


Xander rang the doorbell while Spike smoked calming his nerves after Xander’s driving performance from LA to Sunnydale, and people thought he was dangerous behind the wheel of a car. The door opened revealing Giles, who looked as he did in his Ripper days, young enough to be in his late twenties, a black leather collar fitted snuggly against his throat a small medal dangled from it engraved with an intertwined W and E.

“Xander! Spike! We weren’t sure it you would make it! Come in, come in.” Giles gave them both a hug as they came through the door. The hug between Spike and Giles was a bit stiff but otherwise Giles was happy to see them. “Ethan! Look who’s here!”

Ethan came out of the basement wiping his hands on a red stained rag. “Who love?” asked the man absent mindedly after kissing Giles possessively. Pulling back he spotted Xander standing just inside the door.

“Xander great to see you. Spike welcome as always” Ethan shook both their hands.

“You too. Where is mom?” asked Xander

“She’s with her sisters and a few girl friends having a Hen party, we have the house to ourselves tonight.” Replied Ethan motioning for everyone to enter the kitchen.

“Enough said!” Xander interrupted the explanation of what Winnie had planned, he really didn’t want to know about the male strippers his mother had hired. The other men chuckled unease.


The ceremony was lovely, Winnie stood elegantly in a green dress reminiscent of the one that she had been wearing when Xander had first laid eyes on her. Giles and Ethan were both were tuxes though Giles did look a little off, what with the collar still firmly around his neck. The vows had been ancient, immortally binding and provided by Book, who was also the officiator of the wedding. How a book that couldn’t talk could be the officiator Xander didn’t know, but hey whatever they wanted it was their ceremony.

It made Xander nostalgic for his own mating ceremony with Spike, his wonderfully savage sire. Of course there had been no tuxes then. Only a lot of rich red blood flowing between them. Just thinking about was making Xander hard, which in turn made Spike look his way having caught his mates aroused scent. A smirk flashed predatorily across Spike’s face. Xander shivered loving the reaction that smirk caused within him.

Xander and Spike had left the reception early to indulge themselves in their own private party, and who could blame them, two fine undead fellows such as they are.


And they all lived happily ever after, except of course for those that died a horrible death, but who cares about them?


A/N: This fanfic is finished, it will be revised and edited. Drabbles may be added at a later date. I think I might play with Winnie, Ethan and Giles…maybe provide a little back story for the years that are missing. Please review!

Point out any glaring mistakes!

The End

You have reached the end of "Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus". This story is complete.

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