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Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

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Summary: Young Xander lights a candle. Slash, child abuse/neglect mentioned, some torture

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Movies > Hocus PocusSioFR182737,57937361112,2419 Nov 0731 Oct 08Yes

One little Candle

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Hocus Pocus. I am not making any money off this fan fiction so don’t sue me.

Author: Sio

Rating: FR-15

Summary: Young Xander lights a candle.

Warning: Not beta’d (if you’d like to then just mention it in your review) This may turn out to be slash waaaaaay down the line. Mention of child abuse in the form of physical abuse and neglect.


Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Mayor Wilkins had finally made the agreement with the mayor of Salem he was now the proud owner of the Sanderson Sisters house, now all he had to do was move it to Sunnydale and wait for some fool to light the candle. With all the children that would go missing he could use the distraction to help further his own plans.


The seven year old Xander Harris searched for food in the cabinets of his home, unfortunately for Xander, his parents had already used his father's pay check to buy alcohol and had forgotten to buy food for little Xander. Xander sighed, his tummy hurt, he was so hungry. It was almost night time but maybe if he could get to Willow’s house he could get some food there; her parents where very nice whenever they were at home. Xander quietly snuck out of his house, his parents would probably be asleep at this point but there was no harm in being careful. Xander closed the front door quietly behind him and fled off into the growing darkness.

He’d made it several blocks before he heard heavy breathing behind him, Xander didn’t waste any time turning around to see what it was, he ducked into the old Sanderson sisters museum. It hadn’t ever been opened to the public but there was a small hole under the front steps were someone as small as Xander could easily crawl and come up under the floorboards. He’d hid here before when Willow and her parents had been out of town. That had been during the day time though, and the small house was very scary in the twilight. Luckily Xander was able to find the lighters on display; Xander new how to use a lighter because when his daddy got to drunk to work one he’d make Xander light his cigarettes. Xander looked around for a candle, he found a large fat one but it was too high up so he pushed a heavy chair towards it so he could climb up and reach it. Xander lit the candle with his new lighter. There was an eerie silence for a few seconds then a green light lit under the floorboards and they started shaking. Xander sat terrified in the chair. Another few Seconds later laughter filled the air and the door swung open, but still Xander didn’t move.

Three ladies entered through the door. All eyes came to rest on Xander who shrunk back into the chair, he knew it was a very bad thing to have a grown ups attention it usually ended up with him getting punished by his parents and then feeling guilty for having to tell lies about falling down the stairs, or walking into doors.

“Well sisters it seems that we hast a meal waiting for us.” They grinned down at Xander as they came closer. Mary reached out and pinched him on the arm to see how well fed he was. Xander didn’t even flinch at the rough handling.

“He is but skin and bones.” Xander’s big brown eyes stared up at Winifred. Taking in her red hair that made him think of Willow and her pretty green dress.

“Would thee like to stay for dinner?” asked Winnie in a mocking manner, obviously planning on having Xander for dinner. Xander’s eyes got wide.

“You’d f-feed me?” asked Xander in shock. This caused all three sisters to pause.

“Why would we not feed a little boy like thee?” asked Winnie. Xander looked down at his feet then up at Winnie through his long dark lashes.

“Dad says food shouldn’t be wasted on a useless thing like me.” Xander’s stomach gave a loud grumble announcing just how hungry he was. In a moment of clarity he could see the three woman as they were, what they were inside all twisted and evil. He was about to make a break for it when he realized that they were no worse than his parents at least these ladies had pretty colours all around them. “Your witches huh?” asked Xander “do you do magic? Can you get Larry to leave me alone? What kind of spells do you do? Can you fly? Turn into animals?” asked Xander in rapid succession now showing absolutely no fear of the witches. He stood up and moved over to Winnie and took her hand looking up into her eyes waiting for his answers. The sisters looked at one another then at Xander. They didn’t know what to make of this brave little boy, sure others had been brave and tried to kill them but none had been brave enough to stand in their presence unafraid.

“Where are thy parents little one?” asked Winnie while bending down to Xander’s level, who had started to shake when she had mentioned his parents. His brown eyes became wide with fear.

“Please! Please don’t tell them where I'm hiding!” begged Xander throwing himself against Winnie and holding her skirts tightly in his little hands. Winnie straightened and looked down at the little boy. She hated children, so why wasn’t this one hanging from the ceiling waiting for her to make her fountain of youth potion? Why, because he’d won her small black heart with his big brown eyes. Her sister Sarah was petting his hair trying to stop his shaking and cries as Mary lit a fire for light and warmth. It looked like she’d just adopted her first and only son. Well she’d see how the night went. After all there was a lot to do if they wanted to live to see the morn. But in the mean time she picked Xander up and rested his too light frame against her hip, as she went to wake Book. Xander’s eyes got wide a again when his saw the book with an eyeball, but when he found Winnie watching for his reaction he smiled at her, then blushing hid his face against her neck. In no time at all he was lulled soundly to sleep thanks to Winnie’s gentle humming


A/N: Well did you like it? Keep in mind that none of my fic’s are serious and are written simply because the idea wouldn’t leave me alone. This is not a Halloween fic, even though I did get the idea around Halloween.
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