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Fic For All

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Summary: Fic For All 2007 pairings.

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Meeting a Houshi (Cordelia/Miroku)

A little something that popped in my mind. I apologize for the long hiatus from posting on TTH. I've been more intent on my Anime crossovers. Mainly InuYasha and Naruto.

Sorry. Forgot to include the disclaimer in the original post. I do not own Cordelia or any of the characters/concept from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel the Series. I do not own Miroku or any of the characters from InuYasha.

Well, enjoy!


Cordelia stared at the battle taking place. As much as she wished to act she was forbidden by The Rules.

She did not know why she had bothered looking in the first place. For years after she had died a permanent death she had watched over her friends. It had hurt to see them moving on, healing. But not without major screw-ups along the way.

Cordelia was thoroughly pissed with Angel, by what he had chosen to do... a kamikaze attack, but she understood why he did it. Of course it didn't mean she wouldn't give him a thorough thrashing if she ever saw him. The Power That Be must have sensed her violent thoughts because she had never come across her old friends and associates after they died.

Thoroughly bored she had taken to observing portal activity in other parts of the world. Most had been run of the mill cracks... Minor potential Hellmouths attracting the usual denizens of evil. All but one.

A time portal hidden in a well in a shrine in Tokyo, Japan. A portal used on a regular basis by a teenage girl who had no experience with demons and evil. One like Cordelia, Buffy, or even Willow; once upon a time.

"You watch him."

Cordelia glared at Whistler. "Watch him? I don't know who you're talking about fashion reject."

Whistler merely smirked. "You watch the priest."

Cordelia bit the scathing retort on the tip of her tongue. "Yeah. What of it? He is pivotal to the group. Kagome might be the Shikon Guardian but she is vulnerable. Her confidence is being torn down by the foolish idiot half-breed dog! The demon huntress only sees her strength, not her weariness. The fox child is just a kid... Too young to be of any real emotional support."

"And you believe the priest can help the Shikon Guardian?"

Cordelia lifted her chin up. "He can't be any worse than Angel. In fact he probably would be a whole lot better since he is only a friend. Just like Xander was only a friend to Buffy." She smirked. "And he lasted much longer than Angel in Sunnydale."

Whistler bowed his head. "You've made your point. You can contact the priest. But only in his dreams."

Cordelia blinked. Before she could speak the Balance Demon vanished from the astral plane.

Feeling the first hint of excitement in a long while Cordelia began making her plans. What would be the best way to make Miroku listen and do what she told him to do? An evil smirk spread across her face. His weakness was beautiful women...


Miroku sneezed several times in sequence.

Kagome looked at her travelling companion with some concern.

"Are you okay Miroku? It sounds like you are catching a cold."

The priest shook his head. "It is nothing Kagome-sama. Someone must be talking about me." He leered. "I can only hope it is a beautiful woman."

Sango scowled and hit the priest on the back of his head.

Kagome sighed. Miroku would never learn to keep his perverted comments to himself.

Ah well. If he did that, he wouldn't be Miroku.
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