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Deja Vu

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Fragile Existence Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Why? Why did he and Dawn always end up stranded in strange places? (A Fragile Existence Companion)

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)LaneyFR1311,2762377,21811 Nov 0711 Nov 07Yes
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this fic belong to me.

Authors Notes: This is a Fragile Existence Companion so you need to be aware of the story, somewhat, to understand this one. It's really just a little bit of fun (and an insight into Dawn and Jack). It's also a cliche, so be warned.

Timeline: Takes place after Fragile Existence but obviously while they're still at Sunnydale High.

Spoilers: Absolutely none.

Feedback: Yes! Please! Pretty please?

~ * ~ * ~

“Buffy is going to kill you!”

Jack winced. “Dawn…”

“Don’t you dare ‘Dawn’ me!”

Oh for the love of… “It was an accident!”

“An accident?” Dawn repeated, her voice going up an octave. “An accident?”

He thought, for a moment, about commenting on the ‘echo’ in the room but decided against it. He was in deep enough shit as it was. Most of the time, when Jack found himself facing the full Wrath of Dawn, she waited until there weren’t quite so many witnesses before screaming the house down.

Apparently, the amount of shit he was currently in was so great, she didn’t care who saw.

“Yes, Dawn, it was an accident. I forgot…”

She gaped at him and he immediately knew it had been the wrong thing to say. He was never going to understand this woman!

“You forgot? How? How could you forget?! Buffy told you not to say it! Xander told you not to say it! So did Willow and Giles! And that’s not to mention how many times I told you! You know what happened when I said it!”

“Yeah! I know, Dawn, but God damn it! She caught me off guard! How the hell was I supposed to know Principal Wood’s ‘replacement’ was a... you know? I didn’t mean to…”

“Wish!” Dawn’s voice was getting louder. “Jack, you made a wish!”

And he was never going to live it down. Not ever. He just knew it. Although, he probably wouldn’t have to live with this humiliation for very long. If, no, when Buffy and the rest of the gang got the two of them out of this… she really was going to kill him.

Dawn sighed and glanced towards the group of twenty or so teenagers watching them with rapt fascination. Jack looked at them as well, noting the boys in the group were looking at him with sympathetic expressions, two in particular.

“Look, why don’t you save the blasting for later?” Jack suggested. They were in a student common room and their audience was listening to their every word. He doubted they were going to wait much longer before demanding answers. “You can yell at me all you want back home. Right now we need a plan.” He was pretty confident Buffy or Giles would figure out a way to save them, but he wasn’t going to sit around here wasting time just in case they couldn’t.

“I’m not sure where to start,” Dawn confessed.

Oh brilliant!

“Jack, we don’t even know where we are.” His best friend’s eyes flickered towards the teenagers once again and gave them a weak smile before continuing in a quieter voice. “I mean, we don’t know if we’re in the book or if you created a reality based on the book.”

He was suffering from a really bad case of Déjà Vu. Why? Why did he and Dawn always end up stranded in strange places? “I did not create a reality based on a book.” This wasn’t real.

Ahhh, denial… his friend.

“Jack, when Cordy made her wish it created an entirely new reality,” Dawn pointed out. “Willow even summoned her –”

“I know the story.” Although, Jack still couldn’t quite picture Vamp Willow. “Dawn, we’re not in an alternate reality.” The two of them couldn’t be that unlucky. It was impossible. “I didn’t wish for this.”

She blinked. “But you said you made a wish.”

“I did, but I didn’t wish for this.” Which she would know if she hadn’t started yelling the second the ‘W’ word was mentioned.

“What did you wish for?”

“I wished that the two of us were some place where…” He trailed off, not wanting to finish.

“Where what?”

He didn’t want to get into this. Dawn didn’t know about the events that led up to his spectacular screw up and he preferred to keep it that way. Jack had learned from experience that Summers women did not appreciate a man defending their honour.

They preferred to do it themselves.

The only one of the three significant women in his life who didn’t mind Jack scaring the living hell out of snot-nosed teenagers, to defend their honour, was Kit… and she thought it was sweet. Which, to be honest, bothered him more than Buffy and Dawn’s reactions.


He sighed. He thought about not telling Dawn, really he did, but he knew she would get it out of him sooner or later. There was no one else on this planet – or reality – that seemed to be able to get through his carefully erected walls. “You know Finnigan?” Jack frowned. He could have sworn he heard a gasp from their audience and then frantic whispering.

“What about him?”

“Kit and I were at our lockers right before math and…”

“Finnigan said something about the two of you?” Her voice was dangerous. Dawn knew how many rumours were circling about their small group. Rumours that, Jack conceded, were mainly fuelled by his reaction to them. It was no secret that he did not react well to people suggesting he was sleeping with any of his friends, especially Dawn. On any given day he heard people ‘whispering’ about him and Dawn, him and Kit, him and Carlos, him, Kit and Dawn or, the worst one, him, Dawn and Buffy (although the latter tended to be more rare – after what Jack did to the first guy who suggested it).

“Not me and Kit.”

“Oh. Us?” At his nod, Dawn gave him a disapproving look. “You got into another fight.”

“Technically no,” Jack assured her. One of the reasons Buffy and Dawn both hating him defending their honour was because it was a sure-fire way to get expelled. “I didn’t lay a hand on him.”

“So how did you end up in the Principal’s office?”

“I might have threatened him with a book.”

“What? You threatened to read to him?”

His mouth twitched. “Not read.” He glanced to the audience. “I threatened to pound his head in with Kit’s copy of Goblet of Fire.” In retrospect, he wished he had read the books instead of just watching the movies.

Unsurprisingly, there was another gasp and more frantic whispering.

Dawn’s eyes widened. “So that’s…”

Jack nodded. “I still had it when the temporary Principal took me to her office.” He sighed in disgust. “I should have known something was up. She only saw me talking to Finnigan. She didn’t hear what I said. She had no reason to take me to her office. Finnigan didn’t rat me out.” If he had, then there was a big chance Buffy would have become involved…something Finnigan would have avoided at all costs.

Wisely, the student body was more frightened of Buffy than they were of him.

“So, when you were there you…”

“Wished the two of us could be some place where people weren’t obsessed with our sex lives. I was waving the book around when I spoke.”

Dawn, to Jack’s horror, actually looked amused. “Well, I guess there’s a lesson in this for all of us. When faced with one of Anya’s colleagues vagueness is not your friend.”

He glared at her. “Okay, now that that’s out of the way, do you have any idea how the hell we get out of here?”

“Magic.” Dawn said. “A summoning spell.”

Unable to help himself, he found himself gazing at the group of people, they so very rudely dropped in on less than ten minutes ago, once more. “Well, I guess we’re in the right place.”

“Yeah,” Dawn agreed.

What better place to find a spell to help them out of this mess than Hogwarts?

The End

You have reached the end of "Deja Vu". This story is complete.

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