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The Fairie's Dawn

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Summary: Dawn walks into something that will change her forever. (Spoilers for A Lick Of Frost)

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Literature > Merry Gentry seriesnamegoeshereFR1535,0754435,97911 Nov 0712 Nov 07No

First Dawn

Hey there! I still don't own Buffy or the Sidhe. I tried to steal them but I was caught.
I didn't plan on adding more but so many people wished it.

I am so scared of calling Buffy. I hoped Angel would take care of it for me, but it looks like he is a frightened as I am. What am I going to say? What can I say? But the facts are facts, I am no longer Dawn Summers, I am princess Dawn of the Unseelie court. I have a sister, but she is not the slayer, she is not someone that has a destiny that I ride the coattails of. Something makes this new life easy to accept, to just go along with the flow. I don't know if it is how easy my fathers understood and embraced my history or if I was just glad to be out from under the reputation of my older sister.

I think it is my new family, my fathers and Merry, or mother, whatever. Its hard to think of her as such seeing as I gave birth to myself.

Now I look at the phone that Dad D left for me to call Buffy. I told him it was to Italy and he asked if I knew she would be by a mirror as I could speak to her in that way. First, I don't know what she would be doing, hint hint, second I didn't know what it meant, at that time. My covered Guard, his name is Aisling, later told me what it was.

I pick up the phone and dial the number to Buffy's hotel room. I feel a tingling of nerves that starts under my ribs and moves around my belly.

It rings twice and it clicks as its answered, “Hello, Hello?” I want to cry as I hear Buffy's voice. As hard as things get and as low as I feel
in her line of importance, she died for me, and I will feel forever in her debt.

“Buffy?” My voice hitches as I fight back tears, I am crying because I know I will let her go. I will have my own life.

“Dawn? Oh Willow called and said she found out something about you from one of her witchy-seeing-the-future-friend-thingys.”

“Yeah, I know what she saw. Buffy...”

“Oh well you know, the monks gave and now someone bigger and badder... Um nicer took you away. I mean your still my sister. Right?”

“Sort of.”

“Dawn, I love you, but maybe this is where your soul belongs, or something like that. Willow said the monks had to get you from somewhere. She thinks they thought you would be dead before the time came for that soul to be reborn.”

But the baby had a soul, I think to myself. Unless thats why the soul couldn't hold onto the Sidhe body. “Your not mad?” I ask unsure of what she was thinking.

“I don't know. I guess I haven't had time to really think about how I feel. You know how it is, you have to guard yourself against loss. So I guess I feel I've lost you.” I hear a sigh on the other end. “I don't know what you want me to say. My little sister is now more feared than me. How long before I have Vampires running from princess Dawn's sister, not the slayer?”

I wanted her to ride in and save me. I didn't want her to be jealous, it hurts that we have grow so far apart in only a year. But then again it started long before that, it started when she forgot about me and my training, when she was willing to kill me to save the world. But it doesn't seem fair, I was made for her to protect. How long had I been less and less important.

“I don't know Buffy,” Silent tears ran down my face, I wanted to think that she was doing this to save me, after all the courts are hard and a softness for a mortal sister could be a down fall. But I think this is just Buffy. “I should go, love you” I hang up the phone and set it aside. I grab my hospital pillow and cry. I hate hospitals.

It was a little while later one of my fathers, Rhys, the one with long white hair and only one eye, came in and told me I was going to be released from the hospital, since there was in fact nothing wrong with me. I really like him since he really reminded me of Xander, not just the eye patch something else I can't explain.

The car he took me to was one of those sporty-almost-a-race-car things that none of the scoobies could never afford.

He helps me into the tiny car and walks over to his own side, “We're going to take you to our home since you don't really have one of your own.” He looks over at me and smiles, “It will be a little while before we take you or your sister to the sithen. Uh, the hill.” He shrugs.

“Isn't strange to you, to have a full grown daughter?” I ask, I really want to know how each man was taking this fact.

“Things are strange where we are from.” He pauses as he switches gears, “Not to say you'll be welcomed with open arms, but I figure why make it harder for you.” He sighs and looks down for a second then back up to the road, “I can't say I'm ready to tuck you in to sleep-”

“I think I'm pass that stage of life. Okay, so I was never IN that stage of life, but you get the point.”

He laughs then continues, “But even though I'm not sure how to feel. I know that you are my daughter and I care for you. So I guess it is strange but I'm willing to give this a shot.”

I lean forward as we pull up to a HUGE house and Rhys moves closer to the window and says something the one of men at the gate. “This is the house?”

He laughs, “Actually it belongs to Maeve Reed.”

“The movie star? She...”

“Sidhe? Yes.” He pulls up the the garage and shuts off the car. “Merry will want to see you. Doyle wants you to tell her about yourself.”

“The others are not going be as kind are they?” I ask. I'm feeling nervous again, once again unsure of myself.

“You have nothing to fear here, there are more people that wish you well than other wise.” He helps me out of the car. “But always be careful, be safe and watchful.”

Dad D walks up to me and take my arm. “You mother is waiting, she's feeding Wynter, your sister, you don't mind do you?”

“I'm taking she's breastfeeding, since you wouldn't ask about bottlefeeding. I seen... I have... I... I don't mind.” I smiled trying to hide my embarrassment. I walk up a set of stairs and into a bedroom. There is Merry sitting on the bed with the baby in her arms. The baby I helped bring into this world, her hair is silver, not white like I thought it was when it was covered in newborn slime. Merry was holding her up to her breast trying to get her to take the nipple.

“Mer...Mom?” I really didn't know what to call her, after all I had a mom, Joyce Summers. But the truth was I wasn't with her for very long, even though I remember being raised by her.

“You can call me Merry when it is just us. I'm sure you fathers feel the same.” She smiled, I think she was trying to put me at ease.

“I don't really have all that good of a relationship with my dad, my normal... Okay, whatever. I had a mom, even though she was never really my mom. I was made by monks out of my sisters blood, you see, she's the slayer. I had all my memories made up and placed into a body along with the Key, an giant end-of-the-world portal thing. But I was with my mom for a few months before she died. So I love her and it makes it kind of weird. I've never really meet my father, I remember him but those memories are all fake.” I feel like crying again. I want Buffy, I want Willow and Xander. “I want to do what is right, I just don't know what it is. Part of me feels like the goddess made me in to a real girl, and I should accept everything. But...” I'm crying again and I know I shouldn't be, not around a woman who just had a baby, but that is whats at the center of all this.

Merry got up, she hands the baby to a green guard, then she comes to me. “Dawn. It's okay.” and she hugs me. It was so normal. I missed normal.

I tried to get more of Dawns feelings, which is of course confused. For those who have never read the Merry Gentry series the next chapter will explain a lot as Dawn start learning about her new life. I know Buffy was a little mean, thats just how I see it. Not to say all the other scoobies are going to react the same way, hint hint.
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