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The Fairie's Dawn

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Summary: Dawn walks into something that will change her forever. (Spoilers for A Lick Of Frost)

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Literature > Merry Gentry seriesnamegoeshereFR1535,0754435,97911 Nov 0712 Nov 07No

A New Dawn

I don't own Buffy or Merry, thought I wish I did.

I just stopped to see Spike, it was meant to be a short 'Hello, you're alive? Why didn't you tell me?' Then I was going to return to France and get on with my life. In a few years I was going to become a watcher and have my own little slayer.

But coming to LA was never that easy. The moment I stepped into Wolfman and Hart I knew something was up, everyone seemed to be on edge and I had to answer about a million questions about myself before I was even allowed in. I had to pulled the 'You see it's a weird story be Angel and Spike are almost my brother' card.

I was in the waiting room listening to Harmony tell me how sorry she was for almost killing me when I heard the first scream. I waited until the second scream before I rushed into Angels office.

Thats where I am now, looking at the very pregnant princess of the Unseelie court. Her breathing was hard and fast. Her hands where wrapped around around her bulging belly. Of course I'm ready to turn around, to walk out and not come back, but I'm pulled into the room by a man wearing a veil.

“Angel?” I ask not sure what to do with the tall man holding onto me and the laboring woman at my feet.

“Dawn? Oh thank god! I can't do this. They say there is not time to get to a hospital.” Angel's voice is strained from the stress of the current situation.

“What should I do?” I push up my sleeves, I will not panic I tell myself. But my heart was pounding and I could feel sweat drip down my back and pooling in my arms pits.

“You're a woman you just know what to do, right?” Angel says his eyes darting around to room like he was searching for a doctor.

I stop and stare at him, I realize all the men in the room believes the same. “What a minute, I was never even really born, remember? Made by Monks here?” I point to myself, my nerves are getting to best of me. I am rambling like a crazy woman and not thinking about what I'm saying.

The princess screams and our attention is on her once again. I think really hard and try to remember every discovery channel show about giving birth I had seen. Tara really likes them. Liked.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts, I look between her legs and see white hair, “Okay the head is already crowning,” I look at her, “Princess,”

“Merry.” The man says.

“Merry,” I say corrected, “You need to push, once you get the head out the hard part is over.”

The one eyed man kneels next to me, “For this one, she's carrying twins.”

“Go get towels, and warm water.” I yell to no one and everyone. I guide the head out and the body pops like a slimy worm. The baby starts crying, “Its a girl.”

One of the men hands me a shirt to wrap her in and I hand her to the one eyed man. I can see the dark hair of the next one coming.

“Same thing Merry.” The next one comes even quicker and the cry is louder. The veiled man hands me a towel for this one.

I wrap the baby girl, she reaches up and grabs my hand. I hear the paramedics come through the door but it doesn't matter. The room smells green, like fresh cut grass. I hear a whisper in my ear, “The Key.” And I fall asleep.

I wake up in a hospital room, I know from the smell. But I'm not alone, I see the veiled man. “Where's Merry? The babies?”

“She's fine, but something happened.” He walks over to me and takes my hand. “The second baby was small, too small, they couldn't get her to breathe.” It was hard to tell what was going on in his head because I couldn't see his face.

“She died? How? She was alive, she held my hand.” It made no sense to me, after all, I held her alive.

“You were the only one besides the princess to hold her alive. Thats why we think this happened.” He hands me a mirror that he had in his lap.

I look at myself. My hair is the same, long and brown around my shoulders. But my eyes, they where green, three different colors of green. In fact they looked just like Merry's. I drop the mirror and look at him, “What happened?”

“She, the baby, gave you her magic. At first we thought that was all, that she turned you Sidhe. But it isn't, you ARE her, your DNA is different, you body is like someone made you into her.”

“I didn't do it. I would have never hurt her.” I am so scared they are going to blame, that they knew I was the key. If they did it would give them the ammo they need to blame me.

“We know, her souls was too weak to hold onto her body.” He sat next to me. “The goddess came, did you feel it? The baby was dying and Princess Meredeth cried out that she was just given her the little ones and now she, the goddess, are trying to take them away. Thats when the flowers came. Do you remember them?”

“I do.” I don't remember anything after the second baby was born but the smell of grass.

“She gave you to the princess, thats what she said, just like the monks gave you to your sister.”

I can feel myself get cold, they knew. What could they want to do with me? “Why are you here and not...” I didn't know how to put it.

“I choose to look after you while the others are taking care of Princess Meredeth. In a little while your fathers will be in to meet you and I will take my leave. But they will want to know, to know all about you. I would tell them. They are you family and will wish to protect you but they can't if you kept your secrets”

I hear the door open. I look up at three men coming through. I want my sister, who is no longer my sister.

I might add more if there is enough intrest. Thanks, love, me.
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