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Gifts Gifted

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Summary: What happens when you drop two worldweary 21st century demonfighters into the first half of the previous century? Read and find out. Crossover with Doc Savage Comics. Warning: will contain slash if I can manage it.

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything, I'm just renting them.

Note 1: Just in case you're curious: Doc Savage is like the predecessor of the modern superhero. You'll find that I've tweaked both the BtVS-verse and the Doc Savage world to fit the story. I hope none of you will let any purist tendencies get in the way of enjoying the read.

Note 2: Yes, eventually there will be mutual, consensual m/m appreciation. Nothing gaudy, nothing flashy, just destiny. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Note 3: I hope y'all recognise this post as the cry for help it is. I recently lost most of my stories in a crash and I'm still recuping. This one, I managed to retrieve, but now I'm hoping for a beta to help me with the rest. Please, please, pretty please? With a cherry on top? Or lacking that, make the effort to review, so I have a little pick-me-up at least.
Anyways, on with the story.

Gifts Gifted
by Angel Grace

Chapter 1: Dental Work

“Faith, watch out!”
Instinct made the slayer obey the yell, twisting and tossing the charging demon over her back in a move that would do any karateka proud. The creature landed with a sickening crack and stayed in a motionless heap.

“Thanks, boytoy, but I knew it was there.” Faith grinned at one of the founding members of the scoobies. Of course, she never would admit that it had been his yell that saved her bacon. After all, a girl had to keep the mystery.

“Whatever, Faith. Just watch your six next time.” The dark-haired man shrugged at the slayer’s denial. He was used to being underestimated and unappreciated. Even after so many apocalypses… even after he’d sacrificed everything for them, including one of his eyes, he still was the comic relief, the one only good enough to supply food and repair various destroyed objects. Xander’d learned a long time ago to define his worth by his own actions, not the opinions of others. He’d also stopped asking to come along, opting to go hunting on his own instead. None were the wiser.

Xander warily glanced at the dark slayer. He still kept a certain distance to her. Intellectually he knew they’d once been young and stupid, and they weren’t so young anymore. They’d put the old demons between them to rest, but they would always keep a special relationship, not quite respect, not quite trust, but close enough to make no difference.

He tugged on the straps of his backpack. A minimal supply of research material, weaponry and other essentials had become standard issue for watchers in the field. Backpacks were generally the best way to transport it all.

Suddenly, his eye widened. “Faith!” came out as an urgent whisper as he pointed towards the fallen demon.

A swirling grey mist was emerging out of the carcass, slowly drawing together into a writhing mass. This was not good.

“Faith…” Xander called the slayer again, “exactly what did you kill?”
A shrug was his only answer.

The carpenter inwardly cursed. “Fine. What do we know about it? Grey. Blue stripes. Six poisonous claws on each paw…”

“Yellow eyes with white irises.” Faith piped up, her eyes riveted on the building menace.

“Right,” Xander continued, “fast but not very agile… oh shit Faith, I think I know what it is!”

“Well boytoy, don’t keep us in suspense. Tell me!” Faith snapped.

“A X’thalstork!” A blank look was his answer. “Damn it, Faith, don’t you ever read anything but porn? Never mind, don’t answer that,” Xander ranted, “they’re interdimensional travellers, capable of creating portals large enough to suck in entire continents. What do you think happened to the original Atlantis?” Xander asked with a wry twist to his mouth.

“Sooo… how do we stop it?” For once, Faith sounded insecure.

Xander sighed. She wasn’t going to like this. Heck, he didn’t like it. “We have to pry open its jaws, then someone has to reach in, through an opening in the cranium located at the back of the throat, and remove the gland responsible for the interdimensional shifts.”

“Sure,” Faith nearly jumped at being able to act, “that should only take about 5 seconds.”

Years of working with slayers had given Xander the reflexes to stop them from storming into danger unprepared. “Wait Faith, you don’t understand. First of all, you can’t just tear its jaw off, its head is coated in skin so strong even slayers can’t tear it. The jawhinge has this weird mechanism that will make it snap shut immediately, think crocodile squared. The only way we’re gonna get this, is if you hold it open while I reach in.” And putting his hand into a biological meat grinder didn’t phase him one bit… really… “Besides, that’s not the worst thing.”

Faith gestured for him to go on. If it took this much of a built-up from a guy that greeted apocalypses routinely with ‘huh, guess it’s Tuesday again’, it had to be a dozy.

“In all the encounters with this species,” Xander said in his best lecturer voice, “the persons engaged in the counter procedure were never seen or heard of again. It is believed that the vortex takes them to the last place the X’thalstork was thinking about. Considering it’s a demon, and that even demons tend to call for their mommy in their hour of death, it’s a fair assumption that wherever they were sent it wasn’t pleasant.”

“Shit Xander, this isn’t a joke, you know.” Faith groused, as she watched the grey cloud reach critical mass over the fallen demon.

“I know Faith. But it’s either our lives our those of everyone in this city, at the least. I know what my choice is. What do you say?”

Faith would kill anyone who said it out loud, herself included, but at that moment all she could think was that, if Xander were with her, she’d be able to survive even a hell-dimension.

“Kay, boytoy, let’s give this Storky thing its yearly dental,” She grinned, grabbing him by the elbow and advancing at the cloud.

Extracting the gland was almost anticlimactic. It was slimy and gross, but scoobies tended to quickly overcome their squick-factor.

“That wasn’t so b…” Faith spoke up from where she was holding the demonic jaw open, just as Xander’s hand cleared the dark cavity, still clutching the gland.
Then the world went black in a whirl of colours. Smells were rolling over their tongues, touches whispered in their ears until finally blessed unconsciousness set them free.


Next up: Meet Doc and the gang (dangles bait)

So, consider this a blackmailer's note: give me your feedback, or I won't give you my story. Savvy? LOL

The End?

You have reached the end of "Gifts Gifted" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Nov 07.

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