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Love's Bitch

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Summary: Sarah Tigress Vida goes to Sunnydale to train Buffy

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Literature > Vampire/Supernatural > Author: Amelia Atwater RhodesanimebuffbobFR1321,6090175412 Nov 0712 Nov 07No

Chapter Two: Angel Meets Sarah

Angel walked into the Sunnydale High School library after sunset to find Buffy fighting a vampire. Everybody seemed to be just sitting back and watching. He figured he would jump in when things got hard.

The fight ended, to his surprise a few minutes later with Buffy on the floor and the girl leaning over her.

The girl jumped back nimbly.

She stretched her hands up and twisted her head side to side as if trying to get a crick out of her neck.

He suddenly felt a flutter in his mind. It confused him. It was as if someone was trying to read his mind and the bad part was, they were succeeding.

He didn’t know what they were doing but he tried to shove them out. What was funny is the thing had created a wall around itself not allowing him to push them out. He looked around, trying to figure out who was doing it, but to his dismay, he couldn’t find it out. Buffy was picking herself up with the help of the vamp girl, which shocked him. Xander was talking to Willow and Giles was writing in his Watcher’s diary.

He was perplexed. Finally the person/thing pulled out of his mind. Suddenly Buffy turned to him, “Angel this is Sarah Tigress Vida. Sarah this is my boyfriend, Angel.”

Sarah seemed to ignore everything Buffy said except his name cause the next thing she said was, “Angelus! I know of you! I bet you have heard of my family too! The Vida’s! My mother is Dominique Vida, head of our line.

“I don’t see much of her line in you, you are a vampire!”

Buffy and her friends reacted immediately. They stepped away from Sarah.

Sarah ignored this affront and said to him, “I may be one, but I refuse to act like one. I have yet to feed on a single human unless I was allowed.”

“Your line, or at least before you died, had strong minds, so you could just as easily slipped into their minds.”

“The only reason I would have done that was to make sure it didn’t hurt. A friend works for Single Earth. They have people willing to give blood for free. You don’t take too much, they don’t mind. I only take when I have to. I take pig’s blood from the butchers, or when at all possible from other vampires. My first meal was from a vampire. He knew I wouldn’t want to take from a human because if I did, it would kill them and he knew I wouldn’t want to do that. The next option was another witch, but he knew no witch would do it willingly and I wouldn’t want that. So, he gave me his.”

“He must have loved you to do that.”

“He did, but I couldn’t stand his brother, so I left them and their sister so I could live on my own for a while. I felt a pull to this city. I came. I probably shouldn’t be out in the open or my mother will find me and kill me but I decided to go ahead and attend school. Finish my senior year.”

“If you are a vampire, how are you outside during the day?”

“Different type of vampire. We have souls. We walk in the daylight. We change shape. We are strong, but our main weapon is our minds.”

“You can change shape?”

“Well, yeah. We can change into anything.”

“You can read minds?”

“If we want to.”

“Oh, ok.”

Before anyone could say anything a pale dark haired guy with black hair walked in with his pale dark haired girlfriend.

Sarah immediately went on the defensive. She pulled out a knife and threw it at the man. The girl pulled it out of the air and threw it at the ground. It buried itself to the hilt into the ground.

“Don’t throw a weapon at my man especially when Kristopher sent us.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Love's Bitch" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Nov 07.

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