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Wormholes and Wicca

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Summary: #hiatus in progress. Muse hunt on# Willow manages to do it again. The scoobies are off to the uncharted regions, with new friends and old along for the ride.

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Television > FarscapeBHJediQueenFR181851031,24712 Nov 0712 Nov 07No
Wormholes and Wicca.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, any of them. the wonder of Aeryn/John/Xander/Oz, Willow/Tara/Zhaan, Chiana/buffy/riley and the like is all in my mind. Why cruel world why do you torment me so, tempting me with my preciousousousousousous... ahem. on with our regularly scheduled broadcast.

A/n: i'm a bad bad man i know, but stone spider is currently frozen in my head, the end of the mindscape is causing problems. This may or may not evolve out into a long convoluted story, a series of vaguely connected snapshots or it may just stop here. It's all the FFa's fault, if i hadn't seen Willow/zhaan this would never have happened. on a side note i think that Tara is overly stuttering in this, and possibly out of character.

Chapter 1
I'm wondering if the initiative wasn't safer...

"Willow, when i asked if the escape potion was stable what did you think I meant?" Giles's voice was surprisingly calm. Considering they were currently in a cell or what appeared to be a spaceship goddess knew where, this was probably not a good sign.

"This might not be my fault, they came up stable on all of the tests I performed and there was only one tiny substitution which was noted as being viable in the text. It'snotmyfaultisitTarahoneyIdidn;tdothisdidI,Idon'tknowwhyit'sgonewrong..." The red-heads babbling capability's were somewhat hampered by the fact that she was on the verge of tears. Tara hugged her tighter.

"Th..The potions were s...stable Mr. Giles, We...We both tested them independently to check one of us wasn't miscasting, and both times they showed stable. The..There is one reason I can think of th..tha..that this might have happened, which is if all of the assigned safepoint;s were compromised, th..the potions had a re..redundancy element that would take us to the safest place it could reach if that was the case, and I don't think the initiative c..can reach us" Giles frowned slightly considering the girls point. "So what you are saying is that you and Willow raised enough power in creating these potion to carry us here, wherever that is. Was that really necessary? I agree that Teleportation is not an easy matter, in fact I'd have forbidden you from attempting the spell if I'd known about it, but the increase in energy drops off over longer ranges, and the potion is designed to catalyse the power you put in, greatly increasing the efficiency of the casting, as well as store it." Willow recovered from her tears enough to rejoin the conversation

"The potion only draws part of it's power at the time of casting. If it needs more power It can draw from what's available to get as far as it can, and there was a sudden surge of power when we escaped. Enough, apparently to fling us here." "Good lord, it may have drawn from the Ambient energy the hellmouth passively radiates. All of us have resided on the Hellmouth long enough to take in some of the energy, but it's exceedingly difficult to access. With three of you being lifelong residents, the energy will be inherent in your bodies to a substantial degree, possibly a sufficient source of energy to bring us here. Sadly it is insufficient to send us home, since although the energy will replenish in anyone born on the Hellmouth, it will take a long time to reach heights sufficient to return us to earth.Assuming of course, that that is what facilitated our unexpectedly long journey." Giles realised he was polishing his glasses as he spoke. "I do wish I knew where the others were, this seperation is potentially ominous. Wait, quiet, i hear someone coming."

"The procedure is both perfectly safe and entirely harmless, John. It simply allows our unexpected guests the same ability to understand our speech as you yourself received. Admittedly the unexpected recuperative abilities of the three were unexpected, but hardly unprecedented, and we have never yet found a species that reacts negatively to the Translator microbes. You know me John, would i willingly aid and abet in causing others gratuitous pain. Without the microbes, you are the only one except these three, who speaks their language, and as such the only one who can explain what is happening." The speaker was exotically beautiful - and entirely inhuman. Blue skin and a hairless head combined with flowing robes that almost - but not entirely - disguised her feminine attributes gave her an air of mystique, a fact that caused Willow to snicker into her hand when she thought it. John was to all appearences human, a fact that the womans speech supported. Neither appeared hostile, but the three scoobies shared a cautious look, what did they mean by translator microbes, the three of them could understand just... fine.

"Greetings. I am Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan. This is John Crichton, a human astronaught. This vessel is the leviathan Moya, a living spaceship. If I have understood your friends correctly you are also from the planet Earth. Your friends do not seem willing to undergo a procedure that will allow instantaneous and effective communication. While under normal circumstances I would heartily champion free will, in this case their choice appears to stem from ignorance, rather than any knowledge of the procedure. If it would calm your friends I am capable of pasing my knowledge of the procedure to one of you three, mind-to-mind. All of you appear to have some training in such arts, and so that is my proposal, an offering of this knowledge that you can explain to your friends the purpose and nature of the translator microbes more easily, and with greater trust than John can explain."

Willow and Giles shared a look, then turned to Tara. "Tara honey, you're the more experienced caster, what do you think?" The blonde blushed and ducked her head. "umm..."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wormholes and Wicca" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Nov 07.

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