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Putting the Damage on

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Summary: When a spell goes wrong Faith is transported to New York and the family she's never had.

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Television > Law and Order: SVUWndxFR71746062,55113 Nov 0713 Nov 07No
Title: Putting the Damage on
Author: Wndx
Summary: When a spell goes wrong Faith is transported to New York and the family she's never had.
Warnings: It's SVU so talking about rape - I don't plan on having anything too graphic though. And then of course the normal violence. This story is still in the early stages so this'll but updated in the future to reflect new warnings as they may arise.
Comments: Just saw the challenge and thought it could be a.) fun and b.) a great charecter study for Faith. I'm posting it unbetaed at the moment (I know, bad author, but you betas never e-mail me back!). I don't plan on making it that long - possibly ten chapters at the most.

Chapter One:
When Spells Go Awry.

"What'd you do?" Buffy's eyes ran over the face of her sister slayer, Faith's eyes were completely abandoned. Her face paled, her body laxed, in fact she hadn't seen Faith like this since she was in a coma. Dawn's eyes were wide and she just stammered.

"I-I-I... it was just... Faith?" she snapped her fingers in front of the brunettes face.

No response.

"Oh she's going to kick your ass when she wakes up."

"Shut up and help me fix it! Faith? Faith!" a hard slap to the side of her face yeilded no results.

"Oh yeah, hit her, that'll make things better. Give me the book." Dawn handed her the book - two hundred years old by the looks of the paper. "No more magic without Willow around"

"Well sure if she was ever around. I thought I had it!... You don't think I did like permanent brain damage do you?"

"It's Faith, two comas and at least five near-death experiences, she's tough. We just have to fix this before the full moon. I can't take on all of the wolfies on my own, this is in Sumerian."


"I don't read Sumerian."

"Oh. Well now what?"

Both sisters stared at the woman seated in front of them. Her body wasn't exactly limp - just stiff - her eyes weren't exactly closed - just vacant. Dawn jumped with a sudden realization.

"She's not in there!"


"I took her out - by accident. Sort of like with Angels soul Faith's just out there somewhere in the ether. So alls we gotta do is find her and pull her back in."

"How do we do that?"

"...locater spell?"

"Can we use a locater spell to find someones...someone?"

"I meant to find Willow."

"Well that's a definite no-go" the sudden masculine voice caused both girls to wheel around. Xander speed into the room holding a piece of paper - "according to our best mystic, who also happens to be a fifteen-year-old girl on Prozac, Willow's checked out. She took a nice little astral vacation while the rest of us are down here - what happened there?" he pointed to Faith.

"Dawn took her out."

"I didn't mean to!"

"Well fix it, this is no time to be a slayer down." Xander said in his most forced watcher-like voice.

Both girls shifted uncomfortably on their feet.

"We don't know how" Buffy confessed.


To tell the truth Xander was kind of afraid of Jaimee. Of all the girls she was the most solitare - the most shifty. But the girl had a magical punch reminiscent of Willow in high school.

She swore that the prozac only aided her process.

"Aid me through the realm! Cast my will across..."

She sat in front of Faith with both hands in a bowl - Xander didn't want to know what was in the bowl. Too many spells cast in the middle of appocolypse had taught him to never, ever, look in the damn bowl. Except Jaimee was removing her hand from the bowl and...

Blood. Yep, blood in the bowl. Now it was blood on Faith's face. Just don't think about the blood, don't worry about where it came from. Willow's used blood - lots of times.

She also spit up snakes.

Oh god if there are snakes... no more magic without Willow. Or Giles. Giles could handle it. Giles or Willow or no magic!

The candles rose up way beyond the man intened point of burning, then fell, the room shook in that special raising hell kind of way, then Faith's body took in a long exaggerated breath before her head fell forward.

"Faith?" Dawn asked nervously from the corner. "Faith?"

Silence. No stiring. No recognition of the name.

Then Jaimee's hands flew to her mouth as she gasped. "Oh shit"

Faith's head turned up.

"Where am I?"

The End?

You have reached the end of "Putting the Damage on" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Nov 07.

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