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What Makes a Family

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Summary: It's all about family - the one we're born with and the one we create along the way. Now with Pairings: Sam/Jess, Faith/Dean

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War Room

What Makes A Family

Chapter 50: War Room

Summary: It’s all about family - the family we’re born with and the family we create along the way.

Disclaimer: I definitely don’t own any of these characters.

Notes: Post S7 BTVS, S5 ATS & S2 SPN; Kindred: The Embraced/World of Darkness – it’s official, some characters from both the television series and the book series will come out to play. Connor, Julian, Daedalus, Faith & Dana appear in this chapter.

Dean’s POV

Okay, playing referee a roomful of Princes and Primogen not really the highlight of my week, Dean thought as the arguing continued. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and let out a piercing whistle.

The room fell into silence and Faith squeezed his arm in reassurance. His plan would work if he could just get them all to agree to it. Of course, that meant that he had to actually tell them what the plan was. And, goody, they were all looking at him.

“Okay, so the only way we are going to be able to beat them is to take them head on, all at once,” he began. “As many as we exorcise individually, they just keep climbing right back out of Hell. And, they are building their own army besides the Shadow Demons. If we don’t move soon, the Apocalypse will be coming to us.”

“Too bad we only have one true Ancient on the front lines,” Cash commented.

Since Willow had come through with one hell of a protection spell, Faith was back in as commander of the Slayers. But, they definitely weren’t announcing her pregnancy yet. No need to make her an even bigger target…or put his children in danger. That was something else that he just couldn’t contemplate until after this war was over. His children deserved to be raised in peace, with parents who loved them. He was set in his resolve to protect their futures.

“What if we didn’t?” he blurted out.

“What do you mean?” Julian asked.

“What if we had other Ancients?” Dean asked and waited for the room to erupt again. He wasn’t disappointed and it took another piercing whistle to quiet the room down again.

Finally, Darien Luna voiced the concern that everyone else seemed to be thinking, “Um…younger generations forced them into Torpor because they were killing off their children. Do you really think it’s a good idea to wake them up?”

Dean tilted his head to the side, acknowledging the Lasombra Prince’s very real concern, but pushing it aside as much as he possibly could because it was still the best chance they had to survive, if not win, “Well, it’s not without risks, but maybe their naps did them some good.”

The fear in the room was palpable as the debate continued. Dean was just about to lose hope when Daedalus suddenly stood up and the room fell silent.

I’ve really got to learn how to have that kind of presence, Dean thought as even his father, who had been pretty vocal on the side of doing whatever was necessary to kick the demons’ asses, kept quiet as the centuries-old Nosferatu moved to stand next to Dean.

“You have knowledge of these foul creatures and you have been spending much time getting to know our community. You know our strengths and weaknesses and you have much to lose in this battle. I trust that you are going to do everything possible to keep as many of us alive as possible. So, I ask you now: is waking the Ancients the best chance we have?” he asked.

“Short of waking up Caine himself and begging him to save our asses, yes,” Dean replied.

“I believe waking the Ancients would be preferable, considering the likelihood that Caine would bring about the End of Days himself,” Daedalus agreed solemnly.

His approval seemed to be exactly what the rest the room needed. They threw their support behind Dean’s plan and had even divided up into teams to locate and awaken the Ancients. Faith donated a small portion of blood for each of them to use, since she had a bond with the slumbering Ancients, to aid in tracking their hiding places. Of course, there were two Ancients already accounted for: Bailey and Assamite. Assamite, or ‘Jordan,’ as he was currently calling himself—Dean really couldn’t blame him for the name change—was ready and willing to stand and fight beside them. Apparently, he never felt the need to slumber with the rest of the Ancients. And, Bailey, being relatively young for an Ancient, wasn’t forced into Torpor by his fellow clan members. However, he was still on the beach in Bali and wouldn’t even come to the meeting, much less stand with them on the front lines of the battlefield.

While they were all working on the ‘how to fight them,’ Willow and company were working on a way to find them. Apparently, one of the psychic children was able to see demons in people and Willow found a method to harness that ability in two ways. First, she was able to use a drop of the kid’s blood to create a map that would show exactly where the demons were massing and, second, she said she had a way to allow them to be able to see what the kid could see.

They were also setting up a triage and decided to stockpile various Kindred bloods just in case they were needed. Every Kindred that was able to donate was asked to donate two pints of blood and Dean appointed Jess to oversee that operation.

Once the meeting wrapped up, Dean caught Sam by the arm and pulled him into the hallway. “Take us to the Abyss,” he ordered.

The Giovanni part of him railed against the thought of stepping foot into the Abyss, but he told that part to shut the hell up and followed his brother down the dark tunnel without any outward hesitation. As soon as the ‘door,’ for lack of a better word, closed behind us, Dean could see the shadows that lurked in the Abyss.

Sam turned to him once they were alone, other than Sam’s shadows, and asked, “Is it going to be enough?”

“I wish it was, but no,” Dean admitted.

“But you have a plan that will work?” Sam asked hopefully.

“I do,” Dean confirmed, “but in order for it to work, we need the rest of them to provide a distraction.”

“So, is the distraction for the enemy or for our own side?” Sam questioned.

“Kinda both,” Dean told him with a smirk.

“I’m really going to hate this plan, aren’t I?”

“No more than I do, believe me,” Dean sighed, running a hand down his face.

“So, then why are we doing this again?”

Dean was gratified to hear that Sam was already on board without even having heard what the plan actually was. Truthfully, he couldn’t do this alone and he couldn’t risk Faith and their twins. But, they were the reason that he had committed himself to doing this: he would make it so his children were safe. He repeated that to himself whenever any doubt or fear crept into his soul.

Sam flicked a shadow that got too close to Dean away and led him to a private corner. Dean looked around and turned to Sam, “Good, it’s cold here, we need that. And, it’s not likely that anyone is going to come past here, not with everyone focused on the battle. Faith is pregnant.”

He slipped the last bit in so smoothly that it took Sam a moment to react, but when he did, it was worth it. Sam turned in slow motion and asked, “What did you…? Did you just say that Faith is pregnant?”

“That I did, Sammy-boy. And, we’re having twins,” Dean smiled. It seemed like true smiles came few and far between these days and sharing this news with his brother, the person who was not only family, but also his oldest friend, was definitely a reason to smile.

“That’s…” Sam started slowly, pausing and then a large grin split his face, “awesome, dude.”

He pulled Dean into a tight hug and congratulated him as he slapped him on the back. When he let him go, Dean’s smile was tinged with a little sadness as he realized what it meant for Sam.

“I know you and Jess had planned on having a baby as soon as possible and I don’t want to steal your thunder…,” Dean began.

Sam cut him off, “Don’t even go there, Dean. When the time is right for me and Jess, it will happen. I can be happy for you in the meantime. Besides, I get to be an uncle. That’s like having all the good stuff and I get to hand them back when they start crying.”

“That’s a good way to look at it, I guess,” Dean agreed.

“So, you figure God decided that He’d better give you twins because there’s no way in Hell Faith will go through pregnancy more than once?” Sam cracked.

Dean snorted, “Probably.”

“Can you imagine her all big and waddling?” Sam asked, his eyes twinkling in the vast darkness of the Abyss.

“Sam, if you value your life, you will never think that again,” Dean told him in mock-seriousness. Truthfully, I just hope I am still around to be able to see it. She’ll make my life Hell trying to placate her, but I just don’t care. I’ll do whatever she needs me to do if I can just be there to do it.

But, Dean knew there was a good chance that he would never live to see his children born. He forced himself to focus on the upcoming battle and his quasi-suicidal plan. He waved his hand to the room and asked, “Can you lock this section off?”

Sam nodded, a smirk forming and Dean knew that Sam was starting to catch onto his plan. “Yeah, but are we keeping something in or out?”

“Both, actually,” Dean told him.

“Okay, who?” Sam asked.

Dean looked Sam straight in the eye and answered his question, gravely, “Caine.”

“Didn’t we cover at the meeting how waking Caine would bring about the End of Nights and reign down destruction on all of us?”

“Yeah,” Dean replied, shoving his hands into his pockets and looking at Sam expectantly.

“And we’re still going to do it anyway?” Sam asked, but his tone told Dean that he already knew the answer.

Dean answered him anyway, “Yup.”

“Super,” Sam replied. “Can’t wait.”


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