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Getting Directions

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Summary: Another kid-show fic. Poor Buffy.

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Cartoons > Little EinsteinsslytherinwithwingsFR715060484813 Nov 0713 Nov 07Yes
This is me, the Flying Snake, disclaiming everything. It may be my fault they're meeting like this, but not my fault they exist.

Buffy strode along the streets of Sunnydale, or rather limped along. It had been a very trying night, but now all the vamps were going home to bed and so was she.

"Four more blocks," she muttered, but as she did, a strangle sound came from above. It was like an odd bell. Buffy looked up to see a red space-ship the size of a small S.U.V. landing right in front of her. The protrusion on the top of the ship rattled and she heard the noise again. When Buffy just blinked at it him shock, the ship moved slightly and...sighed?

A side hatched opened and Buffy prepared herself for a close-encounter type moment. Down from the ship One at least was pre-k, but she doubted any of them were out of kindergarten. Leading them was a red-headed boy in an orange shirt and black shorts with big green glasses.

"Hi, we're looking for the Good Knight," the boy said.

"When we went to his garden, he was gone," the littlest one, a girl with blond pig-tails and a blue jumper said with wide tear-filled eyes.

"It's really not like him not to leave a note," the little Asian girl added.

"So, have you seen him," said the black kid with the cap.

"Um." Buffy shook her head. The kindergartners were looking for a Knight. They had their own space-ship. That just started jingling again. Ominous music filled the air, leaving Buffy even more on edge and confused.

"What's that, Rocket?" the Asian girl asked.

"June, I think Rocket has found the Good Knight," said the red-head. The ship (Rocket?) jingling harder. "But he says we need to go before the Bad Vampires get us."

"Bad Vampires, Leo?" the blond asked. "Leo, I'm scared of Bad Vampires."

"It's okay, Annie," the black boy replied, pulling a trumpet out of his back pocket. Buffy rubbed her eyes. Nope, still there. "I'll play a Vampire Repelling song on my trumpet while we fly away in Rocket!"

Cries of "Yay, Quincy!" were heard from the other three as the children piled back into Rocket. Just before the side-hatch closed, the red-head turned around and waved at Buffy.

"It was very nice to meet you, and watch out for those Bad Vampires!"

With that, he disappeared inside and she faintly heard, "Blast Off!"

Buffy stared after the ship long after she could no longer see it. She staked the vampire sneaking up on her without moving her eyes. Finally she moved on, shaking her head.

"I am NOT telling anyone about this," she said to herself.

AN: For those of you that don't know, the four children are Disney's Little Einsteins. I'm sorry, apparently the Minnie mouse fic wasn't enough to exorcise certain playhouse Disney bunnies. *chuckles nervously, then screams* Why can't they just leave me alone?!?

The End

You have reached the end of "Getting Directions". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking