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Crossed Paths

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Summary: Dean Winchester races to L.A. because of his brother,Sam. While he's there, he meets up with a strange P.I. and his motely crew. Crossover with Supernatural (Some violence and Language)

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Supernatural > GeneralAuereusUnaFR1525,346081,36814 Nov 0720 Nov 07No

Chapter 2

Sorry I didnt post this sooner. I thought I had, but maybe I dreamed it. Lol, that ever happen to you?

Thanks for all the great reviews!!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Except a toothbrush.

BTW: If you notice Dean calling Sam, "Benny" know that it is another alias.

Chapter 2

Dean didn’t know how he made it back to the hotel. He must have been on autopilot. Only one thought was going through his mind. My little brother is dead. Oh, Sammy, Sammy why? These two things were all Dean could think. He wasn’t crying though. He couldn’t even cry for his dead baby brother. He pulled up to the hotel, and sat in his car, thinking what had happened in the morgue.

He barely heard the officer ask him if he was ready. He slowly nodded his head, not sure if he’d ever be ready. He took a deep breath as the sheet was moved from the person’s face. But what was underneath took his breath away. There, on the table was Sam. His baby brother. At first Dean couldn’t believe it. Surely there was a mistake. He strained his eyes, looking for the rise and fall of Sammy’s chest indicating that he was breathing. He can’t be dead. He’s just asleep. But as all of these thoughts went through Dean’s mind, his rationality, the part that had been trained to prevail all of his life, told him it was no use. Sam was dead. Period. End of story. He felt a hand on his shoulder. Dean looked into the questioning eyes of the older officer. Dean hesitated. If he said the words it would be true. There’d be no way to pretend it wasn’t real. So, Dean just nodded his head. As he turned to look at the person on the table, he whispered, “Sammy. What happened?” Dean noticed Trent go over to talk to the medical examiner and he decided to leave. He didn’t want to spend time he could use to avenge Sammy with filling out forms and answering questions. He’d hack into the medical examiner’s files later. It’d be difficult though. Sammy was always better at that computer shit than me…. He thought as he snuck out of the office and made his way to the hotel telling himself he’d rest one night and then get busy.

Dean felt something on his cheeks as he recalled what happened. Had he missed something sneaking up on him again? He reached up but only felt wetness. Tears. He had been crying. He wiped them away. Crying cant help me find out who did this. Crying wont bring Sammy back… he thought bitterly. He got out of his car and headed back to the hotel. When he entered, he didn’t see anyone in the lobby or office area. Then a thought hit him. Dad. He doesn’t know, or does he? Dean decided to call him just in case.

The call went, as usual, to voicemail. Dean tried to keep his voice even but found that he couldn’t.

“Dad its me. Sam’s, oh God, Dad. Sammy’s dead. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but he is. I need you Dad. He needs you. Please, either call me back or meet me at the old Hyperion Hotel. Please Dad.” Dean hung up before any tears could spill out. It was bad enough that he sounded so weak. Crying would be unacceptable to his father.

“Hey are you okay?” he heard Cordelia ask from behind him. He forced the tears back and turned to face her. Only, it wasn’t just her. It was all of them. He nodded indicating that he was fine.

“Yea I’m fine. Just finishing up a phone call. Is it still okay that I stay or do I need to go?” he asked still uncertain whether he should barge in on this- whatever it is.

The team could see his red-rimmed eyes. Each was curious but none knew how to reach out to this stranger. Cordy was about to say something when he shook his head and sat down abruptly. He didn’t look too well.

“Hey, Dean. Are you okay?” she asked. But when she said this, his reaction dumbfounded her. He started to laugh. Cordelia was thoroughly confused as were the others. He continued to laugh.

“Yea, me? I’m peachy keen. I’m peachy fucking keen!” his laughter changing to anger. Anger at himself, anger at the situation, anger at Sam, and then anger for being angry at Sammy. He could tell that the others were getting concerned and he saw out of the corner of his eye that the men were moving oh-so subtley in front of the women. But he couldn’t stop the rant he felt coming on. Usually, this wouldn’t have built up so much because usually he had Sam to buffer his frustration on. But now he had no Sammy. This set him off even more.

“Oh sure I am great. My mother is dead; my father is who the hell knows; and the one constant in my life, the one person I could expect to always be there is now lying dead on a slab in the morgue. He died! He died alone and I wasn’t there to save him this time. My baby brother, the one good thing in my life is gone!” he crumpled to the floor after all of his anger had been released. He lay on the floor sobbing, no longer being able to control the flood of tears any longer. He felt a pair of slender arms go around him but he didn’t care. Sammy was gone and he had nothing left. Nothing but vengeance.

He stopped sobbing after a while but his eyes held a haunted look. A look that Angel had seen many times before. Cordelia led Dean off to a guest room, far from their problem, the young man seemingly having his own. Angel was concerned at first when Dean had started to yell. But when he heard what Dean was saying, Angel couldn’t help but feel only pity. After settling him in Cordy came back down the stairs, seeing everyone where they were exactly when she had left.

“So….interesting night, huh?” she said to no one in particular. Everyone just nodded. Cordy looked back up the stairs he mind obviously on the troubled man upstairs. They all looked around when they heard a sniffle. It was Fred.

“It must be awful, huh? To loose your whole family and be alone…well, kinda like us but at least we have each other,” she said. Look to Fred to state what everyone else was thinking.

Wes was the next to break the silence, “Yes, well seeing as our, situation upstairs has quieted for the moment, I think I shall head to my flat for a shower and some research. I should be back soon.”

“Yea, me and Fred are gonna grab a bite to eat. Wanna come Cor?” Gunn asked. Cordelia, however, was still looking upstairs.

“No thanks Gunn. I’ll just order in. I want to be here when he wakes up. But could you guys stop by my apartment and get a few changes of clothes for me. Angel is it okay if I stay here for a few days?” she asked looking at the vampire.

“Yea, the more the merrier. Actually,” he said, warming to the idea, “that way you can run interference with Dan, Dean whatever if the situation upstairs gets difficult.”

“Okay. Then its settled,” Cordelia said. They all went their separate ways.

Dean couldn’t sleep. Sure, he was exhausted. He hadn’t slept in, what seems like forever, but everytime he closed his eyes he saw Sammy laying on the table in the morgue. He sat up as his stomach gurgled. He hadn’t eaten in a long time either. He headed downstairs intent on sneaking out to grab some food. To his surprise, people were still up. He looked at his watch. It was almost midnight. He could hear whispering and low talking as he came down the stairs. He stopped on the stairs, taking the time to observe is “supposed” benefactors. The woman, Cordelia, was beautiful. She had a killer body, but her smile is what Dean noticed. She had shoulder-length brown hair and she was classy. Even if he felt inclined to, he could never get with her. For one she was WAY out of his league. Also he had noticed the way she acted around that Angel guy. In fact the way they interacted, like now, he could tell there was something going on. Oh man, if Sam heard me thinking this he’d accuse me of going all chick-flicky he thought. But Sammy wasn’t there, never would be. With that he walked down the rest of the way. He guessed he had been heard because both Angel and Cordelia had come out from behind the counter and approached him cautiously. He saw the look on their faces and kicked himself in the ass for acting the way he had.

“I’m fine. I was just gonna go get some grub,” he said, tired sounding, even to himself.

“As chance would have it, we have some takeout here if you wanna join us,” Cordy said. “Do you like Chinese?”

“I’ll eat anything. You learn to with my life,” he said, not really paying attention to what he said. He knew he’d need to be more careful when he heard the inevitable question asked.

“What do you do?” Angel asked, puzzled by the man’s comment.

“Um, I’m a, uh, salesman,” he said. It was all he could think of that would go with what he said. Usually he and Sam pose as law enforcement but that would only bring too many questions. “Me and my brother travel across the states selling…software,” he added, trying to be convincing. Then he aid quietly, “I mean we traveled.”

Cordy looked at him sympathetically, but Angel was till curious/ suspicious.

“You don’t look like a salesman,” he said. Cordy shot him a look but he kept staring at the man beside him.

“I was on vacation. I decided to… go hunting,” he said wryly. Well, it’s true. I was “hunting” he thought.

“Why wasn’t your brother with you?” Angel asked. But this question struck a nerve with Dean. He saw flashes of their fight in his head. He saw himself driving away from Sam, leaving his little brother behind to die.

“Let’s just say we weren’t getting along,” Dean replied and started to eat, signaling that question and answer time was over, which was fine because Angel was satisfied, for now. He avoided Cordy’s glare, knowing shed berate him for questioning the guy, but something just didn’t fit. They ate in silence for the rest of the time. Dean noticed that Angel wasn’t eating but he just assumed that the man had eaten before.

After Dean finished he decided to get right to work, as soon as possible. “Do you know where the nearest library is?” he asked Cordelia.

“Sure it’s only like five minutes from here. Why?” she asked looking at him.

“I need to email some people and other things so I was just going to use the library’s computer. My brother had our only laptop,” he said.

“Oh, don’t worry. You can use ours! Right Angel?” she asked with a no-nonsense look in her eyes.

“Yea sure,” he mumbled. “I am going to check out that thing upstairs.” He got up and left, leaving Cordy and Dean alone. Dean paid no attention to Angel though. He had that look on his face that he gets whenever he mentioned his brother’s name. Cordy thought for a moment but decided to ask anyways.

“You were close to your brother?” she asked.

Dean’s head jerked up at her question but answered anyways, “yea, mostly. He’s my baby brother. I have to look after his sorry ass when he gets into trouble. Bitch.” If Cordelia hadn’t seen the reminiscent look on Dean’s face as he said that she would have been appalled. She also noticed that he was still speaking in present tense, but she didn’t mention it.

“I don’t have any siblings. Its always been just me,” she replied.

“Lucky you,” he replied, but she could tell he didn’t feel that way.

Cordy knew she might be pushing his limits but she felt that the more he talked about it the better he would feel. So she asked, “what was he like, your brother?”

Dean laughed, “What can you saw about little bro? He never wanted to do the family business. He wanted to go to college and get a degree in some field. I don’t even remember. He and my dad are so alike that when he went to college, they ended up not talking. I didn’t even think about it, but that was the last time they ever spoke to each other. Dang. What is it about us Williams? Me and my dad… last things we said to little Benny were in anger. Great family huh?” he rambled on, omitting and changing the necessary information. “Maybe if he hadn’t rejoined the business he would still be here,” Dean continued quietly.

“What happened?” she asked. He thought for a moment for a plausible explanation.

“Mugger. Stuck him in his gut and took off with his i.d. and money and merchandise,” Dean replied. They continued quietly talking for a couple hours.

“So, can I use your computer now?” Dean asked knowing that the earlier he hacked the medical examiner’s files, the sooner he could catch whatever the hell killed his brother.

“Sure go ahead,” Cordy replied. “I am gonna go check on the upstairs crew.”

Normally Dean would be pretty suspicious and curious as to what was going on upstairs but he had one goal in mind- finding Sammy’s killer.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Crossed Paths" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Nov 07.

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