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The End

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Summary: Angel hasn't reached the end entirely unscathed.

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Multiple Crossings > Angel-CenteredRemingtonSmytheFR131841041,19514 Nov 0714 Nov 07Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither Angel nor Spike, nor any of the dozen odd names thrown in all cameo-like. I also make no money off this story, and have intention of ever attempting to do so.

Info: Inspired by the November Site Wide Challenge, specifically "Death in the Family" (defined as a very, very, very long line of people Angel eventually considered Family) and written mostly as a way to try and get past some of my writer's block. If it's not really enough of a crossover to qualify as a crossover, I'll gladly change the classification stuff, just send me a message.



He glanced over his shoulder instinctively, but he knew the voice the instant he heard it.

“Angel,” he acknowledged. “Didn’t figure you’d be one to just watch during this.”

“I’ve changed a lot, over the years. I don’t really want my last living moments spent in that chaos.”

Spike took a pull from his cigarette and returned his eyes to the angry red sky. “Know what you mean.”

They stayed silent for a moment, watching the lights overhead. “Don’t look so bad,” Spike said quietly. “Never really seen anything like it before.”

“I have,” Angel responded. “It looks a lot like the Northern Lights, actually.”

“Never made it up,” Spike answered. “I bet Dru would’ve loved all the colors.”

Angel was silent, staring up.

“You spent a long time up there, as I recall,” Spike said after a moment. “Didn’t even come down during the summers. I had a bet on how long before you walked into the endless daylight.”

“You win?”

“Not bloody likely. After what happened to her, every day you didn’t off yourself was a bleedin miracle, in my mind.”

Angel looked over at his companion. “Do you remember when they found out? Where you were, what you were doing?”

“You’d think everybody would. End of the world’s a hell of a bitch to not even notice. But then, there’s always been plenty of people failed to notice before,” Spike said.

“But do you remember?”

Spike looked him in the eye curiously. “Not me. Must’ve been at some point during my mountain days. Never paid much attention to the news. Where were you?”

“Right here.”

“Here?” Spike asked, “The exact center of the disturbances? Hell of a coincidence…”

“No coincidence.” Angel smiled grimly. “Just the end. You remember LA?” he asked quietly. “The Vampire with a Soul will play a pivotal role in the Apocalypse.’ It’s funny, it never occurred to me before that all the stuff we did, all the things we stopped – none of them was really the ‘Apocalypse.’ Sure, they could have been, if things went bad. But things came out just in time and the world always went on. That’s not an Apocalypse, it’s just a bloodbath.”

“Why do I get the feelin’ you’re tryin’ to tell me something decidedly unpleasant, here, mate?” Spike asked.

“Buffy,” Angel intoned quietly. “Dawn, Tara, Willow, Cordelia, Doyle, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, Connor, Isabel, Liz, Kyle, Michael and Maria, Alec, Joshua, Max, Cindy -”

“Angel,” Spike tried to interrupt.

“- Clark, Chloe, Liu Kang, the Lin Kuei, Sonya, Peter, Ben, Melaka -”

“Angel!” he repeated, louder.

“- River, Kaylee, Inara, Mal, Illyria, Crichton, Aeryn, D’Argo, Dylan, Rommie, Trance -”

“Angel, Stop!” Spike grabbed his Sire by the arm and suddenly all of his senses focused together. Warm skin, pulsing blood, expanding lungs… “You’re human.”

Angel nodded. “Shanshu. Life and death are all one big cycle, so I -” he said, chuckling, “*I* get to live until I die!” He looked back at the sky. “Shouldn’t be long now.”

“What did you do, Angel?” Spike watched him stare blankly into the sky. “Angel – Hey, Poofter! I’m talking to you! What did you do?!”

Angel looked him in the eye calmly. “Thousands of years, Spike. Thousands of years of war and death. Can you even remember all of their names? I’ve been trying. It’s almost impossible. Jake, Jayne, Carter, Sydney, Sheridan, Ripley, Delenn, Marcus, O’Neill, Jackson, Jeremiah, Janice, Eryn, Maggie -”

“What did you do?” Spike asked again, trying to shake him sane again.

Angel looked down at Spike’s hands and then stared him down, enunciating every word clearly.


“A wish?” Spike asked incredulously. “A bloody wish is gonna end the whole fucking world?!”

“Universe,” Angel corrected. “The wish will end everything in existence.”

“So take it back, ya Ponce!”


“Angel,” Spike stopped and tried to come up with the right thing to say. “You think any of them would’ve wanted this?”

“No. You see any of them around to stop it?”

“I’m fucking around, damn it!”

“I know,” Angel said. “Thanks for that, by the way. I’m glad I got to see you.”

“Angel, I can stop this if you’ll just give me the goddamned information!”

“No, Spike, it’s already too late,” Angel said. “Look.”

They returned their attention to the sky and saw the colors intensifying and merging together into a massive white flash. He could feel the dust of the vampire falling on his arm as the light grew. Everything was blinding contrast, the white light turning every color of the rainbow into the deepest black. The heat flashed over his head in waves until, finally, it was over.

The End

You have reached the end of "The End". This story is complete.

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