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A Pirate's Life for Me

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Summary: *Pirates of the Caribbean crossover* The Scoobies, Tara & Dawn go into the past, where Tara finds out about her TRUE parents and Buffy makes a startling discovery. (Sorry, but it's just the very beginning. Haven't had time for more.)

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Multiple PairingsivoryspiralFR1528320113,06122 Jul 0325 Jul 03No

Chapter One (or prologue, if you like)

Disclaimer: Nobody is mine. *sob*
Rating: PG, PG-13 maybe for violence & occasional smooches
A/N: Okay, this isn’t really chapter one, more like a prologue, but I’m too lazy to change it… ;-)
Chapter I

“So what movie are we seeing anyway?” Buffy Summers asked Willow Rosenberg.
“Ummm… what was it called again, Tara?” she asked hopefully. “All I remember is that it has Orlando Bloom in it,” she nudged Buffy’s arm.
“Hey, I don’t like him that much!” her friend retorted.
“ ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ “ Tara said absently, looking at a poster in the lobby of the cinema.
“Yeah, that was it.” Xander said. “It’s supposed to be really good.”
“Come on, let’s get our seats!” Dawn yelled, tugging Buffy’s arm and running towards the theater door.
“Alright, alright.”
The five entered the dark theater.
“Hey, the ads are just over.” Buffy said. “Right on time!”
“You wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for me,” Dawn grumbled.
“Shh…” Buffy batted at her arm. “It’s starting!”
As the camera zoomed in on the little girl looking out into the fog, singing the pirate’s song, Tara gasped. She looked exactly like Tara when she was younger! Well, all right, she had ringlets where Tara had straight hair, but her face was almost exactly the same.
The movie progressed. Buffy whispered animatedly to Xander about the fight techniques until a man in the row ahead told her to be quiet.
But the real shock came in the middle, when the curse was lifted.
The dull sound of the gold pieces hitting the others echoed in Tara’s skull. She clutched Willow’s hand.
“Ow… my head…” she gasped.
“Tara? You alright?” Willow asked worriedly. She put a protective arm around her girlfriend’s shoulders.
“Yeah—what’s that noise?” The room had been filled with a strange sort of humming.
“I don’t know, but all the other people are disappearing. See?” It was true; all the other moviegoers were melting away into darkness. The five were also being drawn towards the screen. There was a blinding flash and suddenly Will Turner, Elisabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow were staring at five bodies sprawled across the Aztec gold.
“What in Hell?…” Jack Sparrow said usefully.
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