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Summary: Tommy is under the power of a wish...though he doesn't know it.

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Television > Power Rangers > Multiple SeasonsJadedFR131557141,69414 Nov 0714 Nov 07Yes
Author: Jaded
Story: Wishes
Pairings: Mention of Tommy/Kim & Tommy/Kat, Mention of Anyanka/Olaf,
Disclaimer: I own no one.
Summary: FICLET. My own take on why Tommy never seemed to be able to leave the power alone…with a twist.
Author Notes: I was hit with this inspiration while watching RevolutionChick’s vids. Don’t know why, but I thought it was funny.

Anyanka wasn’t entirely sure why she was at this woman’s house. Yes, the woman was in immense pain but it was mostly her fault for leaving the guy in the first place. If you leave a guy, chances are he’ll move on and yes it hurts, but what is he supposed to do? Wait around for you to come back? Even Anyanka, scorner of men, knew how stupid a thought that was.

And yet…she was here. Standing in front of a small two story house with an enclosed yard and a tree with a tire-swing. Just inside the window, she could see the woman herself sitting on the couch, her phone to her ear, crying to her friend in Switzerland. Anyanka frowned and with a small spell, she was able to hear what the woman was saying.

“…its not that I didn’t realize he’d move on, Trini, but did it have to be Katherine? That woman seems to be able to completely fill my shoes.” She sniffled. Anyanka frowned, confused. What’s she talking about?

"Yeah she does! She’s pink ranger, and yeah, totally gave her the coin myself, but all everyone talks about is what an amazing ranger she’s being. It’s like I never existed as the pink ranger.” She groaned. Anyanka nodded, she finally understood why she was drawn to this young woman’s pain. In many ways, she was quite a bit like the vengeance demon herself; she’d become invisible to the population (more or less) with the arrival of the other woman. It was not a pleasant feeling.

“He hurt me, Tri, by moving on so quickly. I mean, it was a couple months after you and Jason broke up that he started dating Emily. Tommy was already having a dinner date with her a week after he got the letter.” She complained. Anyanka raised an eyebrow; that was quick.

“Yeah, I know all about Heather, but still. Did it have to be her?” she whined.

“Ya know what I wish?” The woman spoke up suddenly, inspiration hitting her. Anyanka snapped to attention. “I wish Tommy will never, never, be able to stop being a ranger, just so he can get his ass kicked on a daily basis and never have a normal relationship.”

“Done.” Anyanka whispered before the wish even registered. When it did, and she realized she had granted it, she frowned. What a horrible wish! Not even any bloodshed! Sighing in annoyance to herself, she let it go and vanished from the woman’s house. No use crying over a horrible wish, especially since to revoke it would cause her to lose her powers.

Seven Years Later

It took Tommy a few minutes to realize he was invisible. It wasn't until Zeltrax had commented on his so called destruction that it clicked.

"I heard my name." Tommy smiled as he willed himself to reappear. "You missed me, didn't you Zeltrax?"

As the younger rangers crowded around and he showed off the new dino gem, Tommy couldn't help but wonder, momentarily, if he'd ever be able to escape the hold the power seemed to have on him.

For some reason, he didn't think so.

The End

You have reached the end of "Wishes". This story is complete.

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