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Alien Life

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Contact". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Life for the Colorado Springs Slayers gets a little more out there. Dawn/Jonas Contact series

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Jonas Quinn(Past Donor)LiastraLeeFR1578,54123822,11314 Nov 0717 Dec 07Yes

I Hate Thursdays

Disclaimer: All your shows are belong to someone else
AN: Thanks for the love people. I’m totally flattered that I got nominated for best series and best portrayal of Dawn for the first story. Love y’all. I will remind you again that my chapter titles have to do with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and not my story, so nobody remind me that Tuesdays are the bad ones for Dawn.

Chapter 7: I hate Thursdays

The first week that Spike worked at the SGC was a little nerve wracking because he had to constantly pretend that he knew nothing about the place. It wasn’t that much of a stretch anyway since Jon and Jonas refused to give out any of the details of how the place was run and who worked there. Cassie didn’t know much about it at this point, but she would only tell him about her mom, Daniel and Sam, the people she had contact with. The pretending didn’t last that long though. Since he was friends with Jon, they all just assumed that he had given him all the info since his recruitment.

Other than that things went smoothly. He started out doing the gate training and going through certain mission reports to see if he had anything to add to the findings, or advice on how to deal with certain civilizations. They wouldn’t assign him to a team for at least 3 months, so he was going to be a floater. He didn’t mind. This was a lot to get used to on top of everything else; taking it slow was for the best. Now if only he could find some way to gloat about it to Angel.


The day that Jon met Ava for the first time was highly amusing to Jonas and Dawn.

His charming young man act, which had worked with nearly every girl they knew, went right past her. He even tried boyish humor.

She thought he was immature and smarmy.

Jon was offended by the jab at his maturity. “I’m way older than her.”

Dawn patted him on the head. “Not really.”


Jonas loved to spend time with his son. He and AJ played together every day. They did errands together. Jonas even took him to business meetings. There was a playpen in the office at the inn and one in Cassie’s apartment, where most of the work was actually done anyway. Today they were gong to the SGC together to see some of Jonas’ old friends and take care of a little business for Cassie and Jonas.

“Jonas, what’s with the stow away?” asked Jon as Jonas carried AJ out of the elevator on the way to the General’s office.

“Sam and Jack are here visiting with SG-1 and they wanted to meet him. Besides I need to talk with Landry and no one was home to watch him.”

“Isn’t that Ava’s job?”

“Yes, most of the time, but she and Dawn went to London on Council business today.”


“Ava is helping out with something. I don’t know what. I didn’t ask.”

“Oh, well…….. Why does she hate me?”

Jonas laughed at his friend. “You’ll have to ask her.”

Jon grimaced and took AJ from Jonas’ arms. “No thanks. I’ll take the rugrat to Spike’s office while you talk to the General. SG-1 isn’t due back for another couple of hours and Jack and Sam are taking a short trip to visit her dad right now. They’ll be back just after the team comes in.”

“Sure. Just make sure AJ doesn’t mess up any of his Uncle Spike’s work. And keep an eye out for…. Stuff.” Jonas looked at him pointedly. Jon nodded, understanding that he was to keep AJ from displaying his abilities to the base personnel.

When Jonas was finally sitting down with General Landry and saw the grim and odd look on the other man’s face he started to worry.

“What is this about sir?” He had picked up the habit of military address when he worked here and never lost it.

“It has come to my attention, Mr. Quinn, that you have compromised the security of the Stargate program.”

Jonas sat forward a bit. “Excuse me?”

“Yesterday, a group led by someone calling herself Willow appeared at the gate. They dropped an unconscious body on the ground and stated that he was one of ours. When the guard asked what she meant by that she said that ‘Jonas said you needed to know if we found any more of them, so we figured it would be best if you got him alive.’ Now what is even odder about this is that a majority of the group she was with was young girls, with massive mideval weapons. It turns out that their gift was a go’auld called Eros who had been working with Ba’al and the Trust. Care to explain that?”

Jonas was totally shocked. What had possessed Willow to do such a stupid thing? And how the hell had she gotten here? Dawn certainly wouldn’t have sent her, and if she had she would have told him. “I have no idea what that was about sir. I do know that a certain private organization is aware of the Stargate program and what you do, but I don’t know anything about this specific incident.”

He chose his words carefully. There was a vague plan in place just in case this ever came up, but it was very vague. All he knew for sure to say was that he hadn’t spilled the beans and neither had Jon or Spike. Also he had to call Dawn and Giles to arrange a briefing with the WC and the SGC. He was actually glad that Jack and Sam were around. He really wanted to keep Cassie’s name out of this, but them being there would come in handy if it did. This was so not good.

AN: Ok, done with this now. Just needed to cement the background for the next fic cause I didn’t want to just jump in with all the changes. Up next: Intergalactic portals, secret organizations revealed, secret identities revealed, Adria is a bitch, Angel shows his face (but not in Colorado, cause I totally said “never return” and that would be wrong of me), the Antaran alien issue is resolved (sort of), and much more.

The End

You have reached the end of "Alien Life". This story is complete.

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