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Alien Life

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Contact". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Life for the Colorado Springs Slayers gets a little more out there. Dawn/Jonas Contact series

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Jonas Quinn(Past Donor)LiastraLeeFR1578,54123822,11314 Nov 0717 Dec 07Yes

Don't Panic

Disclaimer: Buffy, Angel and Stargate all belong to other people.
AN: This is my full story sequel to Contact with the Great Unknown. There are a couple of one shots in between, but they don’t matter to the plot of the story at this time.
Time line and Spoilers: After the finale of all shows.
Pairings: Dawn/Jonas, Spike/Vi, Buffy/Xander, Daniel/Vala, and any I make up along the way.

Chapter 1: Don’t Panic

Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal’Doran, and Cameron Mitchell were in the commissary of Stargate Command having the most boring day in at least 3 years. That is until Daniel mentioned running into Lt. Jon O’Neill in a bar a month or so earlier.

“So you’re saying that he went into a bar with one teenage girl, and came out with two teenage girls, Cassie, a pregnant brunet and a hot redhead?”

Daniel nodded.


Daniel gave him a dark look.

“Oh, come on! It had to be a joke. I mean come on.”

“Well, I know that now. But it was odd. It felt like I was watching a male version of Hathor or something.”

Vala put her hands on Daniel’s shoulder and leaned her chin on them. “Yes well, I’m sure not all of them were involved with our clone. But one or two – “

This lurid thought was interrupted by the man himself skidding into the room and jogging across t them. He went straight to Cam.

“I really need your help.”

All three of them looked confused.

Jon didn’t even acknowledge him. “I’m supposed to be at the hospital right now for a baby delivery and my truck died. I really need a ride.”

Vala smirked, Daniel looked horrified and Cam was the only one who could form words. “So the girl n the parking lot….”

“Oh, fer crying out loud. IT’S NOT MINE!!”

They all looked at him.

“Look, I’m the godfather and I promised Jonas I’d be there with him. Will somebody PLEASE give me a ride before he evicts me?”

Daniel was interested, but confused. “Jonas is having a baby, and he’s your landlord?”



“If you’re that interested, I’ll explain on the way.”

They all looked to Cam, who just shrugged. “Oh, sure, why not, It’ll be interesting at least.”


When they were pulling past the outer perimeter of base security Daniel leaned up from his place in the back seat of the crew sized pickup and asked Jon, who was in the front, “Why him?”


“You don’t know Cam all that well, and he doesn’t know Jonas except for reading about him in mission reports. Why did you ask him for a ride and not me?”

“I know Mitchell good enough to know that he doesn’t drive like an 85 year old woman, like you do.”

Vala laughed as Daniel sat back in his seat. When he glared at her she just smiled at him and patted his cheek.

“I do not drive that slow.”

“Yes, you do.” They all answered back.

“Fine, whatever. So Jon, explain this situation for us.”

Jon sighed. “Ok. When Jonas relocated to Earth a few years ago he got a boatload of cash for finding a bunch of Naquada mines for us. He used part of that to buy a place on the edge of town and open an inn. It has a couple of small apartments up in the attic. When the Air Force stopped paying my expenses after graduation and I couldn’t get into the Academy yet because my identity wasn’t checking out, he gave me a job and one of the apartments. Cassie found out about it and moved in across the hall from me and rented her mom’s place to SG-12. So, around that time, this woman, Dawn Summers, used the other big ass mansion out there to open a private corporate retreat for this big overseas place that she worked for. She stayed at the inn and they hit it off. 8 months later, she’s pregnant, and he moves in with her and her adopted daughter. End story.”

“Uhuh, so who were those other women she was with that night at the bar?”

“Lets see. Robyn, younger redhead, she lives with Dawn for legal reasons. Vi, older redhead, Dawn’s brother’s girlfriend, they rent the cottage at the inn where Jonas used to live. Jenny, Dawn’s adopted daughter. And of course Cassie. That whole scene was her idea by the way. She heard what you were accusing me of and couldn’t help herself apparently.”

Vala laughed. “Oh, I must meet this girl. I wonder how she became so mischievous with Daniel as a childhood influence.”

Daniel was disgruntled. “She wasn’t. Its apparently a recent development in her character.”

Jon smiled brightly. “I’ll take that as a complement. It wasn’t all me though. The crowd we run with is the biggest bunch of smart asses you’ll ever meet.”

“I thought you were the only clone that Loki made?”

“Ha ha Daniel.”
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