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By All That's Gucci!

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This story is No. 3 in the series "One-stop shop for my FFA's.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: FFA Pairing: Marc gets a new hag. (BtVS / Ugly Betty)

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Television > Ugly BettyamusewithaviewFR132792072,90616 Nov 0716 Nov 07Yes

To Overbear and Overshare

Disclaimer in first chapter.

A/N: I just wanted to play with 'em a little more, they're all so cute! Oh, and just an FYI - I have nothing against the gay population, nothing in this is meant to be insulting... just in-character.


"He's mine you know."

Harmony looked up from her typing, blinking baby-blue eyes in childlike surprise, "Excuse me?"

"Marc," Amanda all but growled, her lip curling menacingly. Her next words were enunciated carefully, "He. Is. Mine." She eyed the paler blonde's silky blue dress and sooooo last-season shoes disdainfully, "Go find your own gay!"

"Find my own - " The blonde smiled, feeling superior as her vague expression turned into something far more self-righteous, "Marc chooses his own friends, it's not my fault you got all..." She gestured towards the other girl's no-longer-svelte physique, words failing her.

Amanda glanced down at herself, "I have big bones!"

"What, like elephant-sized?"

With a shrill shriek of rage hag-one hopped the dividing wall, tackling hag-two to the ground. The circular cubicle hid most of the fight from the surrounding area, but the sounds drew everyone's attention.

Gossip. Yum.

Of course when Amanda staggered from the booth, a small handful of hair clutched in her manicured grip, no-one could miss the beginning of round two. With a war-cry that would have done a kung-fu movie proud, Harmony knocked Amanda back onto the ground again for another bout of clich├ęd hair-pulling and name-calling.

Betty cocked her head to the side as she exited Daniel's office with the ever-annoying Marc at her side, "Hey, isn't that the new girl? Who's she fighting with?"

"Who, what, where?" The male assistant's eyes lit on the squabbling duo, instantly recognizing both shades of bottle-blonde. Grabbing Betty's shoulders he propelled her back towards her desk and out of range of the disturbance, "Know them? I don't know them, you think you know them? They're no-one, nobody special!" He shoved her down into her seat, sending her office chair spinning and smiling down at her brightly.

She leaned sideways, looking around him just in time to see the battling blondes roll by down the hallway. Still bent over she shot Marc an exasperated look, "Well 'no-one' and 'nobody special' just rolled through security and into Wilhelmina's office."

Marc hopped back out into the hall and winced as a crash and a scream echoed back to meet his ears. Phooey, it was looking like there was going to be another all-nighter.

He sighed and pouted, kicking his foot against the ground, "Why do girls always have to fight over me?"

"I guess it's just your cross to bear," Betty shrugged.

"I'm tired of bearing, I bear too much... I overbear, you know?"

"You can be pretty overbearing, Marc."

"Yeah..." He pulled a face, "My life is tough."


A/N: Like it, love it, loathe it with the fiery intensity of a thousand hot suns? Lemme know!

The End

You have reached the end of "By All That's Gucci!". This story is complete.

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