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I Didn’t Do It!

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Summary: With the activation of the Hellmouth an alternative dimension Willow and Xander are sent to St. Louis. Xander and Willow’s parents are friends.

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Anita Blake > Willow-CenteredEccentricWonderFR1831,4310156,03616 Nov 0720 Nov 07No

Where's Xander?

Summary: Willow drops into Nathaniel’s apartment. Set before he moves in with Anita but Anita is paying for his living.

Where’s Xander?


Nathaniel didn’t like living on his own. He wanted to live with Anita but she just wouldn’t let him. Just as he was getting ready to close his eyes and sleep in his lonely bed he heard a thump coming from the living room. Getting up he came upon a young girl out cold on carpeted floor. Walking closer to her he picked her up and set her on the couch. Nathaniel was lost as to what he was supposed to do. He never had much of a childhood so how was he supposed to act around her. Tucking her in he decided to wait until she was up to find out how she got there and went back to bed.

Thirty minutes later he felt someone crawl into his bed smelling of fear. Other than moving over to unconsciously accommodate the new person he did not acknowledge this change.

In the morning Nathaniel found himself curled next to a young girl who was holding on to him like a lifeline. He watched as she woke up from her nap. Yawning wide, her eyes' shut tight he saw inside her tongue free mouth. When her eyes finally opened her blue gray eyes that reminded him so much of his brother, Nicky, caught him. He suddenly felt something that he had never felt since he had watched his father beat his brother, the desire to protect someone, yet where he failed before he would succeed now. He knew however that what he was taught from before would never leave him nor did he wish for it to. But looking at her dirty and hurt body made him want to stop it from touching her.

Blinking up at him sleepily she seemed to see him for the first time and looked around her in confusion. Franticly she formed shapes with her hands, scared. Nathaniel was unable to understand and spoke in his soft voice. “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you.”


I watched as the male with purple eyes spoke. I didn’t know what to do but he did say that he wouldn’t hurt me. I also liked his hair. It was pretty. I smiled; happy then took out my spare notepad that was hidden under my dress and wrote in my sloppy writing ‘My Name is Willow.’

I handed him the paper in which he read then with a small smile that went all the way to his eyes said, “Nathaniel.” Nathaniel was nice but I still missed Xander. I had not seen him since the scary light consumed us. I hope he was okay.
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