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I Didn’t Do It!

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Summary: With the activation of the Hellmouth an alternative dimension Willow and Xander are sent to St. Louis. Xander and Willow’s parents are friends.

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Anita Blake > Willow-CenteredEccentricWonderFR1831,4310156,03316 Nov 0720 Nov 07No

Chapter With No Catchy Title or Here's Xander

Summary: Xander is found by…

Chapter With No Catchy Title or Here's Xander

Edward was walking back from a recent job that he had just completed. Going to his car he saw what looked like an eight year-old-boy leaning against the back wheel of his car looking lost. He walked right past him to put his equipment away before causally ambling over to him. Looking down at him he saw the boy look up at him his eyes masked of feeling. If he had only causally glanced he would have said that this boy was emotionless. Yet, Edward was anything but a normal civilian who didn’t really take in what was around him. Edward was an assassin, one of the best out there and could see fear and uncertainty in the boy’s eye. The other one was covered by bangs but he could see part of the eye patch and didn’t question him.

Bending down to eye level Edward spoke almost carelessly, “So what’s a kid like you doing here? Don’t you have a family to be getting back to?” A dark look flitted over the boys face for a moment but disappeared as fast as he could make it. Looking at the boy Edward thought that he had promise now that Anita was becoming to involved with the monsters. Plus he could always use a new project before he was contracted again. Or however long this new distraction held up.

The brown haired, brown-eyed cherub looked up with a look that young kids wear when trying to act tough. Finally, when he deemed the adult okay to talk to spoke to him in a childish voice, “I’m Alexander H-.” Here he stopped but quickly plowed on to cover up his blunder. “I don’t have a family nor do I want to see them.” So he had a family but was not going to let any information out. In Edwards mind the last sentence cinched his idea of having him as a project. He also noted that he had refrained from finishing his last name.

Looking down at the boy he asked him the question that would change his life forever. “So how do you feel about traveling with me?” The only answer to his question was an overexcited nod from the boy once known to others as Xander Harris.
Okay I know Edward is out of character. At least to me he is. Please, just go with it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "I Didn’t Do It!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Nov 07.

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