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I Didn’t Do It!

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Summary: With the activation of the Hellmouth an alternative dimension Willow and Xander are sent to St. Louis. Xander and Willow’s parents are friends.

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With the activation of the Hellmouth an alternative dimension Willow and Xander are sent to St. Louis. Xander and Willow’s parents are friends.

P.S. I’m switching some of their traits. I.e., Xander is good with computers while Willow is good with art.
‘Sign language’

This is my first story. Be easy on me.
I own nothing.

Pairing(s) so far in mind:


Willow sat in her room looking around. Today was her sixth birthday and she waited for her parents to visit her. They always did before they left. She taught herself when her parents were not home or didn’t feel like it. Her parents left her in the basement when they left to go on vacations. They forgot about her a lot. The only good thing was when Xander would stay with her in the basement. Xander was the neighbor who lived next door and they were closer than siblings.

Her parents came through the door of her room looking angry. By the time they had put both children in the basement Willow was cut and bruised. The only up side to the beatings was that they seemed to avoid her face at all costs. She supposed that was because they were afraid of leaving lasting scars that if she were required to leave the house would be noticed.

She looked up at Xander and decided that today was as good as any to take a small break to catch up and tonight they could study. Just because they were so close didn’t mean that they saw each other all that much. She quickly started to sign to him. ‘Hey, do you want to go to the library tonight. We could get a new book and I can teach you to read some more.’ To the question Xander answered an affirmative.

The reason that Willow was signing was because as a baby she had had colic and her parents had cut her tongue out to silence her. Xander on the other had had his left eye scratched out for something that neither could figure out. Xander was two years older than her but was not as advanced as her in most subjects. The thing that her was his forte happened to be the computer. Willow could build a computer but for the life of her did not know how to use one. In fact she never even tried. She had a year ago found an old laptop in the dump and using a library book fixed it up. Willow was best at art but was smart because of her photographic memory.

“Willow we should start to go soon. It’s getting dark.” Xander had been talking about what had happened when he had escaped and Willow was listening avidly all the while carving away at a gift of wood from Xander. She was making a six-inch tall ferret for him. She was using an old pocketknife that she had found in the attic that was connected to her room. She kept the knife sharp enough to go through the hardest of wood like butter at all times.

Willow put her figure and knife into pockets of the pants that she wore under her dirty dress with the knife sharpener. As they were sneaking out of the basement through the small window everything started to shake and a bright light enveloped them until they both felt like their insides were coming out. When everything cleared there was no sign that they were ever there.
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