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This story is No. 2 in the series "Miami Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith can't seem to get over Buffy so the blonde gives a certain Ghost Whisperer a visit. Sequel to 'Faith, Knife, Murder'.

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Television > Ghost Whisperer
CSI > CSI Miami
RavenMorbiskFR1536,4493175,10517 Nov 0724 Nov 07Yes

Chapter One

Author: Raven Morbisk
Title: Hurt (1/3)
Summary: Faith can't seem to get over Buffy so the blonde gives a certain Ghost Whisperer a visit.
Disclaimer: I'm too poor to own any of this...
Notes: I saw the first episode of Ghost Whisperer a few days ago so don't kill me if I got anything wrong.
Warning: Mentioning of self-infliction.


It hurts when you need me
and I can't break your fall,


Buffy walked into the antique store 'The Same as Always Was' and just started looking around. She wasn't sure who she was looking for but smiled brightly when a brunette looked straight at her.

"Oh thank god, it's true." The blonde exclaimed and walked up to the brunette. The woman seemed a little puzzled and it had nothing to do with the paperwork she was currently doing.

"Excuse me?" She asked curiously glancing around her but no one was looking at her or the blonde in front of her.

"You’re Melinda Gordon, right?” the brunette gave a small nod “I hate rumors," Buffy said with a shake of her head "I really do but just this once I'm so glad I believed them." She let out a breath of relief, receiving a rather strange look from Melinda because ghosts didn’t really breathe.

"I don't think I follow." The brunette replied in a hushed tone trying not to look at the blonde. She knew what the blonde was talking about but she hoped that if she played dumb the woman would leave.

"Oh sorry, my name's Buffy." Buffy replied smiling and held her hand out. She stared at her ghostly hand for a moment then gave a small shrug as she retracted it. "I heard that you could see ghosts and help them move on."

"Great." Melinda sighed and threw her pen on the counter throwing an apologetic smile at an older woman that walked by.

"Yeah sorry, I know the feeling." Buffy shot her a rueful smile. She felt really sorry for the woman in front of her. From what she heard she had helped ghosts her entire life. They would just come up to her and ask for her help.


"You try to have a normal life and then something like this pops up and you have to put your life on hold." Buffy said with a thoughtful look in her eyes. "It sucks big time."

"Yeah," Melinda nodded, narrowing her eyes suspiciously "it does." She looked around the store and noticed more people had entered so she gave a subtle nod to the backroom motioning for Buffy to follow her there.

"I’m really sorry to ask you this but can you help me?" Buffy asked pleadingly "Well, not me actually but my girlfriend." She bit her bottom lip thinking about what she just said "Is she still my girlfriend? I'm dead after all."

"I don't know, I guess she still is." Melinda replied confused. She had never thought of that. A lot of ghosts still called their significant others their girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife.

"But that would mean she'd be cheating on me if she ever found a new girlfriend." Buffy retorted. Now that she was not among the living anymore she wouldn’t mind Faith having another girlfriend, or boyfriend for that matter.

"Then no?" The brunette offered smiling apologetically.

"Right." The blonde said drawing out the word "Okay, anyway, can you help her? She won't let me go and being a spirit doesn't provide me with a life." She shrugged "Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, literally but this is not healthy for her." Buffy continued grimly "Besides I'm kind of fond of heaven and would like to go back."

"Wait, you've been there already?" Melinda asked dumbfounded.

"Yeah but that was the first time." Buffy waved it off dismissively. She didn’t really have to care for what this woman would be thinking; she was hiding her own secrets.

"The first time?" The brunette questioned confused.

"First time I died." Buffy replied indifferently shrugging "Long story." She said seeing the confusion clearly written on Melinda’s face. "Third time's the charm." Buffy muttered.

"I'll try but there's no guarantee she'll believe me." Melinda sighed. She checked her watch and figured that if she explained it properly she would be home in time for Jim.

"That's not a problem, she'll believe you. The only problem is getting her to talk about me." Buffy knew Faith wouldn’t be skeptical about people seeing ghosts, all part of the supernatural baggage. "She won't say a thing about me and whenever my sister or best friends talk about me she leaves or ignores them."

"Do you know where she is now?" Melinda asked a little more upbeat. If this Buffy person was telling the truth then she didn’t have to explain her gift, just get the girlfriend talking.

"Yeah, that might be a problem, too." Buffy replied hesitantly. "She lives in Miami." She was waiting for the shocked outburst but the woman, this Ghost Whisperer, just looked surprised.

"Miami? You came from Miami?" She finally asked the blonde. Her usual supernatural visitors were from Grandview or around it, not from another state.

"Like that's a big deal for someone who's dead." Buffy rolled her eyes and began inspecting the backroom. There were a lot of beautiful things that should be in the front of the store.

"How long have you been dead?” Melinda asked feeling a little uneasy that a ghost was inspecting her stock “Most ghost I have to help look a lot scarier then you and don't know what’s and how’s."

"About a year and a half." Buffy replied absently. She tried to grab a very old looking vase but she just went through it. “Movies are liars.” The blonde frowned “I once saw this movie where this ghost could touch and move things if he tried really hard but I just can’t and I’ve been trying for a while.”

"Do you know how you died?" Melinda asked staring at Buffy’s efforts to touch several different items in the backroom.

"I was murdered." The blonde blatantly replied turning to the brunette. She could see the brunette’s horrification but just shrugged it off. What’s done was done and there wasn’t anything to change that anymore.

"Hate crime?" There was something so familiar about everything Buffy had said so far. It was like she had heard it before.

"Something like that." Buffy replied with another shrug. She was losing time here, not that she needed her time but she was getting bored just standing here with this brunette while she could be watching her own brunette.

"Say I was to help you, can she come here?" Melinda wasn’t sure she could go to Miami just like that. She felt sorry for the blonde and her girlfriend but Miami was a fair distance.

"She can't leave the state." Buffy replied smiling uncomfortably. "She still has six months of probation left." She explained when seeing the bemused look on Melinda’s face.

"She's a criminal?" This was getting too big for Melinda. Jim wouldn’t trust her going to see a criminal but then again, what could she have done?

"Watch what you say about my Faith, she's not a criminal." Buffy stated firmly. Then it clicked in Melinda’s head recognizing Buffy’s story. "She made some bad choices, that's all." Another shrug delivered by the blonde.

"Faith as in Faith Lehane?" Melinda asked trying to suppress her surprise. Buffy nodded and smiled thinking about her Slayer. "I heard about her on the news, she took her father through the window because he raped and killed," Melinda looked at Buffy understanding why Faith wasn’t letting her go "you."

"Like I said, bad choices but they were right in her mind." Buffy said. She would’ve rather wanted that Faith and Willow to not have attacked Joe but who was she kidding, it was all it took for Willow and Faith to go back dark.

"And now she's clinging onto you." Melinda stated the obvious nodding to herself. "I think that's natural seeing as you were ripped from her so violently." She mused aloud.

"Yeah, true but there's this pretty blonde woman that seems to like her but Faith keeps shutting her off whenever it gets too personal." Buffy said thinking back to Calleigh. She liked the blonde cop; she was very friendly to Faith. "Faith never opened up easily but now it's just worse because she's hurting herself, physically."

"I'll take this up with my husband. Miami isn't exactly a neighboring town." Melinda sighed heavily. If the blonde hadn’t mentioned the possible physical harm she just might’ve been able to tell the blonde Miami was just a too far of a distance but that just wasn’t the case.

"You're married?" Buffy asked. When she received a nod from the brunette she smiled sadly and wrapped her arms around her waist. "Faith wanted to marry me."

"Come back tomorrow night and I'll see what I can do." Melinda smiled warmly.

"Thank you." Buffy smiled back and disappeared from sight.


A/N: Let me know what you think... I've been playing with thoughts of making the whole thing (with the upcoming sequels that'll probably fill my head) a series but I'm not sure...
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