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The Courtship Rituals of Visually-Impaired Muggles

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Summary: Nymphadora Tonks is set up with an interesting blind date.

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Harry Potter > Wesley-Centered > Pairing: Nymphadora Tonks(Past Donor)DeanieFR1313680111,85418 Nov 0718 Nov 07Yes
Rating: FR13
Genre: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter Crossover
Pairing: Wesley/Tonks
Timing: Pre-Buffy for Wesley, and pre-books (her Hogwarts years) for Tonks.
Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own these characters. Wesley belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Tonks belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Nymphadora Tonks didn’t hold with the anti-muggle prejudice spouted by the Slytherins (and others) at Hogwarts. She was half-muggle, after all. But, with this last half-arsed plan of her parents, she could almost understand why those narrow-minded buggers said such things.

A blind date. Her parents had set her up on a blind date. Feeling that she wasn’t “properly socializing” while at Hogwarts, they had arranged for her to meet the son of one of their friends.

She’d been relieved to know that ‘blind date’ was simply a figure of speech, and that her parents weren’t attempting to fix her up with a visually-impaired muggle. However, seeing the “nice young man” they had picked, she was beginning to wonder what exactly they’d been thinking when they picked that prat.

Wesley Wyndam-Price looked every bit as pompous as his name made him sound. All slicked back hair and crisply pressed linen. But blimey! Someone really should remove the fireplace poker he had sticking up his bum.

Shutting the door of her parents’ flat behind her, Tonks marched over to the studious-looking young man. “My name is Nymphadora Tonks. I prefer Tonks, though I will accept being referred to as Nymphadora. Nymph-a-dor-a. Four full syllables. Under no circumstances, even if the world is coming to a dire end, are you to refer to me as ‘Nymph’ or ‘Nymphie.’ Are we clear?”

Her date -- Wesley -- pulled himself up this full height, straightening his tie while staring down at her. He leaned forward as he spoke, causing her to lean backwards. “I assure you, madam, I am more than capable of remembering your name. This is hardly my first date. I am not entirely inexperienced in the ways between a man and a woman. I’ll have you know that some women find me quite attractive.”

Tonks straightened up, taking a step back before moving away from the door. “All righty, then. You ready to go?”

Without bothering to check if her 'date' was following her, Tonks headed out into the night.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Courtship Rituals of Visually-Impaired Muggles". This story is complete.

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