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Ultimate Mission

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Summary: Scott goes on a rescue mission and finds more than he expected. Scott/Logan, Scott/Logan/Remy, M?/Remy. BDSM. Chap11 to end added

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesAzureChaosFR211446,722578,73618 Nov 077 Dec 07Yes

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Chapter One: The Rescue

Disclaimer: The characters (except Scion) aren’t mine, I just wanted to play with them and get them to do rude things… I’ll give them back when I’m done, promise. No money has or will be made from this fic.
A/N: I originally completed this fic 13th April 2005, it was my very first fanfic, I’ve since re-edited (Nov 2007)

Warnings for whole fic: M/m, AU, threesome, hurt/comfort, BDSM: Humiliation, Whipping, Spanking, Biting, Oral & Anal.

Scott stood outside the motel room door; his fingers poised, raised beside his visor, ready for action. Cerebro had picked up the mutant’s signature, but something had caused the loss of connection so further information wasn’t available. He was going in blind and solo on a rescue mission, but it was one he wasn’t willing to delay on. The man had been missing for far too long.

Slowly, he turned the handle and stepped into the gloomy room. Closing the door behind him, he briefly registered the figure on the bed as he scanned the room for any other occupants. Satisfied that they were alone he turned his attention back to the bed. The man was on his front with his face turned towards Scott. He was naked, spread wide, hands and ankles chained to the bed, ass spread wide, and a blindfold covered his eyes. He was utterly divine all spread out with taut muscle rippling under tanned skin. Scott felt his cock harden as the situation wound its way into his brain. It was doubtless that the chains would be able to hold him should he choose to no longer be held captive; he was here by choice.

Logan held his breath; the strange scent of the man who had entered the room tickled his nose and seemed vaguely familiar. He tried to place it and his inability momentarily annoyed him. He knew he should have been nervous or worried that the man in the room with him was not the man he’d been expecting, but it was just like Scion to spring a surprise. It wasn’t like Logan couldn’t defend himself if he needed to, he was under no illusion about the chains purpose being merely for atmosphere and neither was Scion. His curiosity flared but he didn’t speak, he was forbidden to speak unless spoken to. He smelt the lust curl through the air, radiating and mixing with the scent of the other man. A hand came to rest on his bare ass cheek and the muscle flexed involuntarily. Fingers circled lightly on the flesh sending a shiver up his spine and registering in his already hard cock, trapped between his belly and the bed.

Scott had stepped closer to Logan; unable to stop the urge he had to touch the god sprawled out before him. Never before had he seen his teammate in such a vulnerable position, begging to be controlled and dominated and it was turning him on in ways he had never imagined. Sure he had fantasised and drooled over the man for a good couple of years, but this was beyond his wildest dreams. He noticed that Logan’s tight pucker was glistening with lube; he was prepped ready for sex. The realisation registered in Scott’s groin and he had to bite back a moan. He knew the older man would be able to smell his arousal and hear his thundering heartbeat, but there had so far been no reaction from him.

Slowly, he caressed up the other man’s back, from ass to shoulder. It would be so easy for him to unzip and take the prone man there and then, after all, he wasn’t exactly protesting the touch. He hadn’t spoken a word and Scott wondered if he had recognised his scent or if he’d been expecting the scent of someone he didn’t know; it had been a long time since he’d seen him but he didn’t think the feral forgot a scent.

The idea of taking what was on offer appealed momentarily to Scott, then he realised it wasn’t what he wanted. Logan wasn’t laid out like this for him; this display of submission was for someone else and Scott realised that if it wasn’t being offered to him personally, then he didn’t want it. He wanted Logan to offer himself up for him and him only.

Logan waited, wondering what was going to happen, the hand still rested on his shoulder where it had travelled to with such gentle torment. The man was so close now and the scent was nipping at his brain. He took a deep breath, the smell of fruit and spice hit him like a wave, and underneath that, something that was undeniably…. Recognition hit him like a sledgehammer and he groaned inwardly.

There was no time to wonder how he felt about Scott Summers hovering over him, finding him in such a compromising position, or the resulting lust it had caused in the man; as the hand moved from his shoulder and gently removed the blindfold. Scott was smiling at him as he blinked to regain his focus, before the brunette took a step back. The smile was genuine, affectionate even, not smirking or the smug ‘I’ve got one on you now’ look that he might have expected from the Cyclops he thought he knew.

Scott crouched by the bed, wondering if the smile was too much, but he couldn’t help himself. “It’s good to see you, Logan. I’ve missed you.”

Logan did groan then. “Cyke, what’s goin’ on?”

“Thought you were in trouble, came to rescue you.” And there was the smirk, but it wasn’t an unpleasant one.

“Oh.” Was the only reply that Logan could manage.

“Want me to rescue you Logan? Then I could be your knight in shining armour.” Scott grinned the toothsome, boy next door, butter wouldn’t melt grin.

“Er, you ‘lone Cyke?” Logan was suddenly worried that the whole of the X-men were going to come blundering through the door any minute and find him like this; his reputation was already on shaky grounds.

“Yeah, solo mission. Don’t panic.” Scott perched on the edge of the bed. “Way I see it, we’ve got two options. One, I walk out and leave you strung up and waiting for your intended visitor. Two, I unchain you and you come back to the mansion with me.”

Logan opened his mouth to speak, but Scott wasn’t finished yet.

“Now don’t get me wrong: your choice is your choice, and for all I know the guy you’re waiting for…he could be quite the stud. But, I’d be lying if I said the thought of leaving you lying there for someone else’s pleasure didn’t give me a little nip of the green eyes. I have to admit, you’ve never looked so appealing, Logan. I would much prefer to take you home and… well… take you.”

Scott smiled a wicked smile that made Logan’s groin tighten. He growled softly, a noise that Scott could easily have misunderstood.

“Untie me, Cyke.”

Still not overly clear on his intentions and now more than a little nervous, Scott leant over the bed and unfastened the cuffs from their attachment points. He stepped back waiting to see what Logan would do.

Swinging himself around to sit up on the bed, Logan cracked his neck and rubbed to ease stiff muscles, he’d been strung out a while and his muscles had knotted themselves up. All the time he massaged his shoulders he eyed Scott carefully, unabashed at his cock sticking straight up in front of him.

Scott worked hard to try and stop his gaze from wandering over the Canadian’s well-built body, but failed. His eyes drifted down to the part of his anatomy that was begging for attention, waving in the air like it was. His mouth watered and he brought his eyes deliberately back up to meet Logan’s. Even with his eyes hidden, he knew that Logan would be able to see the meaning behind that look.

“Never took you as the kinky kind, Cyke.” Logan mused with a half smile on his lips.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” Scott shot him that wicked grin again, but this time he saw the affect it had and the grin grew even bigger. He located a neat pile of Logan’s clothes and tossed them to him. “Leave the cuffs on.” He ordered and sat down to watch the other man dress.

The order was met with a growl, but the pulse and throb of the Wolverine’s cock, confirmed the sound as a lusty acceptance. Sure enough, Logan pulled the clothes on and left the cuffs in place.

“Do you need to leave a note or anything?” He quirked an eyebrow behind his visor.

The other man shrugged and shook his head. “ ’S a casual thing. Come and go as we please.” He explained as he picked his leather jacket from the back of a chair and slung it on.

Scott was already at the door, hand outstretched for the handle when it opened in front of him. He stepped back, scowled and then a slow smile spread across his lips as he took in the man in front of him. His gaze moved from the man to Logan and back again, trying hard not to smirk. The stranger did the same. The feral had stopped in his tracks, unsure what to do next in the face of the two meeting.

“Scott Summers.” The X-man broke the standoff and offered his hand to the stranger. Shielded eyes skimmed over floppy auburn hair, hazel eyes and chiselled features. He was almost the same height and his build was very similar to his own, perhaps not quite as toned, although he looked older.

“Scion.” The other man said finally, after his eyes had taken in Scott the same way and he offered his hand.

There was a slight electric tingle as their fingers contacted in a firm handshake and Scott looked to his teammate, dipping his head and raising an amused eyebrow.

Logan swallowed, looking from one to the other and back, why had he never noticed it before? Scott was giving him that toothsome grin and his stomach flipped at the realisation of what he’d seen in Scion. It was the man in the doorway that broke the silence with a laugh.

“I don’t think I’m much of a substitute for the real thing, Logan.” Scion spoke with what sounded like a cross between amusement and regret.

The Canadian stepped towards them then. “Sir…” Scion’s hand came up to silence him.

“It’s ok Logan, go with your Master.” He looked pointedly at Scott, even as his words were directed at Logan.

He didn’t need to be a telepath to know the warning that lay in those eyes. This man may be willing to hand Logan over to him, but he cared what happened to him and the message was clear that if he hurt him in the wrong way, then Scion would hunt him down and make him very sorry.
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