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Summary: A chance meeting between two people. (cliché fluff warning)

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Daniel Jackson(Moderator)AvaFR712,6852283,88219 Nov 0719 Nov 07Yes
Title :: Entrapment
Disclaimer :: Stargate SG-1 and all related characters are copyright Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner, Showtime and the SciFi Network. No infringement intended. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.
Rating :: FR7
Spoilers :: If you know who Daniel and Buffy are, you are golden but to be safe: all of BTVS and all of Stargate.
Synopsis :: A chance meeting between two people.

Author’s Note :: This is for FireDragon and Copper ‘cause they asked for more Buffy/Daniel. Plus I was in the mood for cliché fluff.


Daniel flinched and hurried his stride after glancing at his watch and noticing the time. Even with it only taking seven minutes to walk between any two points of the Pentagon, he was going to be late—very late.

Muttering under his breath and cursing himself in his head he darted from behind a tour group and quickened his step. He’d left his notes on his hotel room’s nightstand as Mitchell hurried him out and had to go back from them. Not that he was blaming the ‘band’ leader. Not much, anyways.

His eyes widened as the last set of metal doors were going to close, “No! Hold the elevator please!”

A small hand shot out grasping the edge and causing the microwave technology of the sensors to catch the movement. While the face of a thin silver watch caught the glare of florescent lights as the two doors pulled back behind the wall. Daniel was able to dart through the opening and was treated to an amused smile from a pretty blonde.

She stepped back allowing him more room and he offered her a grateful look and a heartfelt, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Late, I take it?”

He nodded noting she had already pressed the button for the 4th floor and reached up to adjust the tie he had felt slip in his dash for the metal doors. Feeling the knot loosen rather than tighten he nearly growled and set his briefcase—that had been subjected to a fifteen minute search upon entering the building—down and began to fiddle with it.

The blonde glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and her lips quirked before she turned toward him fully. Seeing the mounting frustration on a rather attractive face she took a small step forward. “Need a little help?”

Daniel glanced at her and sighed before letting his hands drop. “Please.”

She smiled and took a few more steps until his much larger frame dwarfed hers as she gently undid the knot already in place. With deft fingers she crossed the wide end over the narrow and Daniel turned his head as she brought the wide back up through the loop. He silently watched her as she finished the Windsor knot and tucked his tie into the front of his suit jacket and smoothed his lapels.

“Do you come to aid of complete strangers often?”

She sent him another amused half smile as she stepped back, “More than you’d think.”

He offered his hand. “Daniel.”

Her smaller one was wrapped snuggly within his as she answered back. “Buffy.”

As the label left her mouth the elevator gave an uneven groan and ground to halt, toppling the blonde’s balance in her unnaturally high heels. Her body knocked Daniel’s and they both collided with the wall behind him. The crown of Buffy’s head rapped smartly with his chin and they both groaned on impact, hers ending in a laugh.

She slowly extracted herself from his arms and Daniel shook his head. Bringing a hand up to rub his abused jaw as she moved toward the elevator controls and by human nature repeatedly pressed the button for the 4th floor.

Nothing happened.

Daniel frowned with the fact that elevator was motionless; as soon as this realization dawned the pair was thrown into darkness. There was a moment of shocked silence and then the emergency light above them clicked on casting the confined space into shadows.

Buffy pressed the panic button and opened the door to the compartment housing the emergency phone. She winced as the cheerful operator informed her that they were already aware of elevator thirteen’s situation and maintenance was in route to fix the problem. The operator inquired to their visitor IDs and both Buffy and Daniel gave their corresponding numbers. They were then informed that their parties would be reached, told of the situation and to please be patient.

Daniel sighed out a few choice words in language other than English and Buffy arched a brow. “I’ll second that.”

He caught her gaze, curious. “You speak Russian?”

She shook her head. “That would be a resounding no.”

“Then how—”

“The infliction in your voice.” She shook her head and moved to the wall across from him to casually lean against it. “I have a little sister who knows several languages and tends try and pull one over on me.” She paused, a small, sad smile gracing her lips. “She’s not really a little anymore, graduating Oxford…with a boyfriend, whom I want to hit with a shovel.”

Daniel laughed at her openness. “He’s that bad?”

“Yes.” Her brow furrowed and she sighed. “No,” another sigh, “No, not really but my big sister side brings out the ‘Crush, Kill, Destroy’ mentality whenever a male even looks at little Dawnie. Of course I feel the same about her unrequited crushes so…”

“Catch 22?”

“Nut shell.”

Welcoming the easy comradery and always willing to meet new people Daniel leaned into his wall and commented, “Oxfords a wonderful school.”

Another proud smile lit her face as she spoke, “Dawn’s one smart cookie.” She added, tongue in cheek. “I firmly believe she got all the smart genes during her creation.”

Daniel laughed, “I doubt that.”

Buffy blinked and cocked her head to the side as she studied the rather attractive guy she was currently stuck with for who knows how long. “So Mr. Daniel, tell me something about yourself.”

“Well it’s doctor actually.”

She smirked, “Dr. Daniel?”

Shaking his head, “Jackson. Dr. Daniel Jackson.”

“Summers is me.” She winced, “I mean Buffy Summers.” Rolling her eyes, she tried to direct the conversation away from her spectacular conversation skills and asked, “Doctor as in doctor, doctor or doctor as in PhD having person?”

His lips quirked at her simplification of what was usually a heated debate among his community as he answered. “PhD and I have uh…three in all actuality.”

“You have three PhDs?” At his nodded she laughed, “And I thought Willow was smart for having one.”


She grinned, “My best friend, she’s an astrophysics, science-y geek type.”

She said the word geek with such fondness that Daniel couldn’t find the term offensive. Ignoring his frustration at being trapped and hoping that the meeting was being held as he awaited his release, Daniel settled back to enjoy a conversation with someone who had absolutely no idea about what really went on in the universe.


Buffy flinched and let her gaze travel upward, the stifling heat was bringing forth small rivulets of sweat beneath her silk blouse and tailored coat. They made quick tracks down her spine to settle in the small indent of her lower back as she leaned against the wall. She glanced at Daniel who had already removed his tie and jacket and had begun the process of rolling up his sleeves.

She glanced down at her new pedicure and thought to hell with it and stripped off her charcoal colored coat to be draped over her heels. Her fingers made quick work of the few buttons decorating her blouse and then that too was peeled from her skin. She relished in the, however minute, dip in temperature.

No power apparently also meant no air and after nearly forty minutes of the tiny sauna like box Buffy’s good mood was quickly turning south and she had a sneaking suspicion Giles was going to find a way to blame her for this. It wasn’t her fault her purse had been an inch too large to be allowed on the premises.

And it so was not her fault that at the second security check they informed her, oh so politely, that her cell phone was unauthorized and was required to be taken to a secure area where she could pick it up later. In the end she had given up and allowed the team to ‘talk’ to her while informing Willow and Giles to go ahead to the meeting. She’d catch up with them following the now required search after being stopped twice.

Commence eye roll.

“In how many ways does this suck?”

Daniel glanced up from his watch and raised his brows at her silk chemise; the pale coral matched the blouse now draped over her jacket. His gaze was drawn to her arched neck as she leaned back, pressing her head into the wall as if trying to find a more comfortable position. A bead of sweat fell from her hairline to trace its way down her throat, across the collarbone and settled in the valley between her breasts. Daniel cleared his throat and wished for a glass of water.

Buffy’s eyes opened as she suddenly realized how poorly worded her question had been. She lowered her head to catch Daniel’s eye, “Present company excluded.”

He offered her a tight smile, “Of course.”

Confused by the sudden catch to his voice she pulled her legs up toward her body to be folded underneath. “I really didn’t mean it that way.”

Daniel sighed and tried to ignore his sudden attraction to a far too young woman. “I know, it’s just…”

“This blows.”

His lips quirked, “Poetic.”

“Better than cryptic.”

Daniel frowned at her word choice as she rose using the wall for support and pulled herself forward, stretching the muscles along her back and bringing forth a dull pop in the process. The small release of pressure carried with it a sigh of pleasure as Daniel watched her; envious of the easy movement after sitting for so long and thus proving she was too young for him.

Ignoring his thought projecting he rose and followed her example. He rolled his neck to the side and felt the small pleasure of his vertebrae slipping back to where they belonged. The lights above them flickered and then flared illuminating the shadowed box.

Buffy’s gaze was drawn to Daniel’s as they shared a moment of pure joy. They were free and her smile wilted as she realized their together time was at an end. The elevator began the small rise upward, no longer stuck between floors and she bent to pick up her jacket and shirt hoping the meeting she was suppose to be attending could hold out a few more minutes while she freshened up.

Daniel grabbed his briefcase and laid his jacket and tie across his shoulder as he rose. Half way up he stilled, his breath coming out harsher than expect as he watched Buffy extend her right leg forward to clasp the buckle of her heel and then she rose, switched legs and repeated the process. For someone who was rather petite her legs appeared to go on forever as the muscles of her calves bunched and stretched with the ageless movement.

He coughed, clearing his throat as the doors opened with the aid of a thin piece of metal to reveal the smiling faces of the maintenance crew. He nodded to them and turned toward Buffy who was already moving forward and he quickly followed. They stepped out into a small crowd, a few offered their apologies at the length of time it had taken and Daniel watched as the young woman became endearing as she reassured the worried crew and took an offered bottle of water.

His own attention was grabbed by one of the women as she presented him his own refreshment and apologies. He nodded and glanced over their heads to see Buffy slip away and begin to make her way down the hall. His brow lowered as he watched her walked away and tried to shake the nagging voice telling him to follow. His head lowered as Major Paul Davis glided between the crowd and grabbed his arm. Helping him to escape the pleasantries and make his way to the postponed meeting.

Buffy stilled and turned back to see Daniel make his way from the crowd already conversing with another attractive male, Cordelia had always said eye candy traveled in packs. She sighed and turned back to follow the directions the polite woman had given her for a rest room.

Daniel gave one last glance behind him and she was still moving with a steady stride out of his life. He uncapped his water to take a small pull as Davis tried to play catch up and he tried to shove the petite blonde far from his thoughts.


Willow pushed herself up onto the small counter area and absently watched her best friend turn the sink’s facet to cold and cupped her hand under the steady stream of water. Buffy then proceeded to run her fingers through her hair damping it before moving to the electric hand dryer. She flipped her hair forward allowing the warm air to run through it.

With tireless precision she raised herself up and twisted the warmed metal to blow the air upward. She once again ran damp hands through the front and proceeded to wrap the ends around her fingers and held them over the running dryer. Within moments she was done and the front of her hair fell in soft waves around her face.

Willow shook her head with only a little envy and tried to focus on the blonde’s story. “So you were stuck in the elevator with a muffin?”

Buffy sent her an amused glance before raiding the redhead’s purse. Pulling out her mascara and lips gloss she smiled, “Chocolate chip muffin, the kind that make your mouth water in anticipation of the first bite.”

Her light green eyes widened as her friend applied a layer of black to her lashes, “Biting, huh?” Her legs crossed and she leaned against the mirror, “Details.”

Buffy laughed and recapped the mascara, before switching to the gloss. “Well he was about 6’1” late thirties, early forties…”

“Kinda young for you.”

The blonde’s hand whipped out and Willow laughed as the lip-gloss container snapped her leg through the black slacks of the suit she wore. She grinned and motioned Buffy to continue.

“As you were saying.”

“As I was saying…gorgeous blue eyes and laugh that could make a girl smile. He was smart too. Has three PhDs.”

Willow’s brows rose. “Three?”

“Yes indeedy and his favorite cookie is chocolate walnut and he has a small but abusive relationship with caffeine.”

Her friend’s lips quirked, “Coffee drinker?”

“A compulsive addiction apparently.”

Willow laughed, “You guys really did do the talkage thing.”

Buffy gave herself another critical once over before nodding at her reflection. It was as good as it was going to get and she slid into her coat ignoring her blouse completely. One could see more than was appropriate cleavage for a business meeting, but it still looked tasteful and there was now way in hell she was putting her still damp top back on.

Willow arched a brow as she folded the silk and wrapped it with a paper towel before putting it in the redhead’s purse, who frowned at her actions. “Thank you.”

Buffy grinned at her dry retort, “Ready?”

She shrugged and slid off the counter and followed the blonde through the opened door. She grinned at Buffy’s back before quickening her stride so that they could link arms as she asked,

“So did you get digits?”


Daniel frowned as he heard Jack’s laughter and glanced at Sam who raised her brows in surprise but offered no explanation as the grey haired general entered followed by a man a few years his senior and a pretty redhead who seemed too young to be joining their meeting.

And behind her entered, “Buffy?”

She blinked and her smile stretched into a grin. “Hey Dr. Daniel, fancy meeting you here.”

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Entrapment". This story is complete.

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