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The Janus-Child

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Summary: Two different hidden worlds are about to collide, when an old god, a modern day geneticist, a serial killer, a crazy cult and a shady company all concentrate their attention on one small boy.

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Disclaimer: Joss Whedon is the original writer/creator of all that is Buffy, and Mutant Enemy also holds those rights. Heroes is Tim Krings brainchild and since that's not my name I sadly can not claim to own it.
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover
Notes: My first language is not English and I unfortunately have no beta, so I'll ask you to ignore my grammar-mistakes
Warnings: violence, character death, maybe some smut later
Spoiler alert: Spoilers up to "Fallout"
Summary: Two different hidden worlds are about to collide, when an old god, a modern day geneticist, a serial killer, a crazy cult and a shady company all concentrate their attention on one small boy. Reborn to save the world, Alexander, formerly known as Xander Harris, struggles with both a new life, old memories and a demonic sect, that has declared him to be the avatar of their God. Trying to stay ahead from the company, keeping his parents from killing each other and hiding from his devout priests is hard enough, but the world is going to end... soon and he’s only five years old.

Authors Note: To fit the Buffy-timeline with the Heroes-timeline, I moved the events of Buffy back a little. Buffy starts one year earlier, so the episodes "Seeing Red" and "Grave" happened in 2001, so that reborn little Xander would be five in 2006.

The Janus-Child
By Simone of the Zordiak

Chapter Four: Dominoes

Sometime - Janus Realm

Dominoes, he liked Dominoes. Such a simple principle, such a magnificent result. Line up the stones, push the first one and watch the line fall. He was a master at this game, knowing when and where to place which stones for the best results. Compares to him, the Powers that Be were mindless idiots, swinging at the delicate web of timelines and fate with large hammers, not caring about the cumulative damage the caused to the future.
Janus frowned as he stepped away from his viewing mirrors. The Powers, it always came back to these short-sighted fools. If he’d been able to interfere any sooner, he would have done so, but Alexander had been the only champion he’d left and even when he had become his eyes and hands on the physical plane, the balance of the hellmouth had been too delicate for him to be called someplace else. But then a visit to the Fates had shown him that Xander would not live to see he’s 22nd birthday and he had been able to place his first domino stone on the cosmic board of chance. The files of Chandra Suresh in the hands of the company, a tiny pebble in the stream of time, a little something that hadn’t meant to have happen. Now they, who already had more than 200 different stains of the Shanti-virus, knew how rare the antidote really was. The virus was meant to be a weapon and a weapon without the means to protect themselves against was useless. And so the company had reacted just like he’d predicted them to react and had started to create more antivirus-carrier with the seed stolen from the first one.
When the Powers had done the deed, when they made sure that Xander died an unnatural death to plug the hole made by the Slayers unnatural resurrection, he had been ready and Xander’s new body as well. Funny how the offspring of two lynchpins in the stream of fate and time would only accept the soul of a wildcard. Had Xander survived on Kingman’s Bluff, the unborn child would have died in the womb of its mother, for there had been no other suitable soul for it.
But Xander had died and by being reborn, had become the next stone in his game of Dominoes. He had “pushed” him when Sylar had been placed in the same facility he was held in, had allowed to leak some of the old Xanders tactical knowledge into the subconscious of the child and little Xander had done as he’d planned for him to do, breaking his parent out of the facility taking himself and quite a lot of evidence for the companies nefarious schemes across the country to his other parent, to the second lynchpin, Dr Suresh. All the while the nature of Xander, his ability for love, was influencing Sylar in subtle and not so subtle ways. And because he met Mohinder as himself, not hiding behind the mask of one of his victims, the feeling of hurt and betrayal Mohinder would have felt in another timeline was greatly reduced in this timestream. Add to this the fact that Sylar right now had no desire to add to his powers but to bring down the company, a goal Mohinder was quite ready to help with after reading the stolen files, and you had a complete different situation with just the help of two Dominoes. Isaac was another Domino, he had been activated when Xander had met him in the Company facility. His powers were changing, turning into something more and soon, very soon, his line of Dominoes would start a truly amazing pattern of change all over Fate’s tapestry and there was nothing, absolutely nothing the Powers could do against it now.
The world would be saved, the ripped barriers replaced and with a bit of time and a few more gentle pushes, the future of man would return to its real way and purpose.
And Janus smiled.

October 22. 2006 – London, England

The Watcher’s Council was old, very old. In fact it was the oldest organisation humans had founded, that had survived ‘til these days. That didn’t stop them from being pompous asses and making really stupid mistakes from time to time. Like now.
Quentin Travers was sitting in his opulently decorated office, reading the latest report done on the subject of Buffy Summers. No doubt she was the oldest, longest-living and most successful slayer of all times, but unfortunately the Watcher couldn’t brag with that fact, since she was not one of their slayers. And it did not look very well for the council-breed and taught slayers. Four years ago the imprisoned slayer Faith had saved a warden during a riot and had been gravely injured. She had flat lined on the op-table, but the doctors had been able to revive her. But she had been dead long enough that the next slayer had been activated. She had not made it past three months. The life expectancy of their slayers had gone down rapidly and with the two examples of Miss Summers and Faith, the other members of the Watches had started to questioning their methods. That was bad. Soon enough they would start to demand that they start to treat slayers as teenaged girls and not the disposable weapons they were meant to be.
He was trying to formulate a plan that would bring the rebellious fraction of the council back under his control when the door to his office was opened with such a force that the door handle banged against the wall. His secretary more or less stormed into his office, babbling something about all the council-known seers and prophets speaking a prophecy. All the same one and all at the same time.
Even for Quentin, that was something important and worrisome and so he listened.

Rejoice, People of the World
The Mother that isn’t has found the Son that is
And together they found the Father of Legion

Behold the Three:
Father that creates
Mother that destroys
Son that preserves

They are the new Trimurti
They are the harbingers of a new Era
They will tear down the old Institutions
And remake the World in their Image

They will have the help
Of the Laughing Prophet
The Stone that is a Mirror
And the Giver that flies

The Skygod holds the Key
To unlock and change the secrets of Man
The Strength of God wields the
Invisible Sword of Might to protect their Family
The One that Defends holds them together
Preserving all that is dear to him

Children of the Father
Awaken by the call of the Son
Brothers and Sisters
To heal the Wounds of the World

Stepping through a thousand Doors
Ripping apart the Veil
Truth shall be learned
Judgements shall be spoken…

The aide stopped and said that all the seers had stopped here as well, saying that they could feel that there was more to be spoken at a later moment in time.
But Quentin had heard enough. Tearing down the old institutions, remaking the world in their image, that sounded not too good for them. They had to stop this from happening, before they were swept away. Travers grabbed his phone and started to dial. They had to find the Trimurti and dispose of them. It was the right thing to do, for they were the Watchers and what they were doing, was the most important thing of the world.

October 22. 2006 – New York, NY – Mohinder’s apartment

Someone was knocking at his door. Mohinder blinked as his concentration was broken by the loud knocks. Sylar was looking at him, the unsaid questions evident in his eyes, but Mohinder had no answers for him, he had no idea who was at his door. After a short, but seemingly endless moment the killer’s fingers twitched minutely, the lock at his front door clicked and the door opened.

“Dr. Suresh?”

Mohinder closed his eyes. He knew that voice. But he had thought that the younger Petrelli hadn’t survived the encounter with Sylar. At least it had sounded that way when Sylar had spoken about his first and so far last encounter with the nurse.

Peter stepped into the room and for an endless second time seemed to stop as he met Sylar’s eyes.


The young nurse shouted angrily at the man that was responsible for his fall from the bleachers, the one that had killed one and nearly killed another cheerleader. But before he could make a move to attack the man, his brother stepped behind him and grabbed his shoulder.

Nathan Petrelli did not know much about Dr Suresh. After he had the Indian thrown out for being a head case, he had not really wanted to learn much about him. If he had taken the man seriously, then everything would be real and he did not wanted it to be real. Now he knew better.
But one of the few facts he did knew about the Doctor, was that he was single and had no offspring. So the young boy that looked quite a lot like the good Doctor, and who was hugging the stuffing out of a poor defenceless lizard, was quite a surprise.

Peter on the other hand, was starring at the other man in Dr Suresh’s apartment.



The man stood there like he belonged here, smiling broadly.

Nathan could see Peter tense, like he wanted too attack and grabbed his brothers shoulder. He was worried, Peter had just been released from the hospital and now he wanted to fight?
Strange, it seemed like Peter read his mind, for he forced himself to relax and calm down.

Mohinder had enough, He was slowly working up quite a steam, what about his father’s murderer walking into his apartment like he owned it, finding out about his son. His son, great Shiva he had a son! Then came learning what the shady company had seemingly been up to. And now the Petrelli brothers! He had enough! He was absolutely and completely fed up with everything! He wanted his quiet and lonely apartment back, thank you very much. He wanted his space, without the noisy invading people (well his son could stay, the others though… ), he wanted some sleep, or caffeine at last. And most importantly he wanted out of this uncomfortable chair, he needed to pee.

End Chapter Four

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Janus-Child" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jun 08.

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